October 28, 2010

Excerpt from my short story

Joshua is a man around thirty-five years of age, shopping in Forever 21 trying to find something for his girlfriend Sylvia, to wear on their date tonight. It’s a special date because they have been together for 21 weeks, which is why he is shopping at Forever 21. He searches around the store for something but he comes up empty handed. In desperation he is about to leave the store and look somewhere else when he sees it. It is the most beautiful mannequin that Joshua has even seen. He has to take it home and make her his wife. Joshua walks up to an employee to see if he can buy her and take her home with him.

“Excuse me ma’am, how much is this mannequin,” Joshua inquired.

“I’m sorry sir but it’s not for sale,” the sales associate replied.

“I will pay you three hundred dollars for that mannequin.”

“Let me go get the manager to see if you could possibly buy the mannequin.

The sales associate walks around the store looking for the manager. She finally finds the manager ringing up a customer.

“Excuse me Celia but I have a customer here who wants to buy a mannequin. He’s willing to pay three hundred for it,” said the sales associate.

“Tell him he can buy it for three hundred and fifty dollars,” replied Celia while trying to ring up another customer.

The sales associate walks back to Joshua and tells him the good news, “good news the manager said you can buy it but she’s looking for a higher price than what you said before.”

“How much for the mannequin?” Joshua asked.

“Three hundred and fifty dollars.”

“I’ll take it. I’ll pay cash for it,” Joshua hands the sales associate three hundred and fifty dollars in cash. He grabs the mannequin and walks out of the store. “Thank you so much for letting me buy the mannequin.”

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