February 23, 2012

When Little, Don't Do!

On the planet Saturn there's a whole different life of species living there. There's houses everywhere of all different shapes and sizes. The main 3 characters of the story is the Alien named Blunt, a robot named Robo, and an odd looking astronaut named Hunter. Blunt, Robo, and Hunter are all talking in Blunt's chill pad.
"I kind of want to go smoke myself. Haha." Blunt said laughing at his corny joke.
"That was definitely corny but I agree, lets go!" Robo said after robotripping.
"Oh my god. You guys are crazy. Are you going to do anything better than smoke and get fucked up?" Snapped Hunter.
So Blunt and Robo after Hunter said that picked him up and threw him in a big dumpster. After that they went back into Blunt's chill pad and smoked a blackberry kush blunt while Hunter was stuck in the dumpster still.
And that's why little guys can't try and act tough." Blunt said while taking a hit off the blunt.

How should I make this better?

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