October 31, 2010

Chapters 3 and 4

This is the chapters 3 and 4 of something i'm writing, any feed back?

“Everything is according to plan.” The King told the High-War council. On the High-War council there were the leaders of each type of force in Ardrounge, The High Paladin, Royal Guard, Knights, and Rangers.
“When the boy, Jaraiz, is successful he will be arrested then left to die in the dungons of West Ardrounge.”
“Sir, my knights will arrest him the moment he re-enters the city.”
“No!” The King barked, “He is a smart one… if we try anything like that he will most surely escape…”
“So what do you suggest sir? Throw a bag over his head when he’s not looking or something?” The High Ranger said, and everyone laughed. “Or shall my team fill him to the brim with bolts and arrows.” He smirked as he said this.
“Hmm, we may have something here… but I’m afraid that might not work either even…”
“Why not sir? My team and I are excellent shots; we surely wouldn’t miss this… peasant.”
“Yeah, why can’t the rangers just take him down? They’re the best shots in the land.” The Paladin spoke up.
“Because,” The King started “If by some amazing stroke of luck by Jaraiz, if the rangers shoot him, they just might miss him, it’s been known to happen. And also, if anyone sees” The King couldn’t stop the sarcastic, ‘you moron’ from coming out in how he said this “it would be the end of my rule!”
After hours of pondering, The King and his Council were in unity over the plan they’d thought up.
“Very well. We shall allow him in, to enter the castle, then up to my chamber. Then you” The King turns to the Paladin “you will arrest him, and take him outside where you,” He turns to the Knight “you will accompany the paladins with the prisoner to the jail house in West Ardrounge,” The King turns to the Archer “covered by your archers along the way, and suppressed once he reaches the cell, by your archers in towers, and your knights at close quarters. If anyone asks, he has become an enemy to the state, and is under arrest for crimes of treason.”
“Yes sir!” The Council responded in unison.
“Dismissed, and get to it.”
“Will do sir”
The King decided that now would be a good time to go back to his chamber, have a bottle of wine, and pass out on his bed for the night. As the King walked into the chamber, his door which he had left open, closed by its self. In both shock and utter surpisment, The King turned around to face the darkly dressed man, standing next to the door, a Knife in his hand, a dagger, who started to walk towards the King.
As the stranger approached, the King realized he wasn’t a threat after all. In fact, he was quite the contrary.
“Ah my good friend, how good it is to see you again! You gave me quite the start there, though I suppose you aren’t known for your subtleness.” The King said chuckling.
“Ah, couldn’t be more right as usual” The stranger sheathed his dagger. “I must apologize for the heart attack I have given you.”
“Quite, anyways how did you… never mind, the reason I called you is tha…”
“You want someone killed, and you thought of me to do it, oh how sweet you are! Who shall my target be this time?” the assassin said
“Well if you would let me finish…” the King tried to keep the anger out of his voice “The reason I called you here is that I need you to spy on a boy for me, report back how, and what he is doing.”
“Ah friend, I might want to go call the doctor for a house call, you are not well”
“Would you st…” The King tried to speak
“I mean to want to start following boys around, little boys I take it? Or is this a grown version of a boy, a man?”
“That is quite enoug…” The King was trying to interrupt him but he kept talking anyways.
“So you want me to be your eyes while you use your power for sex with a little child, I must admit myself shocked to hear you want to do something this low, I mean honestly.”
The King as fed up, he grabbed his sword and charged at the assassin, he swung but the assassin whirled around and stopped the swords blade before it his him with his dagger, then pulled a second dagger and put it to the King’s thought.
“Now now now, you know better than to try me like this, you’ve become rusty at that my old friend.”
“Would you shut up!” The King hollered.
“Cool down man it was just a joke, so, who am I following, and where can I find him?”
“Jaraiz Leaden. He’s a guy whom undertook my mission for me, the conquest. I need to know how he is doing, and what he is doing. Does this fit with your approval?” The King was being sarcastic.
“Hmm, well I might have to give this one some thought it really seems difficult, I mean following this boy, leading thousands of troops, all without being seen, I don’t know if I can pull this one off…” this time it was the assassin’s turn to be sarcastic.
“You dare use that attitude with me? The King?”
“Dear Guthix cool down Jim, it’s just a joke, remember? A Ha-Ha?”
“Never call me Jim again!” The King was outraged and screaming.
“Ah, you’ve changed my old friend, no wonder you were coming here to drown yourself in wine and pass out.”
“How in Zamorak’s name did you kno… you know what, never mind, I should know that blasted answer.”
“Ok so where will I find this guy?”
The King turned to the map and pointed at 2 points, “he should be in one of these two spots… I’m not sure which however, but I’m sure if you lo…” The King turned around and realized he was talking to air. “Damn, he’s good I need to admit… Oh well, it’s why I pay him so much, but that sarcasm. I might want to think of a pay cut for him… meh, oh well.” The King thought to himself. The King went through with his plan for the night, he was going to be glad he did too, the next few years would be a pain in the ass for him.

October 30, 2010


This is just a quick poem I created a while ago...

Little white flakes fluttered down from above,
Landing on my pink tongue,
Where it quickly evaporated.
It fell all around me,
Coating the earth in a white blanket.
My face was beat red,
Frozen from the cold.
The snow worked it's way into my boots,
Melting into small puddles.
My feet went numb,
As they squashed around in the snow.
The white flakes fell heavier now,
The snow on the ground rising higher,
Making it apparent that in just a few hours,
We were going to be buried in snow…

October 29, 2010

Art Class Poem

In my AP Art class, we did an exercise that involved writing a line of poetry and then having our neighbor write the next. We were only allowed to see one line before the line we were writing. It was a lot of fun, and I think it came out wonderful. Let me know what you think about it!

The lightning bugs glowed like the moon reflecting off of the ocean,
Burning brighter than the sun, yet as soft as a candle,
A truth in all lies, manipulating the convinced,
Not knowing what is coming next,
A meteor about to crash down,
Star dust glittering in the grass,
Like diamonds that fell from the heavens,
Like a song written to the sound of your eyes,
With the beat going along with the rythm of your heart,
As loud and thunderous as mighty drums,
The world goes silent once again.

college essay conclusion

The last decade has been a constant maze to figure out who I am as a person. I am artistic and athletic. I have a love for the outdoors, but I am very tech savvy. I am popular, but I am not socially outgoing. I am the biggest internal contradiction imaginable. So the question is, who am I? It took years to answer, but I finally realized that I am me, I am Ryan Cathcart.

The Life of an Employee at a Nursing Home

Working at the Huntingtonin Nashua has been a very intreresting experience to endure. I have met a lot of cool people at the Huntington and recieved a lot of money not to mention very good work experience. I plan to stay working at the Huntington for the remainder of High school and return to the Huntington when I am home from college. I have learned a very valuable lesson by working at a nursing home also. The lesson the Huntington taught me was to never live in a nursing home. To spend everyday of the end of one's life doing such repetitive and boring activites for such a long while seems so pointless to me. I plan to live my life out until i can no longer, when it comes time I am no longer in the psychological state I should be in I will attempt to reverse the state or let my soul move on. Living in such depressing conditions as a nursing home never seemed as an option to me.

The End

The last picture of the world as we knew it was taken on December 21st, 2012, or better known as the End Day. Estimates as to where the picture was taken range from New Mexico to Peru, but scientists are now focusing on one specific region where they believe the photo was taken, Belize. Judging by the degree of shadow and carbon dating, scientists have managed to calculate down to a quarter second as to what time it was taken. According to these estimates, the first meteor crashed down into the Earth just a half second after the photo was snapped. Many others followed, completely reforming the Earth's crust, the only survivors of the tragic event being the scientists who knew about it beforehand, and had built underground shelters. The most fascinating thing about this photograph is how it was preserved among the debris from the end of the world. The very fact that the process by which this photograph was preserved is an extremely rare event, is what makes this picture the most valuable artificat in the Old World History Museum.

This was about the last photo taken before the end of the world, and it's supposed to be a description of an artifact in a museum from the new world.

Severed head

It is said by many that life goes on after death. Science proves this concept in saying that after severing the human head its mind is active for another thirty seconds. I thought that it was going to be the end when i heard the blade release, but I was wrong. Lights out did not hapen. It was bizarre not feeling pain as I, my brain and head that is, rolled away from my body. It is funny to ponder the question of where one's soul is actually located. I feel no emotion or pain as I have been separated from my nervous system and body. The electrical impulses being sent to my brain mean nothing to me as they have been sent from nowhere and can go nowhere. I begin to contemplate reality thinking that I have already left this world. Just as I see the last face in the crowd, my mind is sent on a journey and my spirit is free.

The mistake

I knew what I’d done as soon as the door closed. I turned and looked at the wooden door that was the only thing between me and what I just did. Every time I thought about going back, there was a voice inside my head telling me ‘just walk away’ so that’s exactly what I did. I pivoted on my right foot and kept walking. After what seemed like a hour I finally made it to my car, my hands were shaking so it took me a couple minutes to get the key in the door just to unlock it, when it finally opened I got in and put my hands on my head. All I could keep saying to myself was ‘it had to be done’ but then I kept second guessing myself, did it really have to get that far? I heard sirens coming so I quickly put the key in the ignition and put the car into reverse and hit the gas, without stopping, put the car into drive and took off, leaving everything behind.
The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache. When I looked next to me there was no one there, just a space that hadn't been slept in. I got up, slipped my slippers on and walked to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face then looked in the mirror, but the reflection wasn’t the same today, it was almost like I was looking at a completely different person. I took one last look when I remember what had happened last night, I can’t believe that I got so mad over something so stupid, and it resulted in me murdering the person I once loved. The guilt was unbearable. Every time I looked at myself I could only see a murderer. I was no longer Lyllian Taylor. I was the girl who murdered her husband because he didn’t agree with the choice I made, what kind of person had I become?

Does this make you want to read more? Is it interesting enough?

Part of a story that I was working on.

This hot, red fire flows inside me, screams at the top of its lungs. No one can hear my screams. These aren’t screams of sorrow, but screams of anger. No one understands, no one cares; they just float above me, pretending to comprehend. They don’t get the fact that beyond my school life is a living hell.
Little Miss What’s Her Face gets it all. Olivia, little miss princess has her ways. Her outside complex is a small figure, long blonde hair, big brown eyes. Her smiles can comfort the deepest depression in the world, yet her mind doesn’t care. Her goofy, hyper personality can justify you to the same. But you are warned, she may become a hassle. You might believe that she’s a sweet little angel, but deep down inside; lives the daughter of the Devil. Her thoughts are so cruel, you wouldn’t believe your ears if you heard her. She tries her best to sabotage me, finding every little way to hurt me. Soon enough, she will find a way to hurt me deep inside, leaving a mark from the god of hell, never to go away. Yet the parents of mine, doesn’t understand this. They understand she isn’t “perfect” but they say no one is. “Oh, just do this and do that. Help this young child. She has no one, it would mean a lot to us if you do.” Blah, blah, blah is what I hear from them.
The fire intensifies. The yells, the screams, the cries, falls in deeper than before. My dreams are in the depths of hell, her body surrounded by dark flames, reds, blacks, color of blood. Blood drips from her face. “Even in your dreams, I will hurt you. I know you at your weakest. You will never win. You will lose, fall on you knees and cry. No one will hear you, care for you. If you let me, I will make this quick, if not, you will die in pain slowly.”

What do you think of this story? What thoughts pop in your head when you read this? What could i do to make this part better?

Final Moments of Life

Where am I!? What the fuck just happened? Hey, wait... That looks a lot like my... THAT IS MY BODY! And this is the battlefield... I can feel the warmth of fresh blood bursting at each seam I have left. I still have feeling in my body, too, which is kinda weird seeing as I'm a mere head now. Everything is spinning now... Look, there I am as a baby, bouncing happily in my jumper. First day of school, finally learning how to ride a bike, my first basketball game, my first best friend, my high school diploma... My entire life was just shown in a few mere seconds? It doesn't even hurt anymore. I can't feel anything. I'm slowly starting to fade out. I must be in the final phase of death... I can feel myself starting to float upwards. That means heaven, right!? I don't even care right now, I can't wait to get up there. Thank you, God! I tried so hard during my time here. It's blurry now... This is really where the road ends...

This is something I wrote in a writing exercise, describing the final seconds of life after being decapitated. Does it describe what might happen during death? What could I add to make it a little more dramatic?

Drawing a Picture

This is a writing prompt I did. It was a writing prompt where we could write anything we wanted to write about and this came to mind.

       My vision went blurry as I walked into the room. Everything was fuzzy but i could make out a round table in the center of the room. There were 8 figures seated around the table. I made my way to what looked like a unused seat. I sat down at the open seat at the front of the rectangular table and tried to get a clear view of the faces before me.
       My vision got a little bit blurrier. Soon, all I saw were the figures, the table and a white background. I struggled to see better but to no avail. The figures and the table melded into the white background. Now, the whole room was enveloped in white.
       I picked up my pencil and put it to the white canvas. My pencil scribbled acroos the canvas and images started to form. When I was finally completed, I took a step back to behold my creation, a painting of 8 men seated around a table.


This is a story that i'm working on. It's a calaboration with Taylor but i wrote this bit.

Dawn creeps upon the Forest of Darkness as the moon sets beyond the trees and the sun raises among the horizon. Screams of human-like beings tear through the forest scattering the birds into flight. A man of blond hair and odd tan eyes holds a stake in one hand and the beheaded head of a woman. He throws the head into the light of day and instantly it began to burn. A shrill scream comes from behind him as a woman hurls herself from the sunlight at him

As if it were as simple as breathing, the man turned around and thrust the stake through her chest. With a gargling sound, she fell to the ground of the wooden cabin and sliced off the head of a man behind him. When he first arrived, there were twenty to get rid of. Now only four remained. With a grin the man continued his slaughter until the last “living” being dropped dead.

“One by one i will free this world.” He said, a gleam in his eye. “From the rule evil of the nocturnal beasts doomed to a life of darkness. Vampires and werewolves alike, i will kill them all.” From that moment, his vow rang true and he continued his hunt for the immortal beasts. He searched long and hard for the next target his next prey.

The Forest of Darkness was once a calm place where chatter of birds and barks of wild dogs filled the forest. Now everything was burned red as the man started his hunt. Wolves launched themselves in the light of the moon as the man pointed silver loaded guns at each body. A silver tipped stake lay await in his palm as he shot each wolf down.

As a young she-wolf ran up to the man, he turned on her and stabbed the stake into her back. A cry of pain thundered from her jaws and she fell to the ground, unmoving. The man shot the last wolf dead and grinned. Twenty-five to none. Every last one dead. Finally content with his killing, the man left the Forest of Darkness.

Excerpt From my Short Story

Want to hear something even more funny? I knew her brother in college. He hated me. He was good friends with my roommate so I saw him all the time, but I could always tell that I was bothering him. The first time I was formally introduced to the family was at a Christmas party a few weeks after the bar incident. We walked in to her parents’ house, and there he was, Liam Jackson. He smirked at me and walked over to talk to us. He put his arm around Jill and said “Who’s this baby sister, your personal assistant?” She laughed and gave him a hug. “Ted,” she said, “this is my brother Liam.” “We’ve met!” Liam practically shouted. “Teddy here lived across the hall from me back in college.” This is where Jill got excited. “You guys know each other!?” she exclaimed. Clearly, she thought that we were friends. “Yeah we do” chuckled Liam. “I was there the night Teddy crashed his car into the main building on campus.” I heard a small gasp and turned around to find both of Jill’s parents standing behind us. “Jill sweetie, why don’t you come into the living room and say hello to Aunt Norma with us” her mom said. The three of them walked into the next room and Liam disappeared out the front door, leaving me alone in the hallway to listen.

A Poem for the Dead

Sunlight shines on the cemetery,
Gray stones marking the dead,
Two sentinels watching me,
After death there is nothing to be said.
I look at the photograph, then back,
A pair of black eyes staring at me,
But in the photograph,
Her figure I cannot see.
The green doors open behind her,
A loud groan resounds,
She reaches out to me,
But with her, I am not bound.
I hear her voice,
She begs, she pleads,
She wants to take me down the underworld,
She wants me to follow her lead.
I shake my head,
I tell her no,
I am still alive,
And she must go.
So a cold gust hits my body,
A tense silence between us,
She turns around and walks away,
I did want to go with her, but resist I must.
So now I am alone,
The two guardians still cold stone,
I once loved her,
But now to see her, it shakes me to the bone.

Moose Poem

Tell me what ay think!
Dead leafs all around me,
The cold frost climbs inside me,
The hoofs on my feet keep me going in a steady beat,
Nature has my soul to keep,
Looking for food is always key,
Then i feel a sharp pain near my feet,
Metal teeth sink in real deep,
The sound of the gun shot has set me free.

the graves.

i shot the picture

in pure daylight

i removed the lens

to see the dark of night

this burial place

in a land of wonder

was covered in fog

and a distant thunder

behind each stone

was a zombie, all dead

some wore shoes

a few without heads

i couldn't tell

should i be frightened?

but as they inched closer

so did the lightning

i had nowhere to run

each one a killer

but i sighed in relief

when the theme song was "Thriller"

Once upon a.....unicorn?

Once there was this ugly looking unicorn named Kitty. Kitty was ashamed that he wasn't as beautiful as the other unicorns. He was all black, while his friends were beautiful splashes of rainbows with colors ranging from bright baby blue, to neon yellow. As you can tell, there weren't ordinary rainbows where they came from. Kitty kept getting picked on because of how different he looked. Once day Kitty finally got fed up with all the teasing that he decided to make a cure for his color. He tried everything from eating tropical skittles, to painting himself, to rolling around in bright flowers. Nothing seemed to work. A very sad Kitty sat on the river bank, out of ideas. He kicked a rock into the water, and flinched when the water splashed up back at him. His big eyes grew wide when he saw streakes of color! The drops of water were revealing what was under the black! Kitty sprang into the river, shaking and twisting around. And when he came out, he was all colorful! Once he was clean he could clearly see that he was colorful all along. He admired himself because his colors were brighter and prettier than all the others. Kitty laughed to himself because he had no idea he had just been a dirty unicorn all along!! So what do you imagine the scenery to be like?

Write for 15 minutes through the perspective of a snack cake

Here I am. Home. Safe in my plastic wrapper snuggled tight in the box with the rest of my family. My mission since birth is to provide a fat kid with happiness. I am a Twinkie. My golden outer shell and smooth inner cream was invented to create smiles. My soft body creates joy with every bite. I have watched my family, cousins, parents even brothers and sisters get devoured by a child that should be eating nothing more than a salad. I'm hiding now. Far back in the box, all alone, hoping he won't find me. He took my last relative less than five minutes ago so I should have some time. Then, to my surprise I hear the cabinet begin to creep and the door starts to open. I see a pudgy hand, knuckle dimples and all slowly reaching into my home. Although i'm shuttering with fear, i'm finally serving my life purpose. I'm making a fat kid happy.

What moods is this giving off? Does it potray the true life of a twinkie?


Silence, all that can be heard
Silence, not even a bird
Silence, my body starts to shake
Silence, I want to leave this place

The Medallion of Power

She ran and ran until she couldn’t run anymore. When she couldn’t continue, she sat down behind a tree to try and calm down. Eliza was only sixteen and already feared for her life. She was in a thin patch of woods somewhere behind her house. She didn’t know why but people had been trying to kill her ever since she turned sixteen, two weeks ago. Four people had come for her but they were never able to kill her. The fifth though, Eliza thought, might succeed. He had showed up at her house about thirty minutes ago. She was asleep in her room when she heard her door quietly being opened. She thought it was her parents so she turned around but when she opened her eyes, it wasn’t her parents but a tall man in a black leather jacket. She screamed and jumped up. He ran to her and tried to grab her but she kicked and screamed some more. Somehow she knocked him out and then ran into the hallway. She kept running until she was out the front door and on the street. She quickly decided to hide in the woods in the back of her house. She had been running for fifteen minutes when she stopped to catch her breath.

It was freezing outside and all she had on was her blue pajamas, her gray sweatshirt, and the necklace her grandma had given her when she died. She took her light brown hair out of its pony tail and soon felt reassured by its soft strawberry sent. Her necklace is an oval shaped red stone with a gold chain. She never took it off except for when she took a shower and even then she didn’t feel like herself without it on. Her grandma had died four years ago and Eliza had felt a new part of herself open up when she put the inherited necklace on.

This is the beginning of one of my second short story. Any feedback would help.


The winds of time,
They blow softly now,
Leaving peace with this place.
Rays of sun shine down,
Casting beauty for thee.
The beating of wings,
Heard softly here.
A hummingbird flickers near.
The colors attracting.
The secrets perfuming.
A simple eye cannot contain.
The ear, twice, cannot only hear.
This beauty is before one.
It cannot be captured,
And it cannot live forever.
As quick as the beating wings,
It will cease to exist.
The wings stop beating,
The hummingbird is gone.
Colors dying,
And scents fading now.
The season is changing.
Beauty is hidden,
But it will return in time,
For nothing is ever truly gone.
Kept in memory,
One can't hold the beauty,
But they can keep the image for peace.
The winds of time,
They blow softly now,
Leaving solace with this place.

This is a piece I wrote as a writing exercise after looking at a photo. What feeling do you get when reading this?

Happy Halloween (Nothing to do with Halloween)

This was the picture exercise we did in class. My image was one of a beach with gentle waves, a peninsula, and a random Coke sign at the end of the peninsula. Comments? Thoughts?

The waves continued to crash against the peninsula while some just flowed up to the beach before retreating back to the ocean. People went on playing in the surf while some simply laid on the beach tanning. The random Coca-Cola sign at the end on the peninsula made beach goers thirsty. It was calm and sunny. A perfect day.
But suddenly, something on the horizon disturbed the serene setting. A wave over 100 feet high was heading towards shore. Left and right beach goers ran inland, trying to outrun the massive tsunami. It took less than 30 seconds before the wave reached the shore.
Palm trees were ripped from the ground and buildings were either damaged or leveled completely. People disappeared as the wave caught up with them. The only noise that could be heard was the rush of water and the wave crashing against buildings and the ground. Screams were drowned out by the gargantuan wall of water.
Within a matter of minutes, the tropical paradise had been reduced to a watery graveyard.

October 28, 2010

Excerpt from my short story

Joshua is a man around thirty-five years of age, shopping in Forever 21 trying to find something for his girlfriend Sylvia, to wear on their date tonight. It’s a special date because they have been together for 21 weeks, which is why he is shopping at Forever 21. He searches around the store for something but he comes up empty handed. In desperation he is about to leave the store and look somewhere else when he sees it. It is the most beautiful mannequin that Joshua has even seen. He has to take it home and make her his wife. Joshua walks up to an employee to see if he can buy her and take her home with him.

“Excuse me ma’am, how much is this mannequin,” Joshua inquired.

“I’m sorry sir but it’s not for sale,” the sales associate replied.

“I will pay you three hundred dollars for that mannequin.”

“Let me go get the manager to see if you could possibly buy the mannequin.

The sales associate walks around the store looking for the manager. She finally finds the manager ringing up a customer.

“Excuse me Celia but I have a customer here who wants to buy a mannequin. He’s willing to pay three hundred for it,” said the sales associate.

“Tell him he can buy it for three hundred and fifty dollars,” replied Celia while trying to ring up another customer.

The sales associate walks back to Joshua and tells him the good news, “good news the manager said you can buy it but she’s looking for a higher price than what you said before.”

“How much for the mannequin?” Joshua asked.

“Three hundred and fifty dollars.”

“I’ll take it. I’ll pay cash for it,” Joshua hands the sales associate three hundred and fifty dollars in cash. He grabs the mannequin and walks out of the store. “Thank you so much for letting me buy the mannequin.”

October 24, 2010


These are just two sayings I have, any feed back, liked 'em, yay or nay.

"Love is so strange a feeling, so open, so free. It's everywhere, anywhere, countries, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, schools, rooms, two people. Love is everything all the time."

"there is a lot of things I regret in my life, but meeting you is not one of them, nor is the fact I can now proudly call you my girlfriend."

Fog Diner

“You’ve got mail!” sounded through the dark office of an anxious 27 year old man named Jimmy, he rushes towards the computer, and triple clicks the e-mail he has just received and it pops open instantly. “I hate the taste of liver; we should just go to a diner or something. I’m, so happy I have finally found someone… like me.” Jimmy was e-mailing a new lady friend named Shelia, a pen-pal from a couple towns over that he met on a special blog. Jimmy has had trouble dating before in the past due to uncontrolled conditions and is happy to find someone that he has a lot in common with. Jimmy replies quickly stating he is more than ok with going to a diner and he will meet her at the Fog Diner around 6 o’clock.

A couple hours later Jimmy was driving to the Fog Diner he had been thinking about the date all day. He was nervous now because he could not remember the last time he had been on a real date with a girl.

When Jimmy arrived at the diner he left his car and walked towards the entrance to the diner to wait for Shelia. 7 minutes later Shelia showed up in her Red Hyundai, parked and approached Jimmy. Jimmy was very excited to see Shelia was a beautiful tall strawberry blonde woman with dazzling features. They greeted each other with great excitement and walked into the restaurant. Once they were in the restaurant and settled down the two conversed about their days for a brief moment and then the waiter approached their table. They both ordered red wine and a shared a side of bread sticks for the appetizer, for the meals Jimmy ordered a double big-boi bacon burger, and Shelia ordered a buffalo hot-shit chicken salad. Jimmy was in no mood to save his appetite and chowed down on the small order of breadsticks. They both made small talk for the beginning of their night not really knowing much to say until finally their meals arrived. “I love this diner” Shelia said as the waiter placed a steaming plate in front of her. “Agreed! Best diner around in my opinion” Jimmy replied. They both indulged into their meals with no hesitation. After about 15 minutes it was around 7 o’clock now. “So, it is almost time now Shelia” Jimmy said suddenly. “Yes, I know I didn’t want to bring it up yet.. I am excited for what is to come.” She replied. “Yes I am very happy I have found someone so similar to me, especially such a beautiful woman like you.” They smiled at each other and then Jimmy whispered “you said a fox right?”

When they were both done dinner around 7:30 Jimmy immediately put one finger up in the air for the check. The waiter crept over and placed the leather case onto the table and Jimmy placed a $50 dollar bill in the case without hesitation. “We must get going now we have little time.”

Surrounding the Fog diner was a large river named the fog river, that a narrow path ran along and every morning fog would rise from the river giving the river and the diner the name their names. When Jimmy and Shelia exited the restaurant they headed over to the path that the fog river ran along and they began heading down the path. It was a cool summer night and it was now around 8 o’clock as the two characters were walking down the path silently. “I am nervous for what is about to come” Shelia said quietly. “Don’t be nervous Shelia, we have something special within us just be happy we have each other now. Shelia smiled as they continued walking.

The two came to a river bank as the sun was finally about to set. “So I guess this is it now, are you ready?” said Jimmy. “Well I don’t really have a choice now do I?” she replied. “I guess not” he said chuckling.

As the sun went down a very mystical thing occurred. Shelia and Jimmy both were Animagi’s, this is a condition when a individual turns into an animal as the sun sets. Shelia was a fox, and Jimmy was a spider monkey. As the sun set on the two individuals they sat beside each other knowing the extreme and rare occurrence that was about to happen. Screeches and howls could be heard for miles away as the two half animal half human’s turned into their primal selves.

All went silent for a brief moment when Shelia and Jimmy were finally transformed until they both woke. Jimmy a black spider monkey had large beady eyes with a thick coat of fur, while Shelia was almost as beautiful as before, a red fox as sleek as when the fog river is frozen.

After the transformation was complete all was quiet. Jimmy crawled over towards Shelia and gently moved in for the kiss.

The Case of Tardiness

In the case of Meghan versus Mr. Greene, I feel that the most necessary disciplinary action is to hold her for detention. In the case of Tavia Rzasa versus Mr. Greene, I wave all responsibility and suspicion of her involvement in any disrespect taken by this act. Meghan influenced Tavia and restrained her when she attempted to hurry down the hallway. As I rode my scooter to class my pace seemed to inspire Tavia to increase her own, but Meghan disagreed and grabbed onto Tavia's leg. The last thing I saw as I turned the corner was Tavia dragging Meghan behind her like a kid leaving the candy store empty handed. For these reasons I find Tavia innocent and free of punishment, and Meghan GUILTY as well as fully responsible for twice the punishment.

October 23, 2010

The Dark Ball

                Darkness swept across the night like a heavy mist, not a single star lit the way, not even a moon glowed above. The young girl felt her throat choke with sobs. It was so quiet, so desolete. Everything was stark with black.
                She did not know how she had made her way here, only that she had heard a violin playing somewhere. No matter how far she walked the noise never got any louder, it stayed at a constant tone; the haunting melody never leaving her ears.
                Tears began to form at the corners of her eyes as the panic gripped her chest. The music had guided her out into the middle of nowhere; she feared she might never find her home.
                Just as her knees began to give out, the distinct sound of a horse whinnying and the clack of hooves alerted her. She squinted her eyes against the dark, barely able to see a thing. Through the inky dark she could see hope of civilization.
                A carriage was approaching, a dim lantern guiding its way. The horse leading it was powerful and as black as the night that surrounded her. The carriage stopped in front of her, the horse bending it’s neck and snorting in her face before nickering in an almost mocking way. The carriage door swung open, she felt a smile cross her face.
                A man in an elegant black suit with coat-tails appeared, a top hat sitting attop black hair and a white bird mask covering his face. He strode forward, his cane sticking into the ground next to her as he looked down upon her.
                “What are you doing out here?” The man’s voice was quiet, yet powerful. She felt implored to answer this complete stranger.
                “I-I heard music, and before I knew it I was lost.” The man seemed surprised by her statement, his other hand was brought to his face in a thinking motion. “Sir?”
                He waved his hand to the driver atop the carriage, he was wearing a similar bird mask, however, his was gray instead of a stark white. He pulled a rather large box from next to him and dropped it carelessly next to the other man.
                The prim and proper man pulled out a rather intricate dress that was black with dark blue sequins making a ‘V’ shape along the chest. With it was a similar bird mask, this one black with precious gems of diamond and sapphire glittering around the eye-holes.
                “Here you are madam. I hope you do not mind attending a party.” The girl felt flustered, never had she been to a party that looked this lavish. She was a simple country girl who had worked all of her life for her family. But she felt excitement bubble up in her chest.
                “Of course not, I would be so honored!” She took the dress and skipped behind the trees. She shucked off her own clothes and worked as quickly as possible to put on her new clothes. They fit her perfectly. She untied her braided hair; it cascaded down her shoulders in large brown ringlets and fell against her bare back.
                She came out from behind the trees, giggling as she twirled once before standing in front of her savior. He gave her a nod of approval before opening the door for her. What a gentle-man!
                She gave another giggle and stepped up into the car of the carriage. The plush red velvet felt comfortable beneath her, much better than any hay wagon she had ever ridden. The man stepped in and the carriage set off immediately.
                There were barely any bumps, strange for driving through the middle of a forest. But how could she complain; she was going to a party! Before she knew it, the carriage had stopped as she day-dreamed of how exquisite the ball would be.
                “We are here, my lady.” Her large azure eyes blinked in surprised, had she really been that close? The man took her hand in his black clad hands; she felt her chest bubbling in excitement and anxiety.
                A gorgeous mansion stood proud over her, colorful lights shining from the painted glass. She felt like she was in a daze as she walked up the stairs, her arm intertwined with the man beside her. Massive oak doors were gaped open, revealing the people below.
                Assortments of colors danced over the ballroom below, men wearing tuxes of dark colors while the women wore everything from salmon pink to mint greens. Their faces all wore masks, varying in style from full ornate Venetian masks, to simple cloth masks. They all danced in a playful waltz, never did one of them stray from keeping in perfect synchronization.
                “This way, my dear.” Together they descended the red carpet towards the dance floor. Across the room she saw a single figure sitting upon an ornate gold throne with plush cushions of red velvet. The young farm girl could see the figure more clearly as she descended.
                No doubt it was a woman, her black and red dress hugging her upper torso as the fringe of the dress changed from black to crimson red and flowed over the floor. She looked almost bored as she watched them dance across the floor.
                The moment they reached the marble floor below the song came to an end. All the guests immediately drew their attention to the new guest. The woman on the throne seemed to sense this and walked down the steps towards them, her dress cascading on the stairs behind her like a red waterfall. She felt instantly nervous, not expecting to draw this much attention. She could hear their whispered words around her.
                “An outsider.”
                “What is an outsider doing here?”
                “How old is she? She does not look older that thirteen.”
                The woman immediately raised her hand, even without looking at her the crowd was silenced and parted like the Red Sea for what must had been their hostess. She stopped only a few feet from the girl, long black hair falling over her shoulders and almost reaching her legs.
                “Ambrose, what is this that you have brought here?” She jumped at how powerful and commanding the smooth voice was. The man next to her, Ambrose, bowed low to the woman in front on them.
                “My lady, she heard our music and was trying to find us. I thought of it wise to bring her here. To you.” The woman waved her hand, he moved away without a word. The outsider felt herself shake as the woman circled her, examining her. Stalking her like a predator.
                Before she knew it, the lady was in front of her, tipping the girl’s chin up with a grin. “My, my, you are a lovely little thing.” The girl felt herself able to breathe again as the woman looked away from her. “Yes, she will become one of us.”
                The girl felt confusion and fear sinking into her chest; something was defiantly not right here. The crowd clapped and cheered happily, all eyes on her. “Umm, miss?” The woman turned to her. “What is this place? And what do you mean by, ‘become one of us’?”
                She was shaken by the hearty laugh the ebony haired woman gave, she turned to Ambrose, a sly grin on her face.
                “You never told her?”
                He shook his head, bowing once again. “I thought it would scare her away. I am sorry for my incompetence if you wanted me to, my lady.” The woman lifted a hand; the man immediately stood up straight and took a few steps back from his counter-part.
                “My dear, it is quite simple.” The girl felt her eyes gravitate to the hostess as she walked next to Ambrose. “This is the eternal party. Every night, we dance and enjoy each other’s company.” The girl was suddenly struck by the woman’s eyes; pure black, red rimming white pupils. “We dance forever.” Her body shook at how the last word was dragged out. “Of course there is a price to enjoy such a life.”
                Blue questioning eyes turned to Ambrose, he removed his mask, and she was stricken by fear. He had no face, only a pair of black eyes shone out from his pale skin. The woman gave a toothy grin; the wooden door began to shut with a long, drawn out groan.
                “You will join us, forever.
                Not a single human being would ever hear her scream.

October 22, 2010

Moon's Calling

Something i wrote when i had nothing better to do.

When you hear the sounds of the waves in the ocean, you can tell the world is calling to you. The waves lap agasint the earth, cleansing it. The sounds of the fire crackle and spit. Heating th air with it's red and orange flames. The life of the erath. The live of every living thing. The sound of the fire and the waves colide and sing the song together. The rusting of the wind can be heard, flutter and praying with the waves of fire. A long loud sound completes the music. It's voice flows like the water but dances like the wind. It's soft and gentil but stong and forcfull like the fire. The oice sings along with the elements. Their watcher: the moon. The voice shines out and mingles with forever grace. As smooth water. As playfull as wind. As strong as fire. As peacefull as the moon. With the elements, the voice sings. The voice of it's master sings. The wolf sings to her mother moon.

Snack Cake Exercise

Inside the box, it was dark and scary. It gives you a sense of hopelessness, which the plastic wrapping doesn't take away. I'm suffocating in this hell hole. At least I'm special enough to be individually wrapped; I'd eat myself if I was stuck with another Devil Dog. Now that I think about it, I can't remember where we are. Perhaps the grocery store? Or are we still on the delivery truck? I hear voices... we must be at the friendly local Market Basket. I can tell because I think our boxes are being neatly pulled forward for the customer's convenience. WOAH! Everyone just woke up! I think we're getting purchased because I think we got picked up. There is commotion all around me as we all ponder what may be happening to us. OUCH! Yeah, we definitely just got thrown into the bottom of a carriage. We all knew we were doomed from that point on.

This was something we did as a writing exercise. The task was to talk from the perspective of a snack cake. Can you tell this is a Devil Dog speaking?

Happy Cheese Sandwich Friends

This was a story I wrote for the writing exercise.

      There used to be 4 of us. Now, there are only 3. The 4 of us were more than just coworkers, we were close friends. We all worked in a local restaurant. I was the cashier, Joe was the baker, Jean was the waiter, and Gary owned the place. We each had a job and in we each did it well. The specialty of our little restaurant was our famous grilled cheese sandwich. Our grilled cheese sandwich could brighten anybody's day. We would all love to watch the huge smile that appeared on somebody's face when they bit into our sandwich.

      The best part was that each of us played an role in the crafting of the sandwich.Joe would bake the bread, I would add a layer of cheese, Jean would put the sandwich on the grill and Gary would take it out and cut the sandwich. A year ago, old Gary died. All of us were heartbroken. Just recently, we decided to make one of our grilled cheese sandwiches. Joe baked, I added the cheese, Jean grilled, and we al cut the sandwich together. When we bit into our sandwich though,we felt something was missing. The sandwich wasn't making us smile, it was bringing us to tears.

Writing Prompt 10/21

"Okay, seeing as I have such a speech impediment around him, I'll write him a tune. Do you think that will work?" I asked my friend Sam.
"Go for it, I mean, maybe it could work... A year after you become famous" Sam smirked.
"Oh yes, thank you for the confidence boost love" I laughed off her comment and picked up the guitar. I strummed a simple chord pregression consisting of Am, Dm, and Cadd9.
"You know, a song usually means a little more when there are words" Sam remarked. So I started to sing the first things that popped into my head.
"How can you make it this hard, for my mind to form these words, that can describe, how very, very much I feel, I've tried and tried to get your brown eyes out of my head." I stopped searching for words."So why do I dissapear, it's so unclear... Why do I forget my lines, No trace of me at all." I stopped again and put the guitar down.
"That's it. Really?" Sam asked
"Eh, I'm not feeling it. Too Taylor Swift"

1,000 Words

Here is an excerpt from my short story.
I wake up the next morning and I feel really nervous for no reason. I shouldn’t be this nervous until tomorrow. I leave for school and time flies by. Before I know it Sammy’s sleeping over my house preparing myself for tomorrow night. The nerves return and I can’t believe it’s less than twenty four hours until my date with Jeremy. My mom wasn’t happy with my initially because I wasn’t supposed to go out on Friday night but technically I didn’t go out. It’s also lucky that she loves Sammy like she was her own child.
The night flew by but I think that’s due to nerves.Saturday night quickly approaches me. I can’t believe that my date with Jeremy is in about three hours. I have to get ready. I hop into the shower and try to relax but it doesn’t work. About half an hour later I get out of the shower and blow dry my hair so it’s perfectly straight. I put on my new skinny jeans, a pair of white sandals, and a blue tank top with rhinestones on it. I put on minimal makeup, just some lip gloss and a little bit of blue eyeliner to make my blue eyes pop. I’m finally ready for my date with Jeremy. I hear a car horn and I quickly grab my white sweater in case it’s cold in the restaurant.


      "I really hate the taste of liver. Why does Cat always make it?" The mortician thinks as he slices into a dead man’s liver. It squirts blood all over his apron. "Damnit." He whispers. The man lying on the cold stainless steel slab is about the age of thirty. He got shot with a dart in the chest, which damaged most of the tissue in his heart. "If this guy had just left the dart in, he would have survived. But he was drunk. Really drunk. And took the bloody dart out at an angle. What an idiot. By the looks of this liver, he was a heavy drinker, and has been for some time." He thinks as he places his utensils on the metal table to the left of him.

      "Note, the liver's tissue is badly damaged, looks to be long exposure to alcohol, testing will confirm." He tells the voice recorder lying on the table with the utensils. "You done here, Will?" An older man with a graying beard asks. "Yeah, Tom, just need to take care of these." Will gestures to the knife and other utensils that are slightly bloody. "I'll do that. Go and see your girl." Tom laughs and claps Will on the back. "Or should I say, soon to be fiancĂ©?" Tom’s smile gets larger, crinkling up the lines around his eyes. "Thanks, Tom. See you in a few days." Will replies while taking off the blood stained latex gloves and throwing them in the trash can.

      It was a rainy afternoon. Will skirted around a puddle, whistling a little tune to himself. All he could think of was how the night was going to play out. A romantic dinner. Roses of deep red scattered on the table and floor. It was going to be perfect. Luckily his girlfriend was working late tonight so she would be home around eight. Thanks to Tom, Will got out three hours early as well. Wills cell phone started to ring. It read Mitch.

      "Hey, Mitch. What's up?" "Oh hey man, how's it going?" Mitch replies. "Great! Just great! I got out of work three hours early. I'm going home to set up." Will bursts out. His face lighting up with excitement. "Man... I don't think you should go home right now. I don't know. Maybe you should just go and visit Cat at work?" Mitch replies slowly. "Why? No. I need tonight to go smoothly. It's the night! Ah, look man; I'm almost at the apartment. I'll talk to you later, okay?" Will replies, slightly confused but clearly too excited to pay attention. "Wait, Will! No-" Will hangs up the phone as he punches in his number for the lock.

      Will climbs the stairs quickly, the noise of his feet echoing off the walls. He's back to whistling that happy little tune. He fits his key in the lock when the door opens a little. "Huh... that's odd. I always lock it." He thinks. Will steps in the doorway. His rather normal looking living room awaits him. The bathroom door is open and light is shining out. Will takes two more steps and stops. A pair of pants is lying in a heap on the floor near the bedroom door. They are not Cat's. "Hey babe, you got any Aspirin? I have a headache." An unknown voice says from the bathroom. "Yeah, hold on." A female voice replies.

      Wills mind goes blank. His heart lays mangled at his feet. He slowly walks backwards towards the door. As he is leaving he can see Cat walk out of the bedroom naked. She see's Will, her face is a mask of shock. "Will!" She yells. But it's too late. Will is down the stairs in a flash. Will doesn't know how long he has been running. All he is aware of is the feeling that he must escape. He can't feel the pavement below his feet or the pounding in his chest.

      The rain has stopped; no moon is shining in the charcoaled sky. Will has slowed to a walk. Train tracks stretch out beyond him with decaying box carts and cars. All Will thinks about is emptiness, the lacking of anything. "Emptiness... that's exactly how I feel." Will thinks. “I think… Cat should be as empty as I feel.” Will decides. His pace quickens. “But where should I… the morgue.” It begins to rain again.

      It’s dark. Too dark. No light can be seen. It’s the dark everyone fears. Breathing can be heard. Shallow and quick. The fluorescent lights flicker on. Will is looking at the cabinet that holds the dead bodies, he’s holding a scalpel.”Will? Will? Is that you?” A young woman says, her voice is shaking. Will begins to whistle. He opens one of the doors and pulls out the tray. It squeaks. “Will. I know it’s you, let me explain!” Cat yells. She’s shaking and soaked from the rain. Her wrists and ankles are bound with some string.

      Will begins whistling louder. He pulls out the tray and wheels pop out of the bottom. A pale man is on another table. His wrists and legs are bound; blood is dripping off the table onto the floor. Incisions are made all over his body, like he has already gone through an autopsy. Except the man is alive, and breathing. The wounds are bleeding and his breathing is shallow. “DAN!” Cat yells. She starts screaming. “You fucking bastard! Why did you do that?! Why?! Let me go!” She starts thrashing about. Will just continues to whistle and begins to get his utensils out.

      “Oh please, oh God no. Please.” Will picks up a scalpel and his voice recorder. “Starting incision below the ribcage and down to the navel.” Will tells the voice recorder. Then he resumes whistling. Cat screams and then faints. Will slices her open, ruby droplets of blood spill down her waist and pool on the table. He slips his hands in her stomach and starts pulling out organs. He plops her liver on the table. Will leans down to Cats side. She’s growing pale and clearly dying of blood loss. “For the last time Cat. I hate liver.” He gently moves forward and kisses her cheek.


I was once a young child. My mother or father would make dinner everynight. As I would sit at the table, I noticed that everyday my mother would put a glass of milk bymy plate. She encourage me to drink milk, but I hated it. So many glasses of milk, wasted because I refused to drink them. To me, milk tastes thick and bland. It also has a very bitter taste, and knowing that it comes out of an animal as gross as a cow. No, thank you! One night, my mother put out a milk box. It was no ordinary milk box. It was labeled 'Yoo-hoo.' I thought it was a trick, but I was willing to try. I removed the straw, that was held onto the back of the box with glue. I pulled the plastic wrapping off of the straw, then punctured the aluminum straw entry. I took a sip, as my mother, father, and brother Michael, watched from different views around the dinner table. One word ran through all of thei minds. Success.

How could explain the true hatred I have for milk in a better way? The words think and bland do not really fit my description of milk.

1,000 Word Story

I had thought out how to do this very carefully. I’d debated for months whether or not I should ask her dad’s permission. I know that it’s the traditional way to go, but I was afraid that he might punch me for even asking him to consider the concept. So I decided to go with the surprise route. When dinner was just about over, I felt that it was the right time. I don’t even remember what I said, probably a lot of stuff that made no sense, but before I knew it I was down on one knee proposing to Jill. “Jillian Annabelle Jackson, will you marry me?” Her eyes began to tear up and she threw her arms around me. “Of course I will!” This is where I caught her dad’s eye. I have never in my life seen a stare more filled with disgust. He looked across the table at Jill’s mom and they exchanged eye rolls and got up from the table. The two of them walked out of the room leaving Jill and I alone.

Write something that is an extreme sad, happy..etc

Something that is an extreme happiness would be when you first wake up on Christmas morning and you look out the window and where green once layed is now covered with white fluffy snow and the sun coming up and you get really excited and run down the hall or downstairs and the Christmas tree is lit up with a bunch of presents underneath it with all kinds of different color wrapping, from green to red and white and snowmans, santa clause..just all kinds. You have this big smile on your face and you run into your parents room, jumping on them to get up then they take their sweet time and get a cup of coffee and then tell you that you can open your stocking and you wrip it open revealing things you probably only use once or twice. Then when they finally come over get into your big presents. To me that is a extreme happy.

Does anyone else feel like this is a extreme happy? If not, what is your extreme happiness?

One of those Writing Prompts

I love autumn. The crisp leaves and cool air. But it's only hiding what's actually coming. Winter. Yes, repeat it. Winter. I'm not looking forward to winter this year. Or Christmas. To be honest, I could care less. Strange, hmm? Seems coldhearted as well. But... that's how I feel. I don't want to relive it all. The suicide. The blood splattered everywhere. Running up there and seeing, not glancing, not looking. Seeing the movement he made and the last gasp for air only to reveal his last words: "This is a city of devils." Christmas morning, Santa gave me a surprising present. The death of my brother. This Christmas, I won't celebrate. I'll be painted black for the loss of my brother. I can't even write my emotions, my true feelings. If I do, I'll be craving into this page. There's no thanks, only loss. Screw this hated world.

What do you think?


The woman was completely devastated. Her boyfriend of three years was now dead, a casualty of the war. She had found this out on a particularly dreary day, when a visitor rang her doorbell. "Ms. Smith? May I come in?" the well dressed middle aged man said in a polite, but serious tone. "Why, sure..." Ms. Smith responded, in a polite but nervous tone. The man strolled past the foyer into the living room to take a seat. Ms. Smith followed him, the anticipation was eating away at her. "You were the only person we could find..." the man said, almost beginning to break down. "It was an Improvised Explosive Device...and...and, well, mam, he's no longer with us." At this moment, Ms. Smith seemingly melted to the ground. She could no longer even so much as sit down under her own power. She hit the carpeted floor just as her tears reached the same fate as her entire body. This was the worst moment of her life, and she couldn't imagine anything any worse. He was all she had and, in turn, she was all he had.

Tell me if you think if this is "showing" the situation clearly.


Does this sound good to you?

My secrets hide behind my mask
they crawl out when you're not watching
and shatter the girl you know.
You'll never notice them,
because they hide when they see you.
They're afraid you won't like them,
and you'll run away.
They get angry
because they want you to know about them,
but I refuse.
I need you to keep them away,
so they stop hurting me.
They aren't nice -
They cause me pain.
Do you want that?

The Lone Twinky

"Why me?" The lonely twinky said in a squeaky voice. "Why does everyone pick the chocolate and peanut butter cakes? Why not me?"
The Vanilla twinky was by itself on an empty shelf. Someone had picked him up and was going to buy him when they saw the exotic chocolate and peanut butter cakes. They dropped him on the nearest shelf and filled their carriage with chocolate while he sat there feeling worthless. He didn't know why no one wanted him. He was fresh and had a delicious creamy filling, or so he was told. That didn't matter though. Vanilla is the old and chocolate, and peanut butter are the new. There was nothing left for him to do but sit and mope. He was feeling the lowest when all of a sudden a young girl came by and picked him up.
"Can I have this one mommy?" the child begged.
"Don't you want the chocolate one?" the mother asked.
"Yuck, chocolate is gross!"
When the Vanilla twinky heard that, he knew there was hope at last.


A Twinkie, yellow in color
Cream filled center
Soft delightful texture
Tastes way better
Than any other snack cake
It smells so delicious
Twinkies are great
They cannot compare
They are clearly the winners
If I could, I would eat them for dinner
If I ever ate a Twinkie that tasted kind of bad
I would be devastated, my life would be very sad
So for now, I'm going to have some fun
Take it slow, and enjoy this one

Chocolate Deceit

Any thoughts/feelings this poem gives you?

Seductive chocolate with light, fluffy cream,

Hypnotizes the masses into long-term obesity.

My sugary frosting and soft, moist cake,

Gives you a moment of joy, before your health, I take.

As tantalizing as the serpent who tricked young Eve,

I'll make you fat and destroy your teeth.

So open my package and enjoy what you take,

Soon your life will be mine, a Hostess Cupcakes.

Follow The River

Follow The River

The morning was darkened with the pouring rain which seemed as if it’d never cease. Each raindrop pounded against the wilderness, the trees swaying with the wind as the animals took cover to stay dry. A river was rapidly growing with this downpour and a young man stood on the bank of it. His black hair was flattened against his head by the rain and his solemn face held a five o’clock shadow. He wore nothing but a simple blue plaid shirt and jeans. A flash of lightning struck the sky and he took a step forward, his somber grey eyes never leaving the river. Once thunder boomed through the sky he took a step backwards, his hands clenching into fists of frustration.

The snapping of a branch broke his concentration and he reluctantly looked over his shoulder. There, breathing heavily against a tree, was a young woman holding herself up as she tried to calm down. Her shoulder blade dirty-blonde hair clung to her face and her bangs were messy and pushed to the side. She wore a grayish-blue zip-up sweater and formfitting jeans. The man stared at her in shock, his knees shaking for a moment before he turned around and stared at the river once again.

“Dylan, you don’t have to do this! Please!” The woman pleaded as her deep blue eyes never strayed from the man. She stumbled towards him, her legs quivering from exhaustion.

The man, Dylan, shook his head and closed his eyes, his fists tightening. “No Kate . . . I have to do this. I didn’t mean to hurt those people . . . but I did, now I should pay.” He said as if he were thinking out loud to himself. Pain riveted through his voice and he took a step forward towards the river again.

“Please don’t leave me! I need you! We can run away together! You don’t have to go to jail! You don’t have to pay!” The woman proposed in her quivering voice, tears getting lost among the rain. She stumbled forward again, her foot slipping on the muddy ground causing her to fall. As she dropped to the ground her strength snapped and she broke out into a heavy sob.

The man turned to her and crouched down, gently caressing her cheek with his hand. Carefully he dragged her hair out of her face and smiled. “Kate, I love you.” He whispered to her before kissing her forehead tenderly. A tear escaped his eye but it was quickly hidden with the rain. Slowly he backed away from her and, at the crack of lightning, his foot slipped causing him to fall back into the raging river. The boom of thunder covered the woman’s screams as she stayed frozen in the mud, her eyes never leaving the river. Her hands shook with terror and loss while her body quaked with each sob.

“And I love you . . .” She whispered to herself as she slowly staggered to her feet, her body cold as ice and her eyes bloodshot. Ever so slowly she staggered to her feet in a robotic, numb-like manner. Her body no longer shivered from the freezing rain and she took a step forward towards the river. With one last breath of the salty air, she closed her eyes and fell forward into the raging river. The rain continued to pour down and cleansed the area of all that had once happened, washing the day away.

A quick short story I wrote in first block one day. I was wondering if it made sense and what type of emotion you feel when reading it.