March 30, 2012

Guardian of Hell

Free Friday writing, really liked this idea, what do you think?

       The streets of London were empty. It was midnight. The cement side walks and road glittered from the rain that stopped only moments ago.
       I closed my umbrella and put my other hand in my brown trench coat. My fingers grazing the gun that was hidden there.
      I smelt it first, the foul iron smell with a hint of death. Then I saw the creature, its gray slimy arms reaching out of the dark alleyway across the street. It was a Demon, and a fairly larger one than I'm use to.
     When it got further out, I saw it better. It had no eyes, but large nostrils perched on its head. A large gaping mouth, with razor sharp teeth, dripped with saliva as it was sensing for me. I only had a matter of seconds, before it let out a terrifying screech and charged me, to take out my gun.
    I took a few shots, my gun letting out loud bangs, hitting the creature in the chest and arms. Black blood oozed out of its new wounds, but the creature wasn't dead yet.
   Its arms swung out to catch me, but it hit a stone wall, were I had been only moments ago. This disoriented the creature, and that was my chance. I lifted my gun, pointed at its head, and shot a bullet into its skull. The demon collapsed, letting out a guttural cry before lying still. Its black blood staining the side walk.
   I was panting, my heart racing, but that was normal. I knew the consequences of taking this job, but i had to keep the innocent safe. I wasn't able to save my family, but i wont allow others the same fate. I am David Silver, and this is my daily life as the Gguardian of Hell.

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