March 17, 2012

Reunited. (another excerpt)

This is another excerpt from a story I started.

Out of the black smoke walked a man, looking no older than her; Younger, even. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on the boy. He smiled at her wickedly. He knew her. She knew him. Or at least, it appeared so. He stepped foreword, wielding a katana. He gripped it tight.
“Are you my chosen warrior?” He grinned.                             
Jonne gritted her teeth.  “No.”
“Awe, that’s a shame.” He said in a taunting tone.
The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever. The crowd silenced as the two stood there. Jonne growled at the boy.
“Now, now, Jonne.” He cooed with a smirk. He took another step towards her, still holding his weapon tightly. He swung it back and forth slightly, trying to scare her.
“Who are you?” She clenched her jaw and pursed her lips. His face seemed to haunt her memories. I know him… She thought. She eyed his clenched fist and his sharpened katana cautiously.
“Come, now... Surely you remember me,” he said as he grinned, lifting his shirt slowly at the left corner, “from all those years back.” As his shirt slowly lifted up, she gasped. Under his shirt was a scar in the shape of the letter ‘X.’
Jonne’s lips pursed together harder. “No…” She whispered as her memories rushed to her. He laughed as her eyes widened more. “Xander…” She whispered, her lips barely moving.
“In the flesh.” He grinned wide, his smile perfect. He dropped the corner of his shirt and laughed a throaty laugh. “Have you missed me?” He twirled his sword in his hand, then held it tightly, looking ready for a fight.
“But I thought…” She began.
“That I was dead!?” His laugh boomed from his throat. “Everyone thought that, sweetheart. But I’m very much alive, thanks to you.” He grinned wide.
“Impossible!” Her jaw clenched tighter, her eyes narrowing into small slits.
“Any thing is possible, hon.” He laughed. Police sirens echoed from the distance. “Oh, darn... Look’s like my fun here is up.” He said, pouting softly. “I wish you would follow me.” He grinned then took off, disappearing in the black smoke, as fast as he appeared…

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