November 3, 2010

Moods in Writing

The sanguine dictionary with the shiny gold letters lies waiting to spread knowledge. The book is worn, cover has torn parts, and the pages are smeared with fingerprints. The inside is white and pure and the words enlightens the reader. The book is worn and with tears, but the book is large stature and knowledge and sits on the table mightily.

Mr. Greene Greene walks around in his khaki and vest. His vest conceals his poorly pressed shirt. His fingers are embellished by rings. His attire seems formal with a tie and button-up shirt, but at the same time looks casual with his vest and khaki pants. His hair is groomed, but at the looks unruly. He has a low voice, yet it is assertive and confident. Mr. Greene is full of contradictions.

The room is warm with many computers and many bodies emitting heat. The room is lit by fluorescent light. The ground is covered with cheap vinyl flooring. In front each computers sits a comfortable rolly chair. Which can be wrongly used as transportation around the room. The white austere wall is adorned with quotes and posters. There is a perpetual hum of computers. The posterior wall divides the other room with windows and occasionally marketing students creepily peer into our room; mocking our inferior technology.