March 30, 2012

my last 20 dollars

the top 12 things i would buy with my last 20 dollars would be:
1. $10 in gas for my car
2: $1.50 for biscoff coffee cookies
3. .50 for lined p[aper for my binder
4. $3.00  for nail polish
5. $2.50 for school lunch
6. $2.50 for the schools second lunch
7. Well i quess now im broke, i have no more money. This proves on how bad i am with money. This is why i never have 20 dollars on me. If anyone is out there, please no one lend me money, because you wont get it back. :)

Unnamed song

Song ive been working on for my band. its no where near done and ill no doubt be revising it and what not.
let me know what you think in the meantime though :)

Hello old friend we meet again
the time and place was right
Ive been gone for a while
but here i am again
for sore eyes you're a sight
Oh, ive been hiding away until the day
you came and brought me out of my grave
think of all we could have saved and
my slumber ends now, my slumber ends now

The wall
is lying in ruins
and were here now again
all ive ever lost
has returned to me again
returned to me again

... Thats all i got so far.


Please excuse the lame-ness that is this writing prompt. I didn't have anything too fantastic to post this time around.

The boy sits across from me, shaking like a leaf and playing nervously with his headphones. He looks at me every so often from beneath his long brown hair, but he hasn’t spoken a word. It amazes me how scared he looks. I sip my water, not sure what to do.
“Hey,” I finally said. He shifts his eyes from his Zune to my face, and I notice that his lip is pierced as he bites it anxiously. I screw the cap back on my water bottle. “You wanna take a walk?”
He nods slowly and watches me as I get up from the lunch table. I motion him to follow me out of the cafeteria, and we begin to wander aimlessly through the yellow hallways. The students are staring at us with open mouths, too focused on what the new girl is doing with this boy than their sandwiches and apples. I pretend not to notice them, but I can tell that he doesn’t like the attention. He twirls his headphones with his long, slender fingers, still shaking.
“How are you?” I ask him, trying to break the ice.
“I’m okay, you?”
I sigh, looking at the girls sitting in hall. “I feel like a praying mantis.”
He laughs a little. “Why?”
“I don’t know,” I said. “Everyone here is so attractive and then…there’s me. A praying mantis.”
He pulls his headphones out of his ears and wraps them around his Zune. “Are you kidding me?”
“Does it look like I’m kidding?”
He smiles a little and shifts his eyes to his black Converse. “You’re far from a praying mantis.”
“What do you mean?” We stop by the lockers, and he leans against them.
“What I mean,” he clears his throat. “What I mean is that…I think you’re really pretty.” He looks away from me again and I’m startled. No one has ever told me that before, and I didn’t expect someone as shy as him to say that.
I open my mouth to thank him, but the bell interrupts me. He’s still not making eye contact with me, but I can see him smiling.
“I’ll see you later,” I said.
“Where are you going?”
“Class…Where else would I be going?”
He shrugs. “I thought you’d want to go to Jamba Juice with me.”
“Lunch is over,” I said. “Didn’t you hear the bell?”
“I can’t skip class to hang out with you,” I tell him.
“Well,” he puts his earphones back in his ears. “A guy can dream, can’t he?”

Me too...

Me too...
Refreshing words
like a breeze
like a wave
like a lake
on a sunny day
fog fades
clear blue sky
pure blue open
crayons like sceptars
draw on the walls
walls collaps
opening the horizon
a flood of life giving rain
a flood of ideas
a tidal wave
clear as the wind in spring
stars dance like children
black night sky inviting
soft grass underneath
back to the beginning
the roots stem from the strong trunk
hello my friend

Guardian of Hell

Free Friday writing, really liked this idea, what do you think?

       The streets of London were empty. It was midnight. The cement side walks and road glittered from the rain that stopped only moments ago.
       I closed my umbrella and put my other hand in my brown trench coat. My fingers grazing the gun that was hidden there.
      I smelt it first, the foul iron smell with a hint of death. Then I saw the creature, its gray slimy arms reaching out of the dark alleyway across the street. It was a Demon, and a fairly larger one than I'm use to.
     When it got further out, I saw it better. It had no eyes, but large nostrils perched on its head. A large gaping mouth, with razor sharp teeth, dripped with saliva as it was sensing for me. I only had a matter of seconds, before it let out a terrifying screech and charged me, to take out my gun.
    I took a few shots, my gun letting out loud bangs, hitting the creature in the chest and arms. Black blood oozed out of its new wounds, but the creature wasn't dead yet.
   Its arms swung out to catch me, but it hit a stone wall, were I had been only moments ago. This disoriented the creature, and that was my chance. I lifted my gun, pointed at its head, and shot a bullet into its skull. The demon collapsed, letting out a guttural cry before lying still. Its black blood staining the side walk.
   I was panting, my heart racing, but that was normal. I knew the consequences of taking this job, but i had to keep the innocent safe. I wasn't able to save my family, but i wont allow others the same fate. I am David Silver, and this is my daily life as the Gguardian of Hell.

March 24, 2012

It Was Never Supposed To Be Like This...

As she wrapped her arms around me and begged me to do it, I realized what had to be done. Her sobbing was heartbreaking.
            “It was never supposed to be like this,” she said through tears, her breathing broken and staggered.
            “But there was no other choice.” I finally said in a whisper. I cocked the gun and put it to her head. “I love you, Blair,” I said with a quivering voice.
She held me tighter, and wrapped her hand around mine on the revolver. She squeezed my hand and pulled the trigger. My ears rang violently as I felt her grip go limp.

March 23, 2012

Hospitals Always Scare Me...

So here's a little something I wrote partially because hospitals creep me out. Enjoy.

Doctor James Alexander had a reputation for being one of the best surgeons in the country. He had always been very passionate about his work, and had successfully operated on hundreds of patients. After spending the majority of his career working in the prestigious new hospital in the city, Alexander decided to leave to the country, where he believed that he could bring the same quality care to the deserving patients who lived too far away from his hospital. The hospital closest to them was a former sanatorium, and had been renovated years ago to be a fully functioning hospital. However, despite the community’s efforts to create a welcoming environment and a state of the art care center, the hospital brought fear to the country. Most of the patients admitted to the hospital never came out, and there were several reports of strange activity occurring within the operating rooms.
Alexander had never been a superstitious man, and the thought of working in such a hospital excited him. He would calm the peoples’ fears and show them what great things doctors could do. He disregarded the community’s warnings and confidently became the new heart surgeon at the hospital.
It wasn’t soon before long that Alexander’s operations became less successfully and increasingly sloppy. For the first time, most of his patients died during the operation, and even more passed in recovery. Sleeping became difficult, and Alexander reverted back to his old habits of smoking heavily due to the stress. He had never felt so hopeless in his life, and the operations became less important to him as time passed.
The staff all had their own reasons for why Alexander’s operations were so unsuccessful. Some claimed that it was because of his lack of sleep, others swore it was because of the dim lighting and rusty tools. Some the nurses blamed it on his recent divorce, others said it was because the rural environment was making him lazy. Most of the older staff members, however, believed that it was because of the hospital itself, that maybe Alexander was being haunted. But the younger doctors and nurses ignored those claims. They were bizarre, and although the hospital had a strange reputation, it didn’t necessarily mean that the rumors were true.
As Alexander made his way to the elevator, he thought about how terrible his last operation was. The woman had died within minutes of being put under anesthesia, something that had never happened before in Alexander’s career. He entered the elevator, where man stood, his hands behind his back. He had a pale, elongated face and sunken eyes, which made Alexander feel very uneasy, but he greeted him politely and began to nervously toss his pack of cigarettes back and forth in his hands.
“You smoke?” the man asked, after a few awkward seconds of silence.
Alexander stopped tossing the cigarettes and tucked them back into the pocket of his coat. “Yes, I do. Ironic, huh?”
“I guess so,” said the man. “Do people ever ask you to quit?”
“Yes,” he said. “They always tell me it’ll kill me eventually, but I tell them that you only live once anyways, so why does it matter?”
The man nodded slowly, and shifted his tired eyes straight ahead. “You only live once, you say?”
“Mmm, hmm.”
“You’re sure about that?”
Alexander looked at him, and he smiled. “Yes, I’m positive,” he responded.
There was another long pause before the man started to speak again. “Have you heard about this hospital’s reputation?”
He sighed. “Yeah, it’s weird, huh?”
“Have you ever experienced anything strange here?”
“Well,” Alexander gulped. “If I tell you this, you promise you won’t say anything?”
“Of course,” the man replied.
“You might not believe me, but,” Alexander searched for the right words to say. “I’ve seen my patients walking around the operating room.”
 “That’s not strange at all, doctor.”
“You don’t understand,” he said. “I see them all the time; walking around, watching me operate…they’ve already died though. I know they’re dead because they were my patients, you see? And they all have on the special hospital bracelet signifying that they’ve died.”
“Oh,” said the man. “Are you sure you’re not imagining things?”
“I know what I’m seeing…I know I’m not crazy. They have the bracelets on.”
“Huh,” he folded his hands in front of himself.
 “The older staff members have seen it too. They know exactly what I’m talking about. But everyone else thinks I’m making it up to spook the other doctors.”
The man grinned and held out his wrist.  “You said they have on special bracelets?”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Go ahead.”
The man held out his pale wrist and grinned. “Do they look something like this?”
Alexander looked down and to his shook and horror, the man had on the exact bracelets he was talking about. He began to hit the buttons on the elevator in panic, desperate to leave. Finally, after the elevator doors opened, he rushed out, feeling sick to his stomach and weak with fear. He turned to see if the man was still in the elevator….
He had disappeared.

Save my Sister and my Primates

Josh made his way across the forest in search of his sister. The journey was a drag, bore, and a learning experience. Josh Butcherd was only twelve years old.
It happened in the blink of an eye. She was scooped up and taken without me being aware.    The men that took her were middle-aged bums, trying to get money for capturing gorillas. We were out in the middle of the forest to reduce the murders of our primates. Soon enough these idiots realized they can try to make more money having one of us hostage. They were surly mistaken. These men had no clue of what they were getting themselves into. The fools are in for a shocking surprise, and there not going to like it.

Heeellpp Meee!!1

Brain trudged across the desert in search of a bottle of cold water. He got stuck in the desert because his car had broken. He was in the middle of nowhere. He was very thirsty and he thought he was going to die. If he didn’t get water in his body. He remembered that cactus had same type of water in side of them. He was walking around in the desert for hours just looking for cactus or even water. It was starting to get very dark out and he was nowhere near his car. He thought he was going to get eaten by some scary animals. He was having illusions about water bottles and lakes. He also dreamed about him drinking a nice cold bottle of water. He woke up to a strange noise it was a car driving by. He jumped up and waved the car down the car stopped. The people in the car thought he smelled but he kept thanking them because they saved his life. They went to the store and they got him water he ends up drinking two judges of water what a day....

Tom Sheldon

I take a bite of one of the thousand protein bars I've managted to store and head out. I walk outside of the bunker and make my way into what's left of the Earth. It's been almost a 20 years since the space colonies left Earth and all that is left now is a radically changing world. After the No Escape bombers attacked the Richard Branson in orbit, the world start to fall into chaos. The ships left Earth and all that was left was a shaky government and radical religious and terrorist groups jockying for power.
My grandparents managed to keep themselves safe and alive until they had my parents who, in thrill of thinking they only had a day to live, created me.
I am Tom Sheldon, and for as long as I can remember, I've been on my own. I scrambled to find a home in the insuing chaos of the darpture but found only solitude. The Radicals changed the government and after fighting with each other and everyone else, the world collasped. Cities became war zones, people would kill one another for a bottle of water. Slowly and surely, the population dwindled until it wasn't even a shadow of its former self.
I don't know much past that but what I do know is how to stay alive
-Tom Sheldon


He wanted to work on the painting, but he didnt know what to do next. The big empty space in the canvas looked up at him all wide. The brush loomed above a selection of paints and hues, but it stayed dry. He started to sweat. The painting had to be finnished. Like a shotgun wedding he was married to it. Licking his dry lips, he dipped the brush into the paint, and made a long stroke on the empty portion of the canvas. The red showed like blood, and he started to panic. The painting was now dieing. Franticly he worked to remove the wound from his painting but he could not cover up the red. He tried to hide it by making the rest of the painting bolder to draw the eye. Everything was bland and his efforts were futile. All anyone would see was the giant red gash in the middle of his painting. He turned around and smiled. Job well done.

March 22, 2012

The Change (Revised)

I Revised The Change Tell me what you think.

Years ago I was born from a woman of great power, so I was told. I never actually met her though. Not that I can remember at least. She disappeared and was never heard from. Some say she ran away, that she was too strong to be killed or taken. I hope it’s that she ran rather than she was murdered.
I am now a sixteen year old and have been a sixteen years old for three years due to the fact that I do not age. I am a werewolf I became a werewolf a long time ago and ever since that day my species has been wiped out. I have not turned a person into a werewolf ever and do not plan on turning anyone. I have been protecting someone though. I do not know much about her other than she is sixteen and her name is Jenny.
I watch over her as if I was a guardian angel, of course I am not pure enough at heart to be a guardian angel, but I will always look over her. Nothing like me is after her just humans, thieves to be exact. She is beautiful therefore she is always in danger from these types of people. She sometimes sees me and I wonder if she ever recognizes me from the last times she has seen me.
I was in thought as she walked over to me.”So what’s your name?” she asks quietly. I stand there in awe as I think, Why is she talking to me I have been following her for quite some time now.” My name is Nick. I am sorry Jenny I didn’t mean to…” I say as she cuts me off. “To protect me from thieves and rapists? That isn’t something to be sorry for. You have done something that I really must say thank you for.”
“How did you know this?” I ask. She replies in a tone that sounds amused. “I have seen them be killed by you a few times, others I heard them scream.”
She kissed me lightly then said thank you. I asked her to follow me and she did so. We went to an old abandoned warehouse and started off with telling her of what I heard about my mother and of me becoming a werewolf because the eldest took a liking to me... She listened and at times looked a little hesitant on staying but in the end listened for the whole story. When I finished she smiled. I asked, “What is it?” she said it was nothing then leaned onto my shoulder.
We talk for hours and after we got to know each other. “Nick I want to know if perhaps I could become a werewolf with you to be at your side.” I sat there in awe as I let the words sink in. I shook my head in a motion saying yeah. I kiss her and then bite her just enough to get blood then bit myself to mix both bloods.
I slowly open my eyes and notice she is still. I pull her close knowing she will have to go through a little bit of pain for awhile. She starts to cry lightly as the pain settled in. I stayed by her side for the next two days keeping her company. I never left no matter how hungry I was. I woke up to my stomach growling so I went hunting for awhile on the third day.
I end up grabbing a few squirrels and then head back to the ware house. I build a fire and put the squirrels on a stick to cook them. She wakes up then comes outside to greet me. “Good morning Jenny. How are you feeling?” I ask her this even though I know her answer is going to be she is good. “I’m fine thanks.” She smiles then sits next to me wrapped up in my sweater I put on her.
I put my arm around her and give her one of the squirrels. She happily eats it. I finished mine before her. I pulled her beside me and said, “I think we are going to have to see what you can do so far.” She understands and pulls off the sweater. I tell her to do what her instincts tell her. She nods then closes her eyes.
I watch as her body becomes furry. She gets on all fours and her hands and feet become paws. She grows a tail and then her ears point up. Her mouth grows out and she has finished her transformation. Her fur is a light brown that matches the trees around us. She looks up at the blue sky and howls. I watch as the tree move with the howl’s tune. I transform then join in on her song. Our howls joined together and the song could be heard for miles. We begin to run through the forest to test her speed. Her speed is excellent almost matching at my own.
We find a spring and go back to human form. When inside I scoot up next to her and put my arms around her. I grab her head and pull it into my own. We kiss with a passion I have never felt; it was the best day of my life. We throw our ripped clothes out.
I wake up beside her, she’s still asleep so I get up quietly and climb to the roof to watch the sunrise. She climbs up an hour later. “Good morning Jenny.” I say then turn around. Her clothes were ripped to near nothing and I laugh. “I don’t see how it is funny you saw everything last night.” she says. I remember back to last night at what we did. It was both of our first time.
“We should go to your house and get some clothes then to mine afterwards.” I tell her. She says alright then kisses me. We leave for her house and get there in an hour. She runs inside the back and grabs some clothes. She jumps out her window and we head for my house. I sneak in and run upstairs to my room.
I grab my clothes and jump out of the window. We put on the clothes then leave back for the warehouse. When we get there she starts getting hungry so I go out hunting again and get a deer. We cook up the deer and have some dinner. We lived like this for three months and were happy together.
“Nick I think I’m pregnant.” She says worrying. I look at her hoping for her to say just kidding, but it never came. “That can’t be possible, we only did that once and that was only three months ago.”
“Remember Nick we are werewolves so for all we know...” she trailed off deep in thought. I put my arm around her then said, “We should move to a house. I could get the money. I will steal for you Jenny.” I say. We move that day. I end up robbing a bank and I got away with it.
We lived in the house another two months and one day, “Nick my water just broke.” She screamed across the house. I ran to her then transformed. She got on my back and I ran to the hospital. She would have transformed but we didn’t want to risk her damaging the baby at all. I get to the hospital and morph back. I have my clothes still in her arms and throw them on.
“We need a doctor she is having a baby.” I yell in the hospital. “I will take her. I am Doctor Franks, Hector Franks.” He tells me.
“I am Nick Feth.”
“Alright Nick well we are going to need your help since we are running low on nurses. I agree and we rush her to a room. We get her in one of the hospital gowns then lay her down. She declines the medications so I know she will be in pain. I begin to get dizzy and walk out.” I am going to be a father.” I say happy. I was thinking of the baby then she screamed. I passed out on the spot.
I wake up and I am in a chair. I look around no one is there. I walk in her room and see her holding the baby. I take everything in about the baby, black hair like my fur coat and purple eyes like my own in wolf form. We both did research and found out in legends baby werewolves don’t transform until puberty. I look at Jenny who is smiling.
“What will we name him?” she asks. I look at the baby for awhile then say. “I think we should name him Percy.” I tell her rubbing the baby’s head. “I think that’s a great name. We are going to be one big happy family.” She says then kisses me. I sit in the chair beside her bed and stay overnight with her.
The next day we leave for the house. Percy hasn’t cried yet and we begin to think that he still has the powers of a werewolf even at a young age he just can’t turn to one. We get to the house to find it burning. We watch as our house falls to the ground in a black ash. I look to the side to see a note on our mail box. I pick it up and read it. It says in crooked letters. I know what you are.

March 17, 2012

Reunited. (another excerpt)

This is another excerpt from a story I started.

Out of the black smoke walked a man, looking no older than her; Younger, even. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on the boy. He smiled at her wickedly. He knew her. She knew him. Or at least, it appeared so. He stepped foreword, wielding a katana. He gripped it tight.
“Are you my chosen warrior?” He grinned.                             
Jonne gritted her teeth.  “No.”
“Awe, that’s a shame.” He said in a taunting tone.
The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever. The crowd silenced as the two stood there. Jonne growled at the boy.
“Now, now, Jonne.” He cooed with a smirk. He took another step towards her, still holding his weapon tightly. He swung it back and forth slightly, trying to scare her.
“Who are you?” She clenched her jaw and pursed her lips. His face seemed to haunt her memories. I know him… She thought. She eyed his clenched fist and his sharpened katana cautiously.
“Come, now... Surely you remember me,” he said as he grinned, lifting his shirt slowly at the left corner, “from all those years back.” As his shirt slowly lifted up, she gasped. Under his shirt was a scar in the shape of the letter ‘X.’
Jonne’s lips pursed together harder. “No…” She whispered as her memories rushed to her. He laughed as her eyes widened more. “Xander…” She whispered, her lips barely moving.
“In the flesh.” He grinned wide, his smile perfect. He dropped the corner of his shirt and laughed a throaty laugh. “Have you missed me?” He twirled his sword in his hand, then held it tightly, looking ready for a fight.
“But I thought…” She began.
“That I was dead!?” His laugh boomed from his throat. “Everyone thought that, sweetheart. But I’m very much alive, thanks to you.” He grinned wide.
“Impossible!” Her jaw clenched tighter, her eyes narrowing into small slits.
“Any thing is possible, hon.” He laughed. Police sirens echoed from the distance. “Oh, darn... Look’s like my fun here is up.” He said, pouting softly. “I wish you would follow me.” He grinned then took off, disappearing in the black smoke, as fast as he appeared…

Jonne's feeding. (a story excerpt)

This is an excerpt from a story I began writing a few years ago.

           Jonne sighed softly as she watched cars zoom by her. She sat in an alley way, waiting for her next meal to walk by. Her bright red eyes lingered on every person who eventually ended up walking by. She growled softly, not smelling anyone interesting enough. She sighed, pouting gently. Time to take a new approach... She decided. She walked out of the alley way, then a few feet to a snow bank. She plopped herself down in the snow and began to whine, holding her ankle. "Ow!" She cried out, rocking back and forth softly. She conjured up a few tears, letting them slide down her cheeks.
She knew this approach would work better, what with all the people who would gather around to help an injured girl. She cried out in pain again, watching as people around her began staring. She pouted, sniffing the air. "I think it's broken.” She cried. A person knelt beside her. He could have been a doctor, she decided, from the way he handled her "injury." She whimpered as he touched her ankle.
"I've got her." The man said as he lifted Jonne off the ground. As the people walked away, Jonne bit into the man's neck. The man fell to his knees almost instantly. She covered his mouth with her hand as she began to drain the blood, and life, out of this man. Some people stopped and stared, but Jonne kept her eyes closed as she fed.
Someone screamed "Call the police!" and she looked up with piercing eyes. The person ran away as she continued to feed. She felt full, so she stopped. But it was too late for the man. She removed her lips from his neck and let his almost lifeless body fall to the ground. She licked her lips, got up, and walked away. She smirked as she walked into a small shop, nonchalantly. 

March 16, 2012

Some Writing Prompt ..

i get of my bus and i head towards the school i always meet my friend devin at the trash can outside the doors but today he is not there. i wait for a couple of minutes and he is a no show so i head into the school i walked passed a couple halls and there he is sitting on the floor like an empty candy wrapper on the road side. he looks really depressed ans his eyes were really red, looks like he was crying or something i ask him ''hey budd whats wrong'' he doesnt answer me. i give him a few seconds then i ask him again , you alright bro? he looks at me and says '' No im not, i hate her! i really do'' ! i asked him who? he sayed ana, ana was his girlfriend for the past 2 years in highschool guess a little mistake can destroy anything. ive never seen him like thuis he looked like a dog with a clothe pin on its tail.

There Was No Other Choice!!!!!!!!!!

It was never supposed to be this way, but there was no other choice. I had to kill him he knew too much I thought to myself. I had killed my own brother in law, he saw me do the crime. I am a part of this huge drug gang the only reason I got into it cause of the money. One day there was a guy whom kept fronting drugs and not paying the money he owed so much money. My boss was getting sick of it. He called me "Juan go handle so business for me. Go to this guys house ask for the money if he don’t give it to you than kill him." I could tell he was very serious but the thing was I had my brother in law with me. I had him for the day I thought I dropped him off my mom’s house but I didn’t. HE just hid in my trunk I went to this guys house asked for the money he didn’t have it so I had to kill him. I went back in my car drove an away I hear something crying in my trunk. I pull over a see my brother in law I was like damm! I had to do something that I didn’t want if he told someone I would have died my family would have died I’m fucked don’t know what to do. I just had to do it there was no other choice. I pulled in to an ally a killed my brother in law threw him in the river that was it done like that.


Was a free friday writing assignment i came up with, hope you like! Tell me what you think =]

       It was a noisy night. The wind wipped through the trees, cuasing them to creak and sway. Their leaves shuddered violently as the strong breeze wistled through them. It was unusual weather but not un-normal.
      I was hidden in a bush,, looking down from a short cliff. The military camp sight could be seen clearly from here. There were many tan tents but the commanders foolishy stood out with gold and blue in the middle.
     I jumped down from the bush silently hitting the ground. I was easily concealed by the night, by black clothes and a hood. I quickly took cover by a tent and looked around it, spotting a few armoured soldiers patrolling. I dodged them easily, the noise they made was making it easy to identify how close they were.
    It wasnt long untill I reached the commanders larger tent and slipped in unseen. The place was darker but I could easily see his sleeping form on a matt in the back of his tent. Slipping my knife out, i silently walked forward him, leaning down and about to do what i came here to.
   Suddenly I felt a presence behind me and spun around. The front of a crossbow was all i saw before someone grabbed me from behind. No! this wasnt supposed to happen! I paniced.
                "Foolish girl, did you really think I wasnt expecting you?" The commanders deep voice growled into my ear.
               "Were is my sister!" I yelled as i struggled to free myself from his grasp, but it was futile.
    He let out a chuckle. " You will know soon enough!" The soilder infront of me then swung the back of his crossbow at my face. I felt a sharp pain when it hit but i blacked out almost immediatly. How could i be so stupid...?

Something Litte ..

it was like 100 degrees out. the sun was beeming down at the court, sweat was running down my face and my back, it was extremly hot out here but i still managed to wake up and come to practice everyday and help my teamates out so we all stay in shape. people always ask how im so good in basketball that i make almost every shot i take from inside. i always say " No ones Perfect, But Practice Makes Better". My Jersey Number Is 7 , Im A Point Gaurd For The New York Bosses,im 6'5 and weight 200 pounds. The Good/Bad Thing Is im 19 !

An Epic Failure

My bestfriends date was an absolute fiasco and I was glad. The kid is hilarious and entertaining but he is too stupid to have a girlfriend. Let me break down what happened for you:
For the date they were supposed to go to a Japanese steak house on the main strip in the next town over. Before my friend even got to her house he had a flat tire. He called me asking how to fix it.
"You have a jack and a wrench in the back of your car. Put the jack under a stable spot in the back of your car and lift the car up with it. Undo the bolts on the tire with the wrench and take the spare out from under your car to replace it.
"Thanks man. I owe you one." After he did that (mind you, he's sweaty and greasy now) he went to the girls house to pick her up and meet her parents. They were appalled by him and he drove himself and his date to the steakhouse.
They were running late now and when they arrived, they missed their reservations and were told to wat at least a half hour. At this point, what else could go wrong, right? Well, when they finally sat down to eat, my friend spilt sauce all over the two of them. As the cook was cooking the rice a little later on, he spilt cooking oil too close to them and almost lit the girl's hair on fire.
When they finally finished eating and my friend took her home, he came over to tell me the whole thing. I've never been more satisfied to hear someone fail like he did. This is going to make impressing her a lot easier.
I can't wait for our date next week.

Black Widow

                Kenny was a serial killer who took one more victim than he needed. Twelve people died by Kenny and there was one more on his list. Kenny threw the victim into the cage and watched as the victim ran from the hyenas. The victim ran up a wall and grabbed the caged roof. Kenny threw a switch and electricity shot threw the cage and the victim. Kenny laughed “ What’s wrong boy, can’t get up.” He continued to laugh and the victim got back up and continued to run.
            The victim saw a cord hanging from the cage from where Kenny was sitting and also saw it was wrapped around Kenny’s ankle. He ran toward the wall jumped up it and grabbed the cord. He yanked it down and Kenny fell forward into the cage. It bent and then broke after a few seconds and the victim was out. He turned to see Kenny begging for mercy but he left him laying there before he left he saw a switch and it said alternate cage. He pulled it and another cage fell down and replaced the broken one leaving Kenny stuck inside.
            Kenny sat there for days only eating the raw flesh of the Hyenas which made him extremely sick but it kept him alive. He heard something one day and started yelling for help. He saw who it was and his eyes lost the look of hope. He was begging for mercy but the victim said no. “Who are you?” Kenny asked. “I am Officer Nicholas Feth. I have been hunting scum like you hoping to find the one that killed my wife. Jackie you know her because if you pass this test I’ll let you go.” Nick said calmly. “Ok yeah I killed her nice and slow, she suffered worse than anyone of my victims because she was the wife of a cop! I killed her so slowly she was in pain for hours before she died.” Kenny said then laughed.
 “So you going to let me go my friend?” Kenny asked. “No I am not I said if you passed the test, you failed and now you going to pay.” Nick said angrily. He tranquilized him and dragged him out of the cage and into a van out front. He threw gas tanks all over the area then put a fuse in the middle lit it and ran for the van. He drove off and after he rounded the corner an explosion came from the building knocking out the glass in buildings around him.
            Nick took Kenny to an old mining bunker and made sure it was sealed. He strapped Kenny to a desk and left till he woke up. When Kenny woke up he tried to escape but couldn’t get the strength to do so. Nick walked in and said, “Well well Kenny doesn’t it frighten you that you’re going to suffer just like my wife did?” Kenny spit in his face. “ I’m not afraid of death I own it you can’t kill me.
            “Oh I’m not going to kill you. But my friend here the Black Widow spider is going to kill you nice and slow.” Nick said. He took the spider out of a box and brought it over to Kenny. ”Man I’m sorry I’ll pay you anything you want I’ll pay it no I’ll triple it please don’t kill me.” Kenny begged. Nick opened Kenny’s mouth and shoved the spider in and held Kenny’s mouth shut.
            Kenny started to cry as the spider bit him again and again non-stop. “ Do you want it to stop Kenny?” Nick asked. Kenny shook his head yes. “Well to bad.” Nick said still angry. Kenny swallowed by accident and the spider went down. Nick laughed and said, " You better hope it dies quickly or it's really going to hurt."
            He left him there and was thinking that he wouldn't come back that he'd just leave him there to die.


A cliche forever cast
as a puppet bound with string
and one day the tears will pass
and the cliche will grow wings
and the locusts will fly out
into the sun
and block out the light
and anyone left in the dark
remains a puppet
and the muppety face of saddness
poors from out tellevisions
and binds us to strings
and clips our wings
and blocks out the sun
and when the train has stopped
you are left with no-one
and your limbs can not move
without the strings
and your face is not your own
and your heart shreiks and fights
but you can never find it again
they have turned out the lights
and you are nothing but a puppet

March 11, 2012

A possible beginning of a story?

    "I have not chosen this path. This path has chosen me..."

    As I walked down the dusty road, kicking stones along the way, I closed my eyes. I could not muster up a care in the whole world. I could get hit by a trailer and not care if I lived. I inhaled slowly, held my breath as I walked, and emptied my lungs as they began to burn and threaten to burst. Is it too much to ask, to have ended up somewhere else? With my eyes closed, I came upon a ditch in the dirt road. My foot stamped itself into the crater and my body was sent flying to the ground. I opened my eyes as I heard laughter radiating around me. When I looked up, I saw a pair of perfectly tan legs a few inches from me. I knew that it was fate as soon as her giggle tickled my eardrums. Quickly, I became overcome with a sense of new-found embarrassment as I attempted to sprawl to me feet. I could feel  my heart beating faster as I found my balance to stand despite my wobbling knees. That's when I saw her. She smiled at me, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful. Breathtaking, even.
    "Are you alright?" She asked with a slight hint of amusement, which brought me to my knees. 
    I couldn't handle her beauty. And then, I fainted right in front of her, right at her feet...

March 9, 2012


Free friday story, I kinda liked it so thought I would post it, what do you guys think?

        My breath became clouds in the cold night. The fast beating of my heart almost deafened me. I saw the shadows behind me, so i continued to run. I wanted to spread my wings and fly, but i would be an open target up there.
        A bullet whizzed by my head, causing a high pitched noise and then a loud crackle when it hit the alleys brick wall.
       When I turned the corner, running into something, causing me to fall hard on the cold wet cement.
"Oh I'm sorry miss! Are you okay?" The man leaned down to help.
       I heared the running footsteps and did the only thing i could do. I grabbed the man, opened my wings and flew. My wings had materialized before the man, so his shock didn't surprise me. The reason why i took him with, was because if I did, the hunters would had killed him and i couldn't let another innocent die because of me...
       The man fainted as I flew higher. The adrenaline beat through me so I couldn't feel his heavy weight. Within seconds, i heared the gun shots again and bullets flying towards me. I swerved as fast as i could, keeping the man tightly in my grasp, but i wasn't quick enough to dodge. A bullet hit my wing, causing me to cry out in pain. My body and his began to fall from the sky, the pain so intense, that I blacked out when we hit the ground. The last thing I saw, was the mans green eyes opening, the confusion on his face. Only thing i knew, was that we wern't dead...yet...


Under My Smile

I’ve got a smile in my pocket
I’ve got a crack on my face
I have stains inside my heart
My body is a well of tears
Your eyes attack my flesh
Your ears attack my words
And you feel sadness for me
But you do nothing
Because you have something better
More important; more profound
And I am but a blip
On your radar
You give me what little compassion
You have left to give away
But it opens my wounds
And I bleed into my pillow
Always in love with you
But I lost my chance
You feel sad about it
And you move on and bask in the radiating happiness that now surrounds your life
Your love is a party
That I am forbidden to attend

rhyming in style.

freeverse. no real rhyming scheme or nothing.

Got my game back on track
could say "i guess got my swager back"
under attack, My words are like weapons
lyrical AK-47, bust at you if your steppin and
i got a rhyme bomb, blow you up if your messing with me
as you can see there is no sicker emcee
flows like the water in the river Ganges, see im lying,
im not really on my rhyming today,
got no catchy hooks like Watch the Throne
 yo, "that s!@# cray",
especially that thats the second Jay-Z refrence ive made today
but if you comment on this with nice feedback
that would make my day
but its friday, so my days already made.
im pretty much done, listen to my voice start to fade
peace out, and please enjoy my rhymes i've displayed.
: )

Just a Dream

Following your dreams is one thing, but when it becomes a literal action, that's when it becomes weird.
For months now I have had this reoccuring dream that in a small town outside of camp, I'll find what im looking for. I don't know what and I don't know why, but it has to mean something.
"I'm leaving for a few days to scout for food." I say to one of the camp officials. He's ex-military, a good person to have in charge in the wake of utter chaos.
"Okay, but you need to be back in two days, you're on water duty." I frown in distaste.
"I'll see you later Jame's," I say to the man as I make my way to the gate.
"Stay safe brother." He calls out as I pass through the gate and out onto the street. Above me is nothing but sky, and the pavement seems to stretch for as far as the eye can see.
I tighten my backpack straps, grab a bike from the rack outside and pedal my way down the road.
I biked for hours on nothing but broken asphalt and dirt until I finally reached the embankment I kept seeing in my dream. I know that on the otherside of it, the biting wind and freezing cold will take a hold of me, so I put on a winter coat, gloves and a hat and trek up the slope.
There's a doorway poking out of the side of the slope and I tear it open by the rusty handle. It's completely dark inside, but I know exactly where I'm going. I've already done it a thousand times in my head.
When I reach the end, I open the door and the wind hit's me harder than I expected. I look down on the deserted city, startled.


In the planet Saturn there's a whole different life of species there. There's houses everywhere of all shapes and sizes. The main 3 characters of this story is the Alien named Blunt, a robot named Robo, and an odd looking astronauts named Sean. Blunt, Robo, and Sean are all talking in Blunt's chill pad.
"I kind of want to go smoke myself. Ha ha!" Blunt said laughing at his corny joke.
"That was definitely corny but I agree, let's go!" Robo said after Robotripping.
"Oh my god! You guys are crazy, are you ever going to do anything better than smoke and make corny jokes?" Snapped Sean.
So Blunt and Robo after Sean said that picked him up and threw him in the big dumpster. After that they went back into Blunt's chill pad and smoked a blackberry kush blunt while Sean was stuck in the dumpster still.
"And that's why little guys can't try and talk shit to us." Blunt said laughing.

I Do Not Belong.

  I met her about a year ago. She introduced herself to me. We became a bit of frineds but that lasted little time. I fell in love with her. I never have fallen in love with someone that hard and it had quite a impact in my life. I began to talk to her more and in two days I said something to her tha had in it You are beautiful.
  She I am guessing did not like me like that at all so she said for me to never tslk to her again. That was the worst day of my life and it was one I still to this day do not understand at all I thought maybe I had a chance but man was I horribly wrong. I didnt say anything much else to her but always want to walk up to her ad tell her the truth.
  I never believed in love at First sight but now that i haave met her I fell deep in love and I think I will never getover this event. I still love her and she either hates me or has mixed emotions about me. I do not hesitate to hope that it is the latter.

dieing !!

I have no voice today. My head is killing me nothing seems right at all. I want to go home.
"Can I go to the nurse?" I said to Mr. Greene "Sure you can go. You don’t sound good at all." Mr. Greene said. Little did anyone know what I was really going though? I stumbled down the hall with blurred vision. My head is pounding. The scaling pain slicing through my very existence. I trembled going down the stairs. I just managed into the nurse’s office than fell. I was having my period, but that won’t stop me from parting! The club can’t even handle me right now. Of course it can’t look at me right now. Hell yea I be going raw on these ladies. All day every day you know me.

March 6, 2012

What The Heck ??

Trey just got home from work he tried he walks in his bed room an there sitting on his bed was a younger him. The young him says "Hello sit down we need to talk about your life. And the decisions you been making lately." Okay says the older version. So the younger version of Trey starts telling the older Trey. He needs to stop hurting a playing with girl’s hearts. He not young anymore you’re starting to get old. You can’t be doing this for the rest of your life. If you do than you’re never going to find "the one". So than the younger version of Trey he must go no they say their goodbyes and the older trey stopping breaking hearts and he finds the one and lives happily ever after.

Sea World

I was strolling around in sea world with the family. i just got this baby condor egg. I keep it will me cause it need human body heat. we walked on top of the whales tank the egg ends up droping in its tank. Now this ant no normal whale its a killer whale! im panicing the only thing i have in my pocket is a shark tooth that i bought from the gift shop. An some make up in my pockketbook. so i jump in the tank after my egg i stab the whale constinly. Than i put make-up in is eyes an his blow hole. than he stop chaeing my egg i get it back it my hands left an warmed my egg up once we got home.