October 29, 2010


This is a story that i'm working on. It's a calaboration with Taylor but i wrote this bit.

Dawn creeps upon the Forest of Darkness as the moon sets beyond the trees and the sun raises among the horizon. Screams of human-like beings tear through the forest scattering the birds into flight. A man of blond hair and odd tan eyes holds a stake in one hand and the beheaded head of a woman. He throws the head into the light of day and instantly it began to burn. A shrill scream comes from behind him as a woman hurls herself from the sunlight at him

As if it were as simple as breathing, the man turned around and thrust the stake through her chest. With a gargling sound, she fell to the ground of the wooden cabin and sliced off the head of a man behind him. When he first arrived, there were twenty to get rid of. Now only four remained. With a grin the man continued his slaughter until the last “living” being dropped dead.

“One by one i will free this world.” He said, a gleam in his eye. “From the rule evil of the nocturnal beasts doomed to a life of darkness. Vampires and werewolves alike, i will kill them all.” From that moment, his vow rang true and he continued his hunt for the immortal beasts. He searched long and hard for the next target his next prey.

The Forest of Darkness was once a calm place where chatter of birds and barks of wild dogs filled the forest. Now everything was burned red as the man started his hunt. Wolves launched themselves in the light of the moon as the man pointed silver loaded guns at each body. A silver tipped stake lay await in his palm as he shot each wolf down.

As a young she-wolf ran up to the man, he turned on her and stabbed the stake into her back. A cry of pain thundered from her jaws and she fell to the ground, unmoving. The man shot the last wolf dead and grinned. Twenty-five to none. Every last one dead. Finally content with his killing, the man left the Forest of Darkness.

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