March 16, 2012

There Was No Other Choice!!!!!!!!!!

It was never supposed to be this way, but there was no other choice. I had to kill him he knew too much I thought to myself. I had killed my own brother in law, he saw me do the crime. I am a part of this huge drug gang the only reason I got into it cause of the money. One day there was a guy whom kept fronting drugs and not paying the money he owed so much money. My boss was getting sick of it. He called me "Juan go handle so business for me. Go to this guys house ask for the money if he don’t give it to you than kill him." I could tell he was very serious but the thing was I had my brother in law with me. I had him for the day I thought I dropped him off my mom’s house but I didn’t. HE just hid in my trunk I went to this guys house asked for the money he didn’t have it so I had to kill him. I went back in my car drove an away I hear something crying in my trunk. I pull over a see my brother in law I was like damm! I had to do something that I didn’t want if he told someone I would have died my family would have died I’m fucked don’t know what to do. I just had to do it there was no other choice. I pulled in to an ally a killed my brother in law threw him in the river that was it done like that.

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