February 13, 2012

Silver: Chapter 1

Chapter one that branches off of the other silver post, which was the prologue =] Hope you enjoy and critique, if needed...Again, i do not want this posted anywhere else, and is not for personal use (Just warning to be safe =] )

"Silver! Wake up!" I heared my sister yell.
I woke with a start, looking up at her blurry silhouette. It took a few seconds before I could see see her staring down at me.
"What do you want Mia?" I groaned, rolling over so my face was in my pillow.
She sighed and sat on my bed "You were making noises in your sleep again..." her brown ears lowering slightly.
I turned back to her, brown curls circling her face. It was almost hard to believe we were related, we looked almost nothing alike. I guess that is what happens when you have different mothers.She has her moms brown curls, i had my black straight hair, her eyes were green, mine silver...Even with barley a resemblance, me and her had a strong bond. I wouldn't know what to do if anything ever happened to her...
         She then smiled and pushed my shoulder before getting up, walking to the door, but before she got to it, the door opened. I would recognise the cold looking woman anywhere, It was one of fathers commanders. She stared us with a frightingly peircing gaze wich made us look down. She may have been older, but everyone knew she had as much and more power than any of us besides the alpha.
"You both are late, your father will not be pleased!" Her voice made us feel cold "Move it now, everyone was summoned to a meeting!" She ordered. I jumped out of bed quickly, and left our room quickly, mia besides me keeping pace.
We walked down the caves corridor, torches ligting the way which cuased eiry shadows to surround us. When we arrived to a large cavern opening, we noticed everyone already here. Many turned to see who arrived and got many looks of pity from the younger ones, but just as many cold stern looks from the adults.
        Father stood on a large rock, looking down at everyone. He was in the middle of speaking but i knew he saw us enter. I felt fear weave into me, haveing a bad feeling about today.
                      "Like I siad..." He continued on, his gold eyes peircing our very souls with fear "There has been quite a bit of disrespect from the young wolves, so as it is my duty to maintane order, Silver and Mia will act as an example to anyone who does not follow orders."  he siad with a cold smile.
                      My heart felt like it stopped as his words hit me, but the only thing on my mind was him saying Mias name. His beta walked forward, under the alpha and I saw a black wip in his hands. I couldnt hold my voice back "Let me take Mias punishment, double mine, I forced her to stay with me when you called!" I lied, keeping my voice steady as i kept my eyes from meeting the alphas. I gave Mia a look when she opened her mouth to object.
                   Father let out a dark chuckle "If you insist Silver." He motioned for two older wolves to restrain me and bring me forward. There were chains beneath the rock the alpha stood apon, which was were they brought me, tightly securing me into them. My hands and feet were chained and my face was against the cold stone.
                  I could help lowering my black ears in anticipation as i listened to the light footsteps and the wispers. But before the Beta began my punishment, the alpha spoke "If any of you look away, you will be next!"
                 Suddenly i heared a loud snap and pain ripped through my body. I couldnt control the scream that escaped my lips as i felt the searing pain pf each hit. The pain never dulled, never lessoned, I couldnt even feel the warm blood that dripped down  my body. I didnt even notice when it was over, my eyes barley open, slumping in my restraints.
                "Silver!" Mia cried, i could just barley detect the sob in her voice.
                "Here, help me bring him to my den..." another voice spoke, which was most likely the healer.
Mia took a deep breath before they both, as carefully as possible, bring me to the healers wing. They put me face down on a bed, but i felt no comfort.
                I grinded my teeth as they washed my back, holding back the screams that wanted to escape. I almost lost my hold on counsciousness when they put a disinfectent on the wounds. Everything burned as they wrapped me with bandages.
               "Leave him here for a day, I cant keep him any longer than that or else he will be in even more trouble..." the healer sighed, a bit of saddness in her voice.
I didnt hear much more as i was engulfed in a painful darkness....

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