February 24, 2012

Softly Spoken

          Softly spoken was the fool who stole my heart. She smelled like metal and polish. Her hair was long and brown. She didn't wear make-up, and was skelleton in figure. Never had I seen a more beautiful soul. Dirt was eternaly lodged between her fingernails, and she was stronger than any man. I loved her.
           She put my heart in a jar by the door, and always took it with her when she left. I was happy to see her have it, though i wasnt sure if i possesed her heart in return, but the mystery made for adventure. One day when she entered the door i kissed her like a scorpion. She smiled and socked me in the jaw, leaving one of my lips sliced open. The pain was good and i smiled back. Then we watched old cartoon reruns and ate popcorn. When she went back to her room she took my heart with her as usual. I opened my wallet.  Sure enough, it was full of blood.

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