March 24, 2012

It Was Never Supposed To Be Like This...

As she wrapped her arms around me and begged me to do it, I realized what had to be done. Her sobbing was heartbreaking.
            “It was never supposed to be like this,” she said through tears, her breathing broken and staggered.
            “But there was no other choice.” I finally said in a whisper. I cocked the gun and put it to her head. “I love you, Blair,” I said with a quivering voice.
She held me tighter, and wrapped her hand around mine on the revolver. She squeezed my hand and pulled the trigger. My ears rang violently as I felt her grip go limp.


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    1. This was really really good, you should continue with it and maybe make it into a short story. So much tension was built in such a short piece. I loved it. It was like a movie playing in my mind.