March 16, 2012


Was a free friday writing assignment i came up with, hope you like! Tell me what you think =]

       It was a noisy night. The wind wipped through the trees, cuasing them to creak and sway. Their leaves shuddered violently as the strong breeze wistled through them. It was unusual weather but not un-normal.
      I was hidden in a bush,, looking down from a short cliff. The military camp sight could be seen clearly from here. There were many tan tents but the commanders foolishy stood out with gold and blue in the middle.
     I jumped down from the bush silently hitting the ground. I was easily concealed by the night, by black clothes and a hood. I quickly took cover by a tent and looked around it, spotting a few armoured soldiers patrolling. I dodged them easily, the noise they made was making it easy to identify how close they were.
    It wasnt long untill I reached the commanders larger tent and slipped in unseen. The place was darker but I could easily see his sleeping form on a matt in the back of his tent. Slipping my knife out, i silently walked forward him, leaning down and about to do what i came here to.
   Suddenly I felt a presence behind me and spun around. The front of a crossbow was all i saw before someone grabbed me from behind. No! this wasnt supposed to happen! I paniced.
                "Foolish girl, did you really think I wasnt expecting you?" The commanders deep voice growled into my ear.
               "Were is my sister!" I yelled as i struggled to free myself from his grasp, but it was futile.
    He let out a chuckle. " You will know soon enough!" The soilder infront of me then swung the back of his crossbow at my face. I felt a sharp pain when it hit but i blacked out almost immediatly. How could i be so stupid...?

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