February 24, 2012

Hey guys! So I wrote this for one of our writing exercises. It's not finished, but I think it's a good start to something bigger. Any suggestions as to what should happen next? I'm a bit stuck.

There is no way to prepare a tourist for the weirdness that is Portland. They come for coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts, and leave with the smell of rain stuck to their skin and some of the most interesting stories to tell their friends and family back home. Most of the stories are about the people. From the Jimi Hendrix impersonator at the Saturday Market, to the folk musicians on the street, to the impossibly thin but incredibly hip college kids in American Apparel, Portland is home to the most unique people the planet has to offer.
Then, there was Holly.
She had gone to Sunset High School, and she looked like every other girl who went there. She was thin as a rail, she wore vintage dresses every day, her nose was pierced and she had glasses. She ate only organic, and she stressed the importance of recycling. She had perfect grades and spent her weekends sketching at the Rose Garden. Her hair color changed frequently, she lived off of black coffee, and spent most of her money at the Saturday Market. At a glance, Holly was no different than any other student there. But her peers knew that she was not an average high schooler. They didn’t know what it was; they only knew that she was much more than a model student. And they were right-Holly wasn’t your typical high school girl.


i flow like the blood that is in your vains
in and out through the heart, rhymes mess up your brains
like a lobotomy, im a lyrical anomoly, never spacing out man, this aint astronomy
this is creative writing, early in the morning so im fighting the urge to sleep,
no offense mr. greene, your class actually quite exciting,
but its rare to see me awake at this time
its like a sasquatch sighting,
at 7:20 in the morning, school seems uninviting,
kind of like a creepy ass house on top of a hill
or the heads on stakes that crazy tribesmen have killed
id rather be in my bed, with no alarm clock to bust,
then i remember "stay on task Ryan, graduation is a must"

The Aquarium of DOOM!

"GIR! Get your dog disguise! We are going to begin my next evil plan..." said Zim with his evil grin.
"OKIE DOKIE!" GIR said as he ran away into Zim's base to get his dog costume. GIR got distracted by the TV and turned on his favorite movie.
"I liiiike monkeys." GIR said with his robot eyes stuck on the TV screen.
"Ohhh yeeeah...." GIR says and ran off to put on his disguise.
"Now... To begin Operation Impending DOOM!" Zim said as he put on his human disguise.
Zim looked in his base for GIR, but he couldn't find him.
"GIR! GIIIIR! COME GIR! It is time for us to LEAVE!" Zim said to GIR as he walked into the kitchen.
"But I gotta finish my waffles!" GIR replied to Zim.
"NO GIR. No more waffles!"
GIR began to scream and cry which always irritated Zim so much that he gave in to GIR just to make the crying stop.
"FIIINE! Finish your filthy Earth food."
"Okie dokie!" GIR said as he continued to eat his waffles.
Together Zim and GIR in their disguises left the base to make their way to the aquarium. When they arrived, Zim laughed his evil alien laugh. Zim began to describe his evil plan to GIR who actually wasn't listening because GIR was too distracted by the penguins.
"Okay GIR, put this egg in your costume. Now, to the whale tank! We must disguise ourselves, Dim is always following us to foil my evil plans... Put on this disguise... It is called.. make-up, I believe?"
"OOOKIE DOKIE!" GIR said and dumped the powder on his face. GIR started coughing very loudly.
"QUIET, GIR!" Zim yelled.
GIR and Zim approached the whale tank. Now Zim was to bring DOOM upon his DOOMED enemies.
"At last! Operation Impending Doom is almost complete! Now GIR, throw the egg into the whale tank!" Then Zim realized that GIR had gone back to the penguins.
"GIR..." Zim said. "Did I not tell you to throw the egg into the whale tank?!"
"Ohhhh yeah...."

Softly Spoken

          Softly spoken was the fool who stole my heart. She smelled like metal and polish. Her hair was long and brown. She didn't wear make-up, and was skelleton in figure. Never had I seen a more beautiful soul. Dirt was eternaly lodged between her fingernails, and she was stronger than any man. I loved her.
           She put my heart in a jar by the door, and always took it with her when she left. I was happy to see her have it, though i wasnt sure if i possesed her heart in return, but the mystery made for adventure. One day when she entered the door i kissed her like a scorpion. She smiled and socked me in the jaw, leaving one of my lips sliced open. The pain was good and i smiled back. Then we watched old cartoon reruns and ate popcorn. When she went back to her room she took my heart with her as usual. I opened my wallet.  Sure enough, it was full of blood.

The Chase

“Hold on.” I say to the girl at the counter taking my order and I dash off down the boardwalk, searching through the groups of people in front of me trying to pick out a baseball hat and a pony tail. I start to suck wind; I haven’t run like this since I stopped working out in college.
“Sabina” I call out and dodge around another group of people skateboarding in front of me. “Sabina” I yell again and this time I see someone turn around and keep running.
“Thank god” I say and sprint to catch up to her. When I pull up next to her she stares at me in surprise and pulls out an ear bud.
“Can I help you?” she doesn’t even stop running so I try to explain why I’m here while trying to keep up with her.
“Remember junior prom? At riverside high school about 6 years ago?” I say and run around a family that’s walking down the boardwalk.
“Vaguely, but who are you?” she says and slows down.
“I was your date.” She stops and pulls out her other ear bud.
“Yes Jay Tapps.” I say and start taking in gulps of air. I am seriously making a bad impression.
“The kid who kissed me on my doorstep and then didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the year?” I nod slightly ashamed.
“Why are you here?” she glares at me, seething.
“I wanted to” I take another couple of deep breathes and decide to just say it. “I wanted to ask you out on a date.”
“Are you crazy?” she says with a short laugh. It’s one of those condescending laughs and it makes me feel self conscious.
“No I-“
“You just stopped talking to me Jay. I don’t forgive you for that.” I double over and cough with my hands on my knees. I look up at her totally in shock. How can someone hold a grudge for this long?
“Are you kidding me? You told me we couldn’t talk anymore because you were moving here” I plea in protest. She takes her hat off and reties her hair back.
“I did not.” She says and I just shake my head.
“You did. I remember it all but even if you didn’t, I don’t care. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since that night.” I stop and try to recollect myself. “There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I hadn’t wished that that kiss was something more. I’ve spent the past six years of my life torturing myself into thinking that maybe it was nothing and I’m just looking for closure. It cannot be that. It just can’t. I wouldn’t still be imagining you, standing there in your dress, waiting for me to come up and ask you out if all I wanted was closure. It has to be more than that Sabina.” She starts shaking her head in disbelief.
“Jay this can’t be right. That was six years ago.” She emphasizes the six so that it hurts more than I could’ve thought possible. Six years is a long time but there has to be a reason why I’m still thinking about her. There has to be a reason why I’m down here.
“Sabina this must be right. I wouldn’t be standing in front of you right now if it wasn’t.” My breathing finally slows and I stand up as straight as I can.
“No Jay, it can’t” she holds up her left hand. Wrapping around her forefinger is a simple band with a diamond stuck right in the middle. I stare at it uncomprehending.
“It has to be Sabina.” I say again, hoping that the ring was just an illusion, that my hunger is making me imagine things.
Sabina lightly touches my arm and says “Jay, I’m sorry but this can’t happen.” I stare at her.  She tries to give me a light smile but I back away.
“No” Is all I say and start backing up. She looks at me apologetically.
“I’m sorry Jay” She says and I keep backing up. I can’t believe this. I drove 250 miles to see that the girl I’ve been thinking about for 6 years is married. To see that she has moved on from me, that I was nothing but a prom date to her.

This seems a little tacky to me... improvements?

February 23, 2012

When Little, Don't Do!

On the planet Saturn there's a whole different life of species living there. There's houses everywhere of all different shapes and sizes. The main 3 characters of the story is the Alien named Blunt, a robot named Robo, and an odd looking astronaut named Hunter. Blunt, Robo, and Hunter are all talking in Blunt's chill pad.
"I kind of want to go smoke myself. Haha." Blunt said laughing at his corny joke.
"That was definitely corny but I agree, lets go!" Robo said after robotripping.
"Oh my god. You guys are crazy. Are you going to do anything better than smoke and get fucked up?" Snapped Hunter.
So Blunt and Robo after Hunter said that picked him up and threw him in a big dumpster. After that they went back into Blunt's chill pad and smoked a blackberry kush blunt while Hunter was stuck in the dumpster still.
And that's why little guys can't try and act tough." Blunt said while taking a hit off the blunt.

How should I make this better?

February 22, 2012

The Change

The Change
By: Nicholas Feth

I don’t know if it’s right, but I am still going to continue to do so. I will continue to protect her even though she might have done something wrong. I don’t know whether or not to approach her to tell her of the danger she is in. I walk forward toward the ones following her and as she rounds the corner I grab them, not with my true arm but with the arm that is transformed due to an outbreak years ago.
The years ago were that I had gotten bit by a thing called a Lycanthrope or easier said and much better known as a Werewolf. I am half Werewolf at the time but it is spreading. I have not had this much pain dealt to me in all my years of living but due to the half Werewolf transformation I can deal with the pain much easier.
I followed her everywhere. If she knew she would probably call me a stalker but I don’t think of it like that. I think of it as protecting against further harm. The reason I have to do this is because of me. I didn’t know that they knew that I was a Werewolf but now I guess they do. If I had known they knew then I would have never been watching her.
They saw me watching her and tried to capture her for bait to make me come to them. It would have worked if I hadn’t already turned to a werewolf somewhat but now that I have I am stronger than anyone of them. That is my story as to why I am this way now I will take you to the present where now I am still to this day following her.
She saw me today. She saw me before but this time her eyes stayed and for a minute. My mind was in a war with itself as I fought the urge to run up to her and tell her everything. But I couldn’t condemn her like that, not with them following me. They were the company of doctors and agents working together to get me and my power.
The other wolves have been captured but they were all not pure enough for the power to be taken from their blood. I was only pure enough due to the fact the eldest had gave me his power. The eldest was named Narvas and he died after giving me all his powers.
I never made another wolf for the fear of them being captured and killed. I was deep in thought as she approached and so I didn’t notice until she said, “Hi I am Jenny. And you?” I stood there quiet them answered, “My name is Nick. I am sorry.” I say lowering my head since I am still a wolf I have their personality and traits like bowing my head in sadness.
“For what? We have only just met. Well I have just met you but it seems you have known me much longer haven’t you, Nick.” She said lingering on my name. The way she was smiling made me not afraid anymore and I decided to tell her everything.
I asked her to follow me and she did so. We went to an old abandoned warehouse and started off with telling her of the outbreak and of me getting bit by the Werewolf. She listened and never looked afraid. When I finished she smiled. I asked, “What are you smiling at?” she answered with something more than what words could tell me.
She kissed me. Not a peck on the cheek or lips but an actual passionate kiss that made me not want to live without her any longer. We stayed there for what seemed like hours and then she bit my lip not very hard just enough to create a cut then I felt her bite herself and my own blood mixing with hers as she was becoming just like me.
I didn’t stop when she stopped bleeding. But after she began to hold her chest above her heart I held her close for I knew for the next couple days she would have to endure this pain until the transformation began its first appearance. I pulled off my jacket and put it around her because I knew she would have to stay here to not wake anyone with her cries of pain.
Every day for the next two days I was with her and I had to keep her in the woods because, at random times she would let out a slight cry as the pain increased drastically. I was surprised she wasn’t screaming as much pain she was going through. She was strong and I was glad to have her.
I slowly open my eyes till I notice she is still. She is not twisting and turning in her sleep. I look over and she is sleeping quietly with a smile. I see no immediate transformation and I smile thinking about something I read a long time ago. I remember that there are a rare few who don’t have to live with a part of the transformation and I think this is best for her.
I was glad she would not have to go through the transformation process. I picked her up and held her closer as she woke with no pain. She smiled noticing and grabbed me around the neck as she hugged me. I gently set her down and told her about the book I had once read.
She understood what I was telling her and she tried to transform into full wolf. She actually turned into a werewolf then and there and I smiled again knowing she might be more pure than me. Usually it only works like this if you have a direct blood line to the Eldest. Maybe she does I thought.
I passed the thought to the back of my mind and began to talk to her for awhile. I looked at her in the wolf form and noticed even though I didn’t recognize her outside appearance I still could sense it was her. Was that a wolf thing or just because I turned her or even because I loved her?
          It was the first time I actually saw a full wolf form so I gazed at the creature in front of me. We were bipedal so we could walk on two legs no problem. I asked her to do what she instinctively would do and so she left all of a sudden I was curious so I waited for awhile. When she returned she was carrying a deer dead in her mouth.
She feasted on its stomach and when she was done there was still a bit left. I decided to try it so I grabbed a piece with my werewolf claw and took a huge bite. It was delicious. I grabbed more and more until there was no more left to grab. I continued to lick the bones clean.
When I was done I looked at her. She was sitting there in human form clothes ripped up laughing at me. I smiled a bit too much and she then proceeded to laugh even harder. I watched as she fell to the ground rolling on the dusty floor laughing.
When she was done I walked over, lie beside her and put my arm over her side. We fell asleep after about twenty minutes or so. I awoke to her still in my arms sleeping but turned toward me instead of away. I got up being sure not to wake her and climbed to the roof. I sat there and watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful day today, sun shining no clouds. It was warm. I heard her behind me and turned to see her.
I turned red in the face as I saw that her clothes were ripped to near nothing. She began to giggle and I turned back toward the sun embarrassed as hell. She walked over and leaned on me which made me feel better. “You know what Jenny.” I say with my southern accent. “What?” she says looking back up to me. “I think today is going to be a good day. Let’s get you some clothes then go somewhere together get something to eat. She smiled then said, “I’d like that.” then leaned back on my shoulder.
We left around six in the morning to her house which was through a park that has been abandoned for years. We pass the park and I give her my sweater to cover herself somewhat. We leave for her house and make it without any commotion. When we get there she tells me to climb up to her window and unlock it from the inside.
I get inside and look at her room. A sky blue her room is cleaned up nicely and her bed made as well. I go downstairs with ease and unlock the door. When inside she tells me that I don’t have to sneak as there is no one here to hear me. I smile again as I feel stupid for being all ninja. We go to her room and she picks out a nice red dress.
I grab her before she puts anything on and pull her atop me. I hold her there just looking at her then say, “Thank you.”
“For what?” She asks. “For not leaving me when I told you what I was.” I said closing my eyes as she leaned down onto my chest. “I couldn’t ever leave you. I may barely know you but, I feel that I have known you much longer and feel like I was meant to be with you.”
After she is done dressing we leave for a nice looking restaurant called Scarlet Red. When inside it turns out to be near empty. That is good for us and we ask for a table near the back. She sets us up in the farthest away and we both ask for our food. I get a medium quesadilla with water and she gets pasta and water as well.
We finish eating then leave for her house again when we get there she goes in a gets dressed then tells her parents, who are home now, she is leaving out for awhile. She comes outside and we leave for the woods. When we get there I see a tree bigger than any before that I have seen. I climb it in no time and she is right behind me. We jump from tree to tree catching branches at the last second each time.
She follows behind then does something new. She jumps to the trunk and starts bouncing off of them. I never tried this and wanted to give it a shot. I jump down to the trunk hit it hard then shoot off onto the next tree. I did it and continued on to no specific place. I see her laying face up in the dirt so I jump down and lay there beside her.
We lay there for hours looking at the stars. She rolls over into my arms and I pull her onto my chest. She falls asleep and I decide to stay up for awhile to think. I pull my sweater over her and climb a tree nearby. I stay close by just in case something happens. I sit there in the tree smiling looking down on her.
I look up at the stars and imagine them dancing around until they turn to wolves fighting and tearing each other’s limbs off. Then the fighting stops many are left dead and I don’t know who it is that was fighting. The wolf looks at me then howls at the moon. I wake howling at the moon as my flesh tears off to make way for the fur coming up. I have fully changed.
Tell me what you think of this short story. It is long sorry if youd rather it be shorter.

February 19, 2012

Helmets Save Lives

"Yo, hit that jump." Ryan says, egging me on.
"Are you crazy? I'll kill myself, you do it." I look over at his partially covered face as we travel up on the mountain.
"Nah man, I'm good." he says and starts bobbing his head to whatever music he's listening to. I pull my bandana over my mouth and nose to keep out the biting wind that's kicked up. I mess around with my helmet strap, trying to tighten it but give up after a few tries, letting it hang loosly on my head.
"Bar." I lift up the bar that sits across our lap right before we're about to get off the chairlift. Me and Ryan both glide easily off and push over to the side of the trail to strap in.
"Are you gunna' do it?" Ryan asks and I stare at him.
"Are you serious?"
"Chyea I'm serious. Do it pussy." I strap my feet in extra tight and stand up.
"Fine, but I'm not doing any tricks."
"Fair enough." Me and Ryan cruise into to the terrain park, hitting a few smaller features on the way down but stop when we come to the embankmeant before the jump. I try to tighten my helmet again with no success.
"What am I doing?" I whisper to myself as I stare at the 40 foot gap between the lip of the jump and the landing zone.
"What?" asks Ryan.
"I said I'm going to do it." I stand up and feel my stomach drop. Ryan gives me a reassuring push and I'm on my way, zooming down towards the monster.
200 feet away, 100 feet away and before I can back out I bend my knees and pop off of the jump.
I don't have a chance to look around but I figure I must be about 15 feet in the air when my helmet flies off. While I'm descending, a wind kicks up, and starts to push me like a kite. I flail my arms as I feel the edge of the board come into contact with the snow and I black out.

February 17, 2012


The smell of roses filled the air. It was Valentine’s Day…. again. Laura hated this day, she had never had a valentine. She sat at her desk as the roses were handed out and doodled in her notebook.

            “Laura Lynn?”

            Laura looked up in surprise, had she heard wrong? As she took it she looked at the name tag. It just said J.D. Who was J.D? She showed her friend Lacey sitting next to her but she didn’t know either. How could they not know, they knew everyone in this tiny town. They knew all 521 kids in this school. None of them had the initials J.D.

Romance Novel (a start)


February 14, 2012

Loney Day

The smell of roses filled the air so did love. This was a horrible day for charles he couldnt talk to any girl . He was too shy never went up to any girl. He was to shy to go up to a girl an actually talked to her. So he was always loney on this day. He called it loney day even though he was loney everyday of there year this day made him feel espically loney. So he just stayed home an slept all day. He could not watch TV becasue there was valentines spceails on. So he just stayed home doing nothing at all. Later on that day he hears at a knock at the door he answers it. Its a delivery man with a box of choclate an a card. He reads it , its from the lovely ladie down the hall. He says can i send something back so he sends here a box of chocolate an flowers an a card back. Than she comes over an than spend valentines day.

February 13, 2012

Silver: Chapter 1

Chapter one that branches off of the other silver post, which was the prologue =] Hope you enjoy and critique, if needed...Again, i do not want this posted anywhere else, and is not for personal use (Just warning to be safe =] )

"Silver! Wake up!" I heared my sister yell.
I woke with a start, looking up at her blurry silhouette. It took a few seconds before I could see see her staring down at me.
"What do you want Mia?" I groaned, rolling over so my face was in my pillow.
She sighed and sat on my bed "You were making noises in your sleep again..." her brown ears lowering slightly.
I turned back to her, brown curls circling her face. It was almost hard to believe we were related, we looked almost nothing alike. I guess that is what happens when you have different mothers.She has her moms brown curls, i had my black straight hair, her eyes were green, mine silver...Even with barley a resemblance, me and her had a strong bond. I wouldn't know what to do if anything ever happened to her...
         She then smiled and pushed my shoulder before getting up, walking to the door, but before she got to it, the door opened. I would recognise the cold looking woman anywhere, It was one of fathers commanders. She stared us with a frightingly peircing gaze wich made us look down. She may have been older, but everyone knew she had as much and more power than any of us besides the alpha.
"You both are late, your father will not be pleased!" Her voice made us feel cold "Move it now, everyone was summoned to a meeting!" She ordered. I jumped out of bed quickly, and left our room quickly, mia besides me keeping pace.
We walked down the caves corridor, torches ligting the way which cuased eiry shadows to surround us. When we arrived to a large cavern opening, we noticed everyone already here. Many turned to see who arrived and got many looks of pity from the younger ones, but just as many cold stern looks from the adults.
        Father stood on a large rock, looking down at everyone. He was in the middle of speaking but i knew he saw us enter. I felt fear weave into me, haveing a bad feeling about today.
                      "Like I siad..." He continued on, his gold eyes peircing our very souls with fear "There has been quite a bit of disrespect from the young wolves, so as it is my duty to maintane order, Silver and Mia will act as an example to anyone who does not follow orders."  he siad with a cold smile.
                      My heart felt like it stopped as his words hit me, but the only thing on my mind was him saying Mias name. His beta walked forward, under the alpha and I saw a black wip in his hands. I couldnt hold my voice back "Let me take Mias punishment, double mine, I forced her to stay with me when you called!" I lied, keeping my voice steady as i kept my eyes from meeting the alphas. I gave Mia a look when she opened her mouth to object.
                   Father let out a dark chuckle "If you insist Silver." He motioned for two older wolves to restrain me and bring me forward. There were chains beneath the rock the alpha stood apon, which was were they brought me, tightly securing me into them. My hands and feet were chained and my face was against the cold stone.
                  I could help lowering my black ears in anticipation as i listened to the light footsteps and the wispers. But before the Beta began my punishment, the alpha spoke "If any of you look away, you will be next!"
                 Suddenly i heared a loud snap and pain ripped through my body. I couldnt control the scream that escaped my lips as i felt the searing pain pf each hit. The pain never dulled, never lessoned, I couldnt even feel the warm blood that dripped down  my body. I didnt even notice when it was over, my eyes barley open, slumping in my restraints.
                "Silver!" Mia cried, i could just barley detect the sob in her voice.
                "Here, help me bring him to my den..." another voice spoke, which was most likely the healer.
Mia took a deep breath before they both, as carefully as possible, bring me to the healers wing. They put me face down on a bed, but i felt no comfort.
                I grinded my teeth as they washed my back, holding back the screams that wanted to escape. I almost lost my hold on counsciousness when they put a disinfectent on the wounds. Everything burned as they wrapped me with bandages.
               "Leave him here for a day, I cant keep him any longer than that or else he will be in even more trouble..." the healer sighed, a bit of saddness in her voice.
I didnt hear much more as i was engulfed in a painful darkness....

a haiku

I sit in this class
thinking about what to write.
i got nothing, damn.

My own one Love.

 I don’t know if it’s right, but I am still going to continue to do so. I will continue to protect her even though she might have done something wrong. I don’t know whether or not to approach her to tell her of the danger she is in. I walk forward toward the ones following her and as she rounds the corner I grab them, not with my true arm but with the arm that is not normal due to an outbreak years ago.
 The years ago were that I had gotten bit by a thing called a Lycanthrope or easier said and much better known as a Werewolf. I am half Werewolf at the time but it is spreading. I have not had this much pain dealt to me in all my years of living but due to the half Werewolf transformation I can deal with the pain much easier.
I followed her everywhere. If she knew she would probably call me a stalker but I don’t think of it like that. I think of it as protecting against further harm. The reason I have to do this is because of me. I didn’t know that they knew that I was a Werewolf but now I guess they do. If I had known they knew then I would have never been watching her.
 They saw me watching her and tried to capture her for bait to make me come to them. It would have worked if I hadn’t already turned to a werewolf somewhat but now that I have I am stronger than anyone of them. That is my story as to why I am this way now I will take you to the present where now I am still to this day following her.
 She saw me today. She saw me before but this time her eyes stayed and for a minute. My mind was in a war with itself as I fought the urge to run up to her and tell her everything. But I couldn’t condemn her like that, not with them following me. They were the company of doctors and agents working together to get me and my power.
 The other wolves have been captured but they were all no pure enough for the power to be taken from their blood. I was only pure enough due to the fact the eldest had gave me his power. The eldest was named Narvas and he died after giving me all his powers.
 I never made another wolf for the fear of them being captured and killed. I was deep in thought as she approached and so I didn’t notice until she said, “Hi I am Jenny. And you?” I stood there quiet them answered, “My name is Nick. I am sorry.” I say lowering my head since I am still a wolf I have their personality and traits like bowing my head in sadness.
 “For what? We have only just met. Well I have just met you but it seems you have known me much longer haven’t you, Nick.” She said lingering on my name. The way she was smiling made me not afraid anymore and I decided to tell her everything.
 I asked her to follow me and she did so. We went to an old abandoned warehouse and started off with telling her of the outbreak and of me getting bit by the Werewolf. She listened and never looked afraid. When I finished she smiled. I asked, “What are you smiling at?” she answered with something more than what words could tell me.
 She kissed me. Not a peck on the cheek or lips but an actual passionate kiss that made me not want to live without her any longer. We stayed there for what seemed like hours and then she bit my lip not very hard just enough to get the blood out then I felt her blood and my own mix as she was becoming just like me.
 I didn’t stop when she stopped bleeding after a few minutes. But after she started to have a pain in her body she stopped and I held her close for I knew for the next couple days she would have to endure this pain until the transformation began its first appearance.
 This is my short story starting that I thought of today.

writing exercise.

I really can't think.
My mind is an ocean,
Where ships always sink.
I go through the motions,
Giving all my devotion-
To myself.
I don't need your help,
I don't need your comfort.
I live for my own.
Indulgence at its finest.
And you still sit on your high and mighty throne.
Those who live forever,
Really never live at all.
I stick myself together.
I am the fallen,
The diseased,
The insane.
You complain of your persecution,
Yet I am the only one condemned.
I've never been so angry,
At such hypocrisy,
Your blindness.
What happened to kindness?
Just sent me free,
For you are the true enemy.
The reason why so many have turned away.
I won't stay trapped in your box.
Don't try to save me,
You are the ones who made me-
The way I am today.
I guess I'm just trying to say,
Don't point your finger at me.
Because truthfully-
You do more evil than me.
I'd never do to anyone
What you did to me.
But I'd like to thank you-
For making me who I am.
I see the light.
But not in the way you planned,
I am nothing but human.
I am punished for being born.
"In God we trust."
"One nation, under God."

The Collection

This is what I wrote for writing exercise #5, which was a free write. I thought it was pretty clever. Any thoughts? Opinions? Let me know.

          I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about what would happen after I die. What happens after the service, after the funeral, the flowers, the trays of spicy mini meatballs and cheese cubes, after everyone is done thinking about my untimely death? Surely my parents, my mother especially, would want to go through my stuff. They would want to know what their kid was hoarding under their bed their entire life, or if there were any clues that might explain why I died so early in life. My biggest fear is not the dying part...it's what happens after I die, when my parents come across my collection of Beanie Babies.
       Can you imagine that, though? Can you imagine them sifting through their son's belongings, through his CD's and stashes of Dortios, and finding a tub of Beanie Babies? I swear, mom and dad, I can explain. There is a valid reason for this collection.
       My girlfriend, Jane, had been asking for a Build-A-Bear two weeks prior to her birthday. I tried to deter her from the idea for two reasons: the first one being that she was going to be 18, and no 18 year old begs for a teddy bear, and the second one was that I was broke. My new job did not pay nearly as much as my last one, and I couldn't afford to buy her a Build-A-Bear. So the morning of her birthday, I went to the local discount cards and gifts store to see if I could pick up something else for her. That was when I came across the first Beanie Baby.
       Now, being a good boyfriend, I thought long and hard about getting it for her. It's the same thing as a Build-A-Bear, right? But then, after I looked at it for a while, and laughed at it's clever pun name, I couldn't help myself. My girlfriend wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much as I would. So I bought the Beanie Baby, placed it carefully in my backpack, and bought her a Snickers bar and stuffed it in my backpack. She dumped me two days later.
      One Beanie Baby turned into another, then another, and another, until finally I had a storage bin filled to the brim with Beanie Babies. I take them out from time to time to make sure that they aren't damaged, and they need some air once in a while. It's got to be stuffy in that bin, you know? And then I slide the bin back into the far corner of my closet and dump my laundry on top of it to make sure that my mom never finds it.
     But after I die, it's safe to assume that my mom would find the bin. She would be picking at my clothes, crying over her son and how he was too lazy to do his laundry, and how bad his jerseys smell, and then she would look down and-BAM. There it is. The bin filled with Beanie Babies. And my mom would cry even harder because now she knows that her son is a lunatic and that she should have found these sooner.
     So next time you find yourself more than willing to play a game of Frogger when you are trying to cross the street, think twice. Do you want your parents finding your secret collection after you die? I thought so. Look both ways, wait until there aren't any cars, then cross. Your collection will stay a secret as long as you're alive.

A Little Something Something Feel Me ;)

I get off my bus and I head towards the school I always meet my friend at the trash can outside the doors but today he is not there, I wait for a couple of minutes and he is a no show. So I head into the school and I walk passed a couple halls and there he is sitting on the floor like an empty candy wrapper on the road side. He looks really depressed and his eyes were red, looks like he was crying or something I ask him what’s wrong but he doesn’t answer me. I give him a couple of seconds then I ask him again, he bro what’s up? He looks at me and says no I hate her, I really do! I asked who he was talking about he said Ana. Ana was his girlfriend for the past 2 years in High school looks like that’s done. I’ve never seen his like this before he looked like a dog with a clothe pin on his tail. Everything was Unexplainable!  



I go up
wash up
food yum
me happy
coffee me
I'm sexy
academic house


“I’m done playing games tonight” he says and pushes Alex. Alex scrambles backwards and falls onto the ground. He doesn’t even manage to move before the kid is on top of him, right in his face. All of the dealers’ idiot friends are starting to lurk around them and one of them makes his way towards me. Before I even know what I’m doing, I hit the kid in the face, push him down and he rolls into the group of people surrounding Alex. In the two seconds of confusion, I manage to pull Alex up and we’re both running for our lives.
Without saying a word to each other, I take a sharp right down an alleyway and I can here Alex right next to me with the 5 dealers chasing us not too far behind. When we round another corner I manage to sneak a look over my shoulder and I see four people gaining on us and Alex is already starting to get fatigued.
We burst out onto Main Street again and I jump over the hood of a car as it screeches to a stop. I don’t hear Alex anymore, and I don’t sense him near me so I pour it on and sprint as quickly as I can down the street. The pounding of a thousand pairs of shoes is right behind me and the only thing I can think about is survival. Just when I start to lose hope, I see the light at the bottom of the street turn red which can only mean one thing; the moving truck on the left side of the intersection (by the Dunkin’ Donuts) is about to cross through the intersection at the same time I am. I run faster than I could’ve even thought possible but I can practically hear someone breathing down my neck as I sprint in between a pick-up truck and a sedan. All of a sudden, there it is, the huge, white moving truck turning right next to me. In an all-too perfect move, I reach up and grab the handle on the back of it, swing my legs up and stand ruggedly on the platform, making my hasty get away.
I chance a look back at the direction I came to see two people standing at the intersection, panting, heads hanging in defeat. I allow myself a small smile and hold on for dear life as I speed away into the night air.
Can you invision this?

February 3, 2012

Fairest of Them All

Hey, guys! So I thought it would be fun to create a backstory to Snow White and to give her a sister. I know this sounds pretty choppy (and kind of rushed), but I want to know if you think it's a good idea and if I should add (or subtract) anything. Let me know!

              Once upon a time, a perpetually beautiful young princess was cast out into the wilderness to die by her cruel, jealous stepmother.  The princess was rescued by seven kind dwarves, who promised to protect her and shield her from harm. Unfortunately, the princess could not escape her stepmother’s wicked ways, and, after biting into a poisonous apple, she fell into a deep slumber, and could only be awakened by True Love’s kiss. The seasons passed, and in the spring, she was awakened by a handsome prince, and lived happily ever after.

           But that is only part of the story.

         The princess had a sister, and without her, this fairy tale might have not had the same ending.  My name is Diamanta, and this is my side of the story.

           The story begins with my poor, foolish mother. It was true that she had spoken to some women in the village about witchcraft, and she asked them to find a way to give her unborn child the same physical characteristics of her great grandmother, whose legendary beauty remained the talk of the land decades after her death. The women agreed, and gave her a potion that would allow her child to have hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, and lips as red as blood. My little sister exhibited all the physical requirements my mother so desired, but the potion made her fragile and weak, and she died a month later. She was named Neige, the French word for snow, and my father promised to never remarry.

           As Neige grew more beautiful with each passing day, I was pushed more and more into the corner. I did not mind it, though; being alone was peaceful. I spent most of my time awake at night, reading and watching the kingdom through my window. It was beautiful from up there.  On one such  night, as I leaned out my window to watch the rain, I noticed a girl lying outside of our door. I immediately called for my servants, and we rushed to bring the girl inside.

      ‘’What’s all this about?’’ asked my father, irritated that his sleep was interrupted. ‘’Who is this? Why is she in here?’’ He starred at the girl lying limp in my servant’s arms, her head swinging back and forth like a broken flower. Water streamed from her long auburn hair and soaked her pale blue dress.

         I instructed the servants to place the girl on the table, and to bring her blankets. ‘’Father, it’s a girl. I don’t know where she’s from, or why she was outside our door, but she seems sick and we must help her, especially on a night like this,’’ I pushed her wet hair out of her face and I could not help but to be amazed by her. She was stunning. ‘’We need to keep her here, if only for a few days.’’ I leaned close to her, and I could hear her breathing.

       My father looked at her. I could tell he was just as impressed by the girl’s beauty as I was. ‘’Wake up,’’ I told her. ‘’You need to wake up, love.’’ I shook her gently.

       ‘’It’s no use,’’ said my father. ‘’She seems unconscious.’’

       ‘’At least she’s breathing,’’ I said. ‘’Camille, Francois, Jean, take her to the spare chamber, and dress her in some warm clothes. She’s cold to the touch.’’

       My father grunted. ‘’I’m going back to sleep,’’ he said, and left.

      After the servants removed the girl from the table, I noticed she had left something on the table: a silver looking glass, with the name Adrienne inscribed on the back. The looking glass was unlike any I have ever seen before. It was far more detailed and shiny than any of the ones I had in my chamber. I looked at my reflection for a moment. ‘’Oh looking glass,’’ I said. ‘’If only I could be the fairest in the land.’’

        ‘’But you will be,’’ I heard a voice say.

       I clutched the looking glass to my chest. ‘’Who goes there? Francois, is that you?’’

     ‘’No, child, it is me you are talking to, the looking glass.’’

     I held the looking glass in front of me. ‘’You spoke to me?’’

   ‘’Of course,’’ the looking glass chuckled. ‘’I am an enchanted looking glass. I can tell you the future. And, from what I see, your future is bright.’’


    ‘’Adrienne will become queen in three weeks’ time, and Neige will be out of the castle, leaving you the fairest in the land.’’

      I shook my head. ‘’That’s impossible!’’

     ‘’Nothing is impossible,’’ the mirror laughed again. ‘’Bring me back to my Adrienne,’’ it said. ‘’And we will speak tomorrow.’’


"Burn the witch, burn the witch!"
Anne listened as her Massachusetts town mocked and scolded her. All Anne ever wanted was to be herself in a world full of sheep. Conformity at its finest. Anne had always been stubborn and feisty, especially as she became a teenager. She was sixteen and just beginning to discover her identity. Her mother always told her to hold her tongue, be a lady, and not to cause problems. But as she listened to the insults, she could not hold back.
"Listen to this demonic babbling. We must cleanse her of these devils!" The preacher yelled in his deep, booming voice.
A group of large men the townspeople knew as the holy men untied Anne from the post. They grabbed her by her arms and dragged her into the attic of the church.
The preacher, along with the said holy men of the town tied her to a chair and begun an exorcism ritual.
"I am not possessed! Please let me go, this is a mistake! You are the hateful ones. What have I done?"
Angry tears began to stream down Anne's face. As the exorcism continued Anne seemed to not react, other than crying quietly. The men were determined. They became violent, and started beating Anne with a large crucifix.
"Bloodletting! We must bleed the demons out of her!"
The preacher grabbed a small but sharp knife and cut open the veins in Anne's wrists. As Anne became faint because of the loss of blood, the preacher called in the doctor to examine her and stop the bleeding. Anne was carried outside where the townspeople gathered, all were silent as they saw her pass by.
The year was 1692. The town of Salem Massachusetts was familiar with these kinds of exorcisms. They often saw people accused of witchcraft and devil worship tortured and put to death. The people were in upheaval. The Devil was a terrorizing thought to them. They lived in fear. Brainwashed by religion. Scared into converting. If you do not believe, you are dead to us.
Those who openly rejected or were suspected of rejecting Christianity were said to be possessed with the Devil's minions. Possibly even the Devil himself.
Anne was given a sedative after the ritual, and awoke the next morning to the sound of the doctor telling the preacher she was cured. The demon had been cast down into Hell.
The people of course dedicated themselves to the preacher of their blindly beloved church. A few weeks passed, Anne seemed to be doing much better. Litter did they know that their exorcism caused her a new demon. That demon was not one of the Devil's minions, but it was the fear and trauma that haunted her every second which possessed her.
Every night Anne awoke from nightmares. In these horrifying dreams, she was dragged into Hell and tortured by the very same preacher, disguised as the Devil.
The preacher was her Satan. He plagued her thoughts, her dreams, her sleep, and he life. Every living moment. Anne was going insane. She was completely terrified to set foot outside of her small wooden home.
Anne devised a plan. She decided to run. Run as fast as she could to escape Salem. One very cold night, she gathered the courage to leave. She snuck out of her bedroom and felt the cold chill of a New England winter night.
Anne made her way into the woods. It became colder, and the wind picked up. She noticed snow falling from the sky, but she continued on her escape through the woods. She became so cold she could no longer walk. She sat huddled under a tree which was not much shelter from the brutal cold.
"I cannot live."Anne though to herself. "They were right about me. I cannot close my eyes to sleep, I'm haunted through the night, and even when I'm awake. They creep up in my thoughts, I see them everywhere I look. I must die. I must go to Hell, where I belong."
Anne felt the sharp hunting knife she had brought with her. She raised the blade to her throat and said, "Tortured is my wicked, wicked soul."
With these last words, she slit her throat and bled to death.
Please feel free to share your opinions and give some constructive criticism. Thanks. :3

Hello, Euphoria.

The following is something I wrote for a 'Writing Exercise' in which Mr. Greene told us to write about whatever was in our mind that morning. I'm looking for possible critique, maybe thoughts on the piece and how I could better describe what is going on to paint a more detailed picture in the readers' minds? Feedback would be appreciated.

She sat anxiously in the chair, the waiting room now filled with other patients just as miserable as she was. Her anxiety was in over-drive. She couldn't take it anymore, she needed a fix. She reached both hands inside the sleeve of the opposite arm in her sweatshirt. Her eyes shifted and legs bounced as she began scratching. She could feel her nails scrape away layers of skin, her long nails setting fire to her nerves. And suddenly, she felt better. Her eyes were fixed on the shining gold door handle of the psychiatrist's door. The door lead to  narrow white hallway with doors on both sides. Thinking about the doctor coming out made her scratch harder, making longer, more painful marks. Every time the the door opens, she digs her nails into her arms, fearful that it may be her doctor who exits. Then she feels the resistance on her skin, the blood that slows her nails down. A challenge that she overcomes by even faster scratching. But now the feverish, fiery scratching becomes clawing, her mind spiraling down. Everything gets quiet, she takes a deep breath, and her surroundings become bearable once more. She closes her eyes and says hello to euphoria...

Werewolves United

 Howling, under the bright full moon. Chasing everything alive in the forest whether man or animal. Licking my lips knowing the next kill is a nice juicy deer I race toward the movement in the distance. I catch the deer full speed and snap its neck in two. That's how fast I am under the moon. Faster than the silver bullet that kills me.

  I am The Great Wolf. My name is... well I don't know right now, all I know is the flesh of the deer its fur stained with its own blood. I feast as the moon sets under the tree line and head for cover. I make it just as I transform back to my original form. I am a human boy of sixteen. I have grown into a wolf that fights for his freedom and know that I will not let my people fall.

 "That's it." I whisper to the wind. “That’s what I am meant for. To protect my species. This species that have been hunted down to near extinction." I start to yell. “I will fight for our survival and save our race from being destroyed by man." I yell back to the crowd cheering me on.
 I think back to when everything started. I wasn’t the cool guy in school, but also I was at the same time. I knew just about everyone in the school and liked it that way. Even though I knew so many people I usually kept to my main three or four friends. I was fifteen at the time. I was always hanging out with my friend Tj and Kate in school not doing much but talking.
 I used to have a crush on a girl there named Mina she was a pretty popular and beautiful girl. Well one day I was walking home with Kate and Tj and we stopped by the woods for awhile to climb some trees. While there we saw someone running from something and then saw two or three huge gray animals run past. Tj and Kate wanted to leave so I said I would catch up later.
 I walked toward where they were going till I found blood and ripped clothes. I stayed low looking for anything that might have attacked this person. At the time I didn’t anything of it being day time so I kept on going. I saw something in the trees and stopped. I looked for anything up there then something caught my eye. It was a large wolf looking animal in the tree. I was astonished.
 Just as I was about to leave a group of people ran passed me shooting some type of assault rifle at the thing. They hit it and it fell to its death on the ground below the tree. They left it and walked off. I walked toward the creature and it lies there dead. It started to transform and turns to a person. I was in awe I had never seen anything like this.
 I hear a twig snap behind me and yell out, “Who’s there?” I wasn’t really scared as much as worried what I have gotten myself into. Two others crawl out of the brush and Turn human once more.”What is your name?” they ask. “Nick Feth and who are you?” I say starting to wonder why they care for my name. “I told it’s him…” The other says interrupted by the other.”Silence Samuel it is not your turn to speak.” He hisses. “What are you doing here boy?” he asks calmly. I reply in the same tone,” I am here just to well look at what was happening.”
  He nods and then they transform and he comes over to me slits his wrist and then mine and drips the blood in my wrist I feel a stinging in my arm and watch as my wound heals almost instantly. I am amazed and ask “What is going on?” he replies you’ve just been turned then leaves with the other behind him.
 I get home and Tj and Kate are waiting for me. I tell them it was just some wolves in the park and don’t tell them anything else. I was worried then that if I told them they would not accept me for me anymore. I remember the next day I was not alone, the next day I had ran into them again and they were following me everywhere. I didn’t go to school that day worried what might happen so I skipped and ran to the woods where. I had watched that person die. Today there was nothing but the trunk of the tree. They were watching so I asked “What have I become?” They don’t answer so I yell, “What have I become?” this time my voice had changed to a very deep and loud tone that was angry and scary sounding.
 I began to hear my bones cracking as I grew to an enormous size. I was getting grey fur grown all over my body as I was becoming something else.” You’re becoming a werewolf Nick. A werewolf meant to fight for all of us. The Great Wolf!” he yells it out to me then memories that I didn’t know I had came flooding in.
 The memory of my birth was first, October twenty third 1995. I was turning into a wolf pup then. It was excruciating, I remember crying for hours as my parents watched helpless to stop the change. I remember after that day never turning again till now.
 I looked at him and then turned back to my normal human self. Somehow I knew what to do; I guess it is instinct once I am turned to a werewolf but I was too young then to know and now he has given me the ability to remember. “How did you know I was a werewolf?” I ask. “We werewolves have the ability to read each other’s minds in a way only if we are of higher ranking in the pack so to speak.”
 I looked still confused and he said, “So now that you know you are the Great Wolf you are a higher rank than me. No one is higher ranking than you Nick. Well except for the eldest who is really quite fond of meeting you someday soon. But anyway we have to get you hunting tonight’s going to be a full moon and even though we can change any time at night we still are stronger in the full moon.” He then told me to go hunting.
 I looked out to the crowd that was cheering me on. I still remember that they were turned all the same way. They were all friends of a person who became a werewolf and if you find out you either die or become one. Most were told by their friends that it is not very bad becoming a wolf in fact it is fun.
 I was planning on secretly telling Tj and Kate but didn’t know where to begin. I ran from the pack one day at night and stopped at Tj’s house first he wasn’t asleep playing video games as usual. I turned human again and knocked at his window. He opened it and let me in. I told him the whole story and he was interested the whole time and listening.
 “So you’re a werewolf?” he asked. I nodded worried and he said “Well cool.” I told him about how I was not supposed to tell him and that if I did I was supposed to kill him or turn him but only if they found out. “Nick I will follow under you as a friend being a werewolf with you if you’d like me to.” He said I smile then said. “Alright at first it hurts so be ready.” I bit his wrist and watched as he writhed in pain.
 When all was done I saw him transform. He seemed different than other wolves so I had him hunt and do some exercises like climbing trees and swimming. He was faster than most wolves I’ve seen and that was good for him that meant a higher chance of survival. We talked it over and decided I’d talk to Kate alone so I set off for there as he went to the pack location.
 Kate was asleep when I got there so I climbed in the window and woke her slowly. When she woke she just asked “Why are you here Nick?” I told her everything and again watched as she writhed in pain she took it better than Tj the transformation and then when she was beautiful I thought but knew we were only friends and that’s all we ever were or will be.
 I tested her in the same way I did Tj and she did just as good. I was glad my two best friends were better than all other wolves. Me and Kate began off to the pack and when we got there were greeted by the pack and asked to rise before the rest. They became my blood family due to the transformation and I was happy to have such great friends to be here.
 The Continued Portion of the start of The story.

Girl leaves Boy

There was a girl named Gia and a boy named Charles. They thought they were soul mates but one day Charles decides to go to a different country where his family lives.  He wants to go for three months the last time he went there was for his grandpa funeral. This time it’s for no reason to go there so he ended up going there. Gia didn’t like this at all because they had just started to get their life together a she was very sad. So he was writing on facebook that he got a girl pregnant down there and that she was like 2 months Gia didn’t think it was funny that he wrote that. So he called here the next day she flipped out on him he said he only did it to see what people would say. She also heard that he was talking to other girls trying to get with them she didn’t like this at all. Every day when he was gone she wouldn’t be doing nothing but go to school and go to boys and girls club than home sleep and so on an so forth. So she got mad a broke up with him than he came back went on his knees and begged for her to come back to him. She felt bad but she didn’t want to fall for it he obviously don’t care for her that much so she left him an moved on with her life.
thinking about making this into something longer?

"Amina stop!" I call after her and she whips around.
"Stop what Jake? All we've been doing is killing each other and I can't take it anymore ok? I'm done. I'm done with you hurting me, I'm done with hurting you, I'm just done." She turns around and those few moments when I'm standing there trying to think of what to say next are the longest moments of my life.
"Don't leave me" I say quietly and this time she doesn't turn around but just stops. I try to uproot myself from the spot I'm stuck to but I just can't seem to do it. "Please" she turns towards me and the look she gives me isn't cold and indifferent, but softer and more understanding.
"Why should I stop myself from walking out of that door to stay here with you" she demands. Her determination is one thing I've alway admired about her.
"Because," I swallow hard, " Because I love you" I say finally. It's as if a physcial blow just hit her. "I dont just love you Amina, I'm in love with you" she stares at me in shock. This is the moment of truth. That point in time where you wonder if everything leading up to this is worth it. If all of the fights and tears and nights wondering what you did wrong really mean something in the end, the moment when you're hoping that she doesn't say anything but comes over and kisses you.
"Jake" she takes a step forward and I see something in her eyes, something that looks a lot like hope.
"Jake I love you too" she comes running at me and I scoop her up in my arms holding her closer than I ever have before.


Here's a story that one day I wish to publish, the title is called 'Silver'. This story that I'm going to briefly show the beginning, i don't want posted anywhere else, or copied etc. For there has been too much of that out there and I'm being as careful as I can be... But id like opinions and suggestions from others =] (BTW so you don't get confused, they are wolf people, shape of a human with wolf ears and tails)


I opened his eyes for the very first time, my first touch of life was cold. I may have been a mindless baby, but somehow I knew something was wrong...different.
                                               "Silver....." A female voice whispered.

When my eyes met hers immediately I knew she was my mother. She held me close, her face showing much fatigue and sweat dripped from her black hair. Even her breathing was ragged, echoing off of the walls that surrounded us.
I did not cry nor did I make any other sounds as I stared up at her, I just couldn't look away.
         She smiled weakly, her wolf ears flickering slightly "Yes...your name will be silver...your eyes are nothing like I've ever seen before.." she said quietly.

I continued to look at her as I let out a hiccup giggle sound. I knew by the way she was looking at me, that she was happy, and her voice and smile made me happy too. But that feeling didn't last long as her eyes suddenly changed to fear and she cradled me closer protectively.
                                  "No please..leave me and my son alone!" She yelled at the approaching figure.

I was then taken my cold hard hands from my warm loving mother. That was when I began to scream....

If you wish to read the first chapter, just let me know in the comments along with your critiques =]

this is the first few paragraphs of my next short story. Alex is a nerd and Isabelle is a spy but he doesnt know that. I'm not sure where to go after this. Help?

            Alex walked into the bookstore out of the rain. The store was quiet and warm and smelled of new paper. As he looked around he noticed a girl across the room. She was sitting in a chair reading a rather large book. She was beautiful with long dark curly hair and an angular expressive face. As he watched her she looked over and smiled. What he did not know was that she was there to meet him.
            He was a creature of habit and always went to that book store on Wednesdays looking for a new book that week. She was there to make him fall in love with her. She didn’t know why yet her boss had not told her. As she got up and walked toward him she noticed a look of surprise on his face. She kept it simple with a “Hi, how can I help you?”
            He had come here every week since he moved to Chicago and had never seen her before. As she approached he tried to think of something to say but he had never been good at… well talking. It turned out she worked there which meant she was probably just doing her job by talking to him. This relaxed him a bit and he was able to carry on the conversation without being to awkward. As he was thinking this she reached out to touch his arm. That’s when he realized she was flirting. He was so shocked he stopped in mid sentence.
            He had asked her out to a coffee shop when she got out of work at 5. Perfect thought Isabelle, everything was going to plan.

F*** S*** Eat S***
Reality Pills.
            He had ADHD, and he took medication. Under the influence he found himself far more capable in every facet of his life. He could learn more easily, he could play his instruments better, he drew beautiful pictures, and he was motivated. He would plan his motivation a day in advance; he could only be motivated to do one thing at a time. “Tomorrow I will become a better musician” “tomorrow I will read that book I have wanted to read”. He found that he wanted to be constantly proactive whilst afflicted by the pills. He saw anything that advanced his own capabilities and knowledge of things that suited his interests to be proactive. The pills made him far more introverted. He didn’t care so much about friendships or sex. He made friends for the soul purpose of sparking his intrigue; befriending those who possessed qualities that he desired. He perused women in the same manor. Physical characteristics meant less to him. The stupidity of normal human behavior disgusted him. He cared only about people, who cared about themselves; who were not blind to the world under them.

part of exersise 2

The pastry chef makes amazing pastries for all of the stores in his town. He makes cakes, cupcakes, muffins, you name it he'll make it! However a man named Brandon starts to go insane! He eats all the pastries and gets addicted to them like it's his own drug. He eats them all then noticed there's no more! The pastry chef is afraid to leave his house because he looks outside and there's Brandon! Brandon has a gun and is ready to shoot the chef if he goes outside. So the pastry chef runs all around his house and locks everything! His windows get locked and the blinds get closed. The back, front, and sun roof doors get all locked with dead bolts on all of them.

how can i make this sound more exciting to the readers?


            She was thrown into a black abyss. When you are in love you do crazy things. Her planet had shunned her, never to return. Why? Because she was in love. But that did not matter now. She did not cry. She did not care. Her isolation felt like freedom. She blasted onward at full speed watching planets pass in a blur, until she suddenly ran out of fuel and landed on a nearby planet called earth. Nothing would stand in her way. Nothing! Her name was Hannah.
            Martha was sitting around in a playground with her neighbor Kyle. Then she was face down in the dirt. Hannah had crash landed right on top of her. Martha was angry and somewhat embarrassed.
            “It’s not like its myyyyy fault you sit there doing nothing all day.” Hannah shrugged. “I expected you to move eventually.”
            “You were AIMING for me?!!!” screamed Martha.
            “What else am I going to aim for, a bush? A brush? A bridge? A .45  revolver? A school uniform? A unicorn?
            “You aren’t even making any sense! And you hurt my back you know!! Owwww!!!”
            “What’s that?” Hannah asked with a diabolical smirk spreading across her face. After a brief pause she immediately snatched Martha by the shoulders from behind, stepped on the back of her heels, and pulled with incredible force. A few sparks flew off her back, as well as a loud crunching sound.
            “OWHAWOOOOO” Martha shrieked
            “There,” sneered Hannah, “Now you’re straight again, not that matters…”
            “What was that?”
            “Oh nothing. You dweebs bore me. Smell ya later.” She was gone as fast as she came.
            “Wow! She was quite beautiful!!!” spoke Kyle, Martha’s black neighbor, for the first time.
            “She broke my back!!!” Martha feigned in agony. “Actually, it doesn’t hurt anymore…”
            Martha slept well that night. Her life felt like a warm blanket of boredom. When she arrived at school the next day, her usual seat was taken. The girl in her seat turned around and quickly shifted from smile to scowl. “YOUUU” Growled Hannah with a sadistic tone.
            ME?” yelped Martha. “What about YOU?” WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!! I should kick your ass!!!”
            Just then in a snap of character Hannah could see something beautiful in Martha. “Calm down princess. I’m new, so I’m going to sit here. You get to sit next to fart butt in the corner.”
            “You mean Seth?!! FUCK YOU!!!”
            he-he-he, suckerrrrrrrrr.”
            “I’m not going to sit next to that guy! He showers with TERDS!!!”
            “To bad, I already got the clear from the teacher.” Hannah smiled. Martha was very amusing.
            Martha became consumed with Hannah. She did not know what she was feeling; it was alien to her. It may have been anger, It may have been hate. It seemed to be something else entirely.
            Over the next two days Hannah abused poor Martha’s emotions. Drawing energy from them, until Hannah suddenly disappeared. Martha felt a wave of relief followed by a tsunami of sorrow. She realized how much she had grown attached to Hannah in just three days. She was knee deep in love. She returned to her blanket of boredom. And life as it once was. In the morning Martha woke up and went to school just as she had for her whole life. The blanket of boredom had returned. Their was nothing unusual about her life.
            “How’s it going penis breath!” Hannah sneered as Martha entered the classroom. Martha jumped completely out of her pants and back into them again. Hannah snapped a picture with her cell phone. “he-he-he, This is going in my personal collection.”
            “WAAA!” Martha convulsed, “You again!”
            “Did you miss me? Asked Hannah
            “I thought you were gone.”
            “I was going to leave, but I decided I’d stay a while longer”
            “Why is that?” asked Martha, her voice quivering.
            Everything outside of their conversation ceased to exist. The air held its breath. A cloxk could be heard ticking in the next room. Hannah’s eyes Shifted up into Martha’s. That warm second seemed to last days, and still can be remembered clearly. The expression on Hannah’s face. The way she was sitting backward in her chair.
            Martha Beat Hannah to the finish line. “I love you.” She said in a squeaky burst. Her heart melted onto the floor, and a nearby student slipped and fell nearly severing his head from his neck and making a huge bang. The rest was understood even if it went unspoken.
            “So do ya wanna make out?”