March 16, 2012

Some Writing Prompt ..

i get of my bus and i head towards the school i always meet my friend devin at the trash can outside the doors but today he is not there. i wait for a couple of minutes and he is a no show so i head into the school i walked passed a couple halls and there he is sitting on the floor like an empty candy wrapper on the road side. he looks really depressed ans his eyes were really red, looks like he was crying or something i ask him ''hey budd whats wrong'' he doesnt answer me. i give him a few seconds then i ask him again , you alright bro? he looks at me and says '' No im not, i hate her! i really do'' ! i asked him who? he sayed ana, ana was his girlfriend for the past 2 years in highschool guess a little mistake can destroy anything. ive never seen him like thuis he looked like a dog with a clothe pin on its tail.

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