May 16, 2012

A Longing For... A Desire... A NEED.

Everything became a blur, there was smoke everywhere and I could no longer see their faces. It was inside of Cory’s old apartment, it started in his upstairs living room then we went downstairs to the basement. I could sense the presence of about five human beings other than myself, but I didn’t know who. I couldn’t see who. I knew one of them was Cory… One of them had to be Cory… Right? The smoke… The smell… It was overwhelming. It all came together at once yet, I couldn’t understand it. I had so many unanswered questions that I needed so badly to be answered. Why was I there? Who was I with? Was SHE there? Would THEY bring me any harm? I walked over to the circle of chairs I remembered so well. I sat down and I looked around. I got a very short glimpse of their faces, but not a long enough glimpse to have any clue as to who they were. What I did notice in my tiny glimpse was they were all white skinned. The smoke rolled back in and I inhaled the smell of the marijuana. I think… I almost… Liked it… No, I’m lying. I did like it… I missed it… I wanted it… I NEEDED it… But, I couldn't have it. I couldn't stoop that low... Not again.

May 11, 2012

A Typical Monday Morning (A Haiku)

no no no no no
no no no no no no no
no no no no fine

May 9, 2012

Oh The Problems.

Oh The Problems....

Theres always tomorrow to fix things you did yesterday.  If you screw up, take a day too think about the best situation on how to fix it.  Everybody makes mistakes, but the people who end up on the street, or in a sticky situation are the people who just let it be.  Its the people who try and fix what they've done, that go on in life and the problem never faces them again.

May 5, 2012

pinkie promise

He broke another promise
I made him pinkie swear
He begged me for forgiveness
i didn't give a hair
"your pinkie belongs to me now.
not you arm and not your liver"
to myself "where could it be now"
and i ran to find the cleaver
"you don't need your pinkie anyway"
i said to him warm and soft
"I've got nothing else to tell you"
and i chopped his pinkie off
I wear it on a necklace
It is my lucky charm
no one dears break a promise
when they swear on their right arm
someone swore to me once
Merle on a toe
her toe belongs to me now
a new one will not grow

May 3, 2012


I won't be near a computer at all tomorrow, so I thought I'd just do this a day early. It's short...I might use it sometime in the future. Enjoy.

Loneliness is so strange.
It’s like a cigarette.

Think about it.

At first, it’s kind of cool. It makes you look mysterious and secretive, like you’re too cool to talk to those people are to go to that place. You’d rather be by yourself and do whatever you want. People look at you and wonder who you are, where you came from, and what you’re doing.

But after a while, you can’t seem to function without it. You become worn out and sick, and finally, it completely destroys you and the person that you used to be. You start to wonder what your life could have been like without it, opportunities you missed out on, and the people you could have met.

At the end, you’re miserable.

April 21, 2012


 I was thinking about this last night and I'm pretty sure it doesn't make sense, but oh well. Enjoy.

    Beauty shouldn't be determined by the color of someone's eyes, the length of their hair, the shape of their body, or their height. Sure, it's easy to find someone who is physically attractive, but beauty-true beauty- is much harder to find. A person isn't beautiful in their looks, or the clothes they wear, or how they do their's the way they speak, the way they carry themselves, and the way they bring light into another person's life.

April 20, 2012


As we lay there in the baseball feild, gazing up at the stars, the big old grandfather clock struck 12.  " I gotta go!!"  I said as I got up and staarted to run.  "we should do this again sometimes? yes?"  As i ran down my street i could still hear the clock chims.  Two more chimes and i had to be home.  I pikced up my speed and ran as fast as i could to my front porch into my house.  I made it in just as the clock had its 12th chime.  When i walked inside i was all out of breath.  As I pant for air to get  in my lungs, my dad asks, "Why are you just getting in?"  "Its 12. You said no later than 12. Im here, its 12. goodnight."
Why is this so mean?

she always makes me wait
shes never on time
she says one thing but means another
she never sticks to what she says
she does rude things and thinks its okay
she throws everyone else under the bus
she makes people do what ever she says
she doesnt listen when people say no
shell do anything to get what she wants
she inturrupts you anytime you go to say something
she says she cares but really she only cares about herself
shes a criminal
she has no goals in life
she bursts peoples bubble alot
more than anyone should

but she is my bestfriend.

Bad Days and Nightmares

I have no voice today.
It sucks.                                
Why does my life have to be like this?
I ache in pain every day.
What else could go wrong?
…I could get hit by a truck, that would really suck.
… Or I could contract some awful south American disease, that would really really suck.
“My day is just not going well, at all.”
Maybe… Getting hit by a truck wouldn’t suck – and my suffering could finally end…
But, if I contract an awful South American disease, I’ll suffer; Maybe, I want to suffer…
The pain soothes my every movement as I slice the sharp blade across my wrist.
Then, I awoke from that awful dream; Sweat dripping down my face, I reach for a glass of water.
I’m still dreaming, but it’s nice to pretend the water is real.
The water on my sheets is real though, as I pee my bed for the sixth time this week.
I sigh, “Time to wash the sheets… again.”

Six Months

Six months. A long time or a short time? Half a year, 183 days, 26 weeks, an eternity. If you're waiting for something, six months seems like forever. Six months until the end of school, six months until you go on vacation, six months until you get your license/ for me though, six months doesn't seem like six months. It seems like three months or three weeks or even three days, hardly as long as it really is. I've been working working for just over a year and half of that time has been with my wonderful girlfriend.
Six months and a day since our first kiss. I remember it clearly. It was a Monday, I had told her all weekend that I had a surprise for her. When we finally stopped at her locker, I pulled her towards me and that was that.
The next day we both knew it was coming. "Erica will you be my girlfirend?" She smiled and said yes. The most surprising thing of all is how much I came to love her in the next six months.
It was a progression from this tender fondness that I tried to bury to a growing want of her and then eventually, a need. I dream about her, I talk to her, I see her everyday yet I ca't get enough of her. I'll never get enough. Here's to a happy six months.

April 19, 2012

The Phantom Drift

     Collin drove down the road at a speedy pace, passing anybody in his way. His speedometer read 92mph and was climbing steadily. The highway stretch on old Interstate 97 held four lanes of traffic; sectioned off in the middle by a thick line of Jersey barriers. Collin's head bobbed to the bass-thumping music that poured from his speakers and flooded his car, He didn't care for the 55mph speed limit on the winding road; his style was more like 102 steadily. As he reached his perfect speed, he let off the gas and set the car to cruise control. An engine revved beside him and he took it as a challenge. He revved his own engine which growled and purred much louder than the one he heard. He checked his mirrors and couldn't see any sign of another car in the dark abysmal nothingness in his rear view. He was so far ahead of the other cars. But then he heard it again; this time it sped past him. Collin applied his gas and soared even faster, breaking 120mph. He heard and engine scream loudly as if it were right on top of him as he drifted around a narrow corner. He saw a translucent, white car enter his lane and he freaked out. He jerked the wheel to the left to prevent being hit, but he swerved and drifted sideways, right into a tree, causing the car to wrap around it. Colin was dead, and the Phantom Drift has struck again...


     The clock on the wall ticked with each second passing. The chairs were filled sporadically with old men and women who had different coloured paperwork. The ladies working at the desk called out numbers, as if they were playing Bingo, as May sat impatiently and anxiously. Her heart raced as she flipped through her flash-cards.
     "May Everjewel, Station Three," one of the ladies announced over her microphone. May's heart stopped. She handed her things to her accompanying mother and slowly approached the desk. "May?" The lady asked for reassurance.
"Yes." May managed to whisper.
     "Alright. If you have a phone, please turn it off." May did as she was told. "Now; you have forty minutes to complete the test. You need to get thirty-two correct to pass. There are forty questions. Take this," she handed May a paper prism with the number 1 written on it in black marker. "You're at Station One in the Test Room. Good luck." The lady smiled and May swallowed hard. She took the prism to the testing room, stealing one last glance at her mother, who mouthed 'Good luck.'
     May inhaled slowly and sat at Station One. The computer screen was blue and had the New Hampshire state seal on it. White words scrolled across the bottom of the screen which read "Please touch the screen to start..." May wiped her palms on her jeans and touched the middle of the monitor. The blue screen changed to white, and the test began.

Bed Time

Starla laid in bed with a white sheet delicately censoring her body where she needed it to, leaving the rest of her skin bare and begging to be cooled off by the passing breeze. Her long, red hair was tied up sloppily, giving her neck a break from her heavy locks, yet still inducing a headache. Maybe it was the heat that was making her feel this way. Her slender limbs were sprawled in different directions as she lightly panted due to the humidity. The wet face cloth on her forehead had gotten feverishly hot from the exposure to her body temperature. She took slow, shallow breaths, causing her chest to heave minimally. With her shades drawn and her curtains pinned open, Starla wished for a breeze to sweep her off of her conscious feet and into a world of sleepy dreams.

April 18, 2012

I Am The New Grim Reaper.

My eyes open slowly. There’s a bright light. I notice it’s just the white walls and get up, but I fall right back down. “What the hell.” I say to myself. I have a massive headache “Where am I?” I say. “Who am I?” I say again. I turn to look around and see a crimson red liquid splattered on the wall. Below the stain is a body. A man who has had his head cut in half.
I run to a door that’s barely visible. I open it quickly and stop. There’s at least a ten story drop from me to the ground. Half of the building is gone, torn from the ground. I see a ladder one floor below and jump for it. I grab the ladder, but then it breaks. I am falling from the building and then memories flood into my mind. I calm down and softly land on the pavement as if I was stepping off a pebble.
I remember the experiments they did on me to find a way to keep soldiers from dying in wars. To see if they could find a way to make soldiers invincible. I was the third experiment and the others had all been killed, but I believe one day they will do more. I killed the doctors and scientists in this building, but some were given the data then the left.
I swung my arm in the air. A scythe white as bone appeared. I swiped my hand over my face and a mask solidified over my face. It was white like bone as well and it had a horn on the right side. My vision when wearing it increased tremendously. I pointed my arm over in front of me and said, “Rise my fallen army. Rise to kill the ones who have done this to you.”
Two people who were similar to me rose from the ground. They had masks similar to mine, but they couldn’t come off. These were the two who were experimented on before me. They both held different weapons though. The man’s was a katana about his body sized with the blade made out of what looked like bone. The woman’s was a bow with arrows made of a bone looking material as well.
“Fight with me and kill the man who did this to you.” I tell them
“Why should we?” the man asked.
“Because if you do not then he will find you and kill you again.” I say.
“Well what if we run?” the girl asks.
“Then he will still find you. He is not going to just let you live when he finds out your alive. He knows already because when he did the experiments he had a heartbeat type thing put into your body. Now when you’re alive he knows it.” I tell them.
“So he knows where we are now?” the man says.
“No he just knows you’re alive.” I assure them.
“Fine I will fight.” The girl says.
“I guess I will too then.” He says
We left at that moment looking like we were and went to every building we could asking if they knew what was happening in the building before and if they knew who was doing it. One person answered and told us who it was. It was a man named Lucas Slouse. We asked where he was and the man told us he was the President so he was at the white house.
I thought about this and then asked. “What year is it?”
“It is 2052.” He answered. My eyes widened. I am still sixteen looking and it has been forty years. I left at that moment and went to the white house. If it has been forty years then what has all happened? What memories am I missing?
Forty years it has been, I kept thinking, and I don’t remember much. We arrive at the white house after a few hours walking. We changed our clothes and hid our weapons. We all three walked up to the White House gate then walked inside unseen. The guards noticed us and pointed many weapons at us. “Hands up or we will shoot.” We all three smiled “Fire.”
When they shot every bullet hit their mark. They stopped shooting and stared at us. “Come on now people your President did this to us. Why are you so scared?” One of them smiled and then pulled out another gun.
“Yeah we know that is why these weapons will work.” He shot the gun and it hit me in the chest. I blacked out as he shot the other two and dreamt of many things. Of living along side these two and fighting the world off with them. I woke up in a dark room chained up to the wall. Lights flickered and I saw the other two still knocked out chained up also.
“Guys wake up.” I yelled at them. They woke up slowly and noticed what was happening. I struggled with the chains for a bit, but then gave up on it. “So do you two remember anything from the building before anything that could help?” I asked them.
“No. All I remember is them giving me a lot of shots and doing a lot of surgery on me.” The man said.
“I remember something. I remember that one day a man freezing in front of me. He was frozen solid and then I touched him and he shattered. Then a few days later ice came out of my hand and froze the wall in front of me.” The girl said.
“If you are correct then we can get out of here. Try to use it then.” I say “Also what are your names?”
“Mine is Crone, Short for Cronos. I was given the name after the Father of the Titans.” The man said.
“Mine is Maori I was not named after anyone. My parents just liked the name.”
“Well Crone, Maori ready to escape?” they both nod and I direct Maori to if she can aim her freezing power toward the chain behind my back. She concentrates for awhile and the chain freezes. I break it with ease and call upon my scythe. I cut their chains and then we find a way out through the air conditioning vents.
As we were climbing through I noticed someone say something.”He is going to be here awhile and isn’t going to be out of office. People love Jacob Slouse.”
 I stopped and Maori and Crone asked what happened. “I heard Jacob Slouse’s name. I think they said he was here.”
“Well let’s look around then.” Crone says.
“Alright I will go out here Maori you come with me Crone you head up and see if you can find anything. If you see him then kill him.” They agree and we all go our way. Maori draws her bow and keeps it at the ready. Suddenly a gun shoots. I look toward where it came from and see someone similar to us.
“What there is more than just us three?” Maori says.
“Yes and there are just three others. Me one fighting your friend and one other. You will fight him if you continue on your quest to kill the president.”  The woman said. She readies her gun and points it at me. Maori walks up and say.
“Nick you go on ahead, I will fight her.”
I put my hand on Maori’s shoulder. “Don’t go dying on me then.” I say then run off toward the other direction. I hear gun shots rain out and then I hear the arrows bouncing off the pillars. I ready my scythe as I know there will be another one. I burst into some big doors to see the president sitting in a chair. He was smiling at me as I ran toward him.
Then he disappeared from my sight. My chest was in a red frenzy. It had been sliced open by a blade of sort. Then I looked behind me. The President of the United States was the third one of them. He came ahead of me again and sliced my chest once more. He did it again and again until I could not stand. I fell to my knees and he drove his blade into my chest all the way through me and the cement under me.
I lifted my head. “Why did you do this to us? What was the point?”
“So I could become invincible.” He said so simply as if he cared for no one. I believe he doesn’t care at all. So I will end this here.
“I guess I will have to take that from you then.” I said as I stood up slowly. He grabbed his sword about to take it so I grabbed it. “I don’t think so Mr. President.” I opened my mouth and started to scream so loud the windows broke. I stopped then pulled my scythe out.” This is for all our lives.” Then I swung.
The scythe fell through his body like a hot knife with butter. His head fell off and rolled to his agents feet. They pulled their guns out and pointed them at me. “So this is the end isn’t it?” I said to myself. “Well this isn’t too bad is it?” As they began to shoot an arrow hit some. Then Crone cut the rest down.
“Don’t think your dying on us just yet Nick.” Maori said smiling looking down at me on the ground. A smile broke out on my face and she grabbed my cut up body. “Let’s go Crone.” She said then we jumped out the window. As she carried me out I thought of these days that have passed.
 “So this is what it’s like to have friends then?” I said aloud.
“Yeah I guess so then.” Crone said looking over at me. “Guess we are all going to be friends for some time.”
“Yeah were going to be friends. And we are going to stay together forever.” She said with such confidence I believed her.
“This isn’t the last time we will have to fight them.” I say then jump forward. “I think I can walk now Maori. Thanks for all you’ve done, the both of you.” I said then we left for somewhere else than here.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

"Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are." the clown sang as the baby, Toby crawled nearer to him. The clown had his back to Toby but knew he was there. "Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the SKY!" He screamed as the baby reached out to his pants leg. He turned slowly and he was smiling a grim smile. His face had blood pouring down it from his deep dark red eyes.

He disappeared suddenly and reappeared walking toward the baby, He kept doing this vanishing for miliseconds and each time was walking toward Toby from another place. The baby was laughing then the clown heard something and disappeared. Then silence as Toby's older brother, Mark came down. "What is it Toby." he said slightly laughing. "How'd you get down here?" he asked.

He reached for Toby, but as he did the clown appeared behind him and shoves a chainsaw through his chest. The clown roared a roar that shook the house, but woke no one. Then he began to sing again, slower this time.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are. Up Above The World So High, Like A Diamond In The Sky." as the clown stopped he looked at Toby with his Big Red Eyes. He walked over to him and then picked him up. He pulled out his big knife and slit Toby's throat. Then he slit his own.

Even in death that clown smiled.

boring story

One day I saw a cow it wasn’t no ordinary cow. It was a purple with lime green spots all over its body. In sted of milk coming out of its outers green jelly ton came out. It was really weird, because I never seen cows do that or even look like that.  It owner said he thinks an alien came down and mated with the cows mother. Blah blah blah…. This story is wack and boring …..

April 17, 2012

The Test Subjects

Tuesday free writing. Tell me what you think?

        I woke to the hot rays of a desert sun. My mouth felt like sand paper and my throat was just as dry. How did I get here? I wondered as I blinked through the rippling sandy terrain. There was no sign of civilization around me. All there was were the skeletons of the plants and dead animals, even a few green cacti here and there.
       My heart beat fast with confusion and fear as I got up off the ground. Shooting pains then coursed through my body, making me realise that I might have been laying here for a while. How was that possible? I live no were near a desert...
       I then walked slowly towards large mountains I saw in the distance, its brown shapes almost touching the sky. I needed to find shade and water fast because I wasn't going to survive out here like this. That was when I ran into something hard, making me almost fall backward. When I looked around, I saw nothing unusual, but I knew something was there. I held out my hand and I felt a wall.
        Suddenly, the 3D landscape that surrounded me flickered like a hologram and disapeared revealing grey concrete walls. On one of the walls, something rippled until a man stood there. He wore a tux, a cane in hand. He was tall and graying, but power seemed to show in every aspect of his appearance. Cold blue eyes stared at me, like he could see to my soul, which sent a chill up my spine.
        "Hello Venessa" The man spoke, his image flickering making me realise he wasn't actually there.
        "Who are you? How do you know my name?" I rasped, may hands shaking slightly with fear.
        "Just call me, Zero." His lips curled up, a dark look in his eyes. "Oh I know all about you Venessa. Your entire childhood and family life. What you got on each holiday, and so much more. When your 18th birthday came up, we decided it was your time."
         "What do you mean...?" I backed away slightly, my back pressing against the wall. My heart thudding loudly.
        "We have plenty of time for explanations," The room began to fill with green smoke and Zero continued talking. " We need to run a few tests on you first to see if you are ready..." His voice drifted and my vision became blurry. I fell to my knees hard until I collapsed and was unconscious. What was going to happen to me?

April 13, 2012

Short and Sweet

I might use this in story sometime in the future. It's pretty short, so feel free to tell me how you feel about it and if I should add anything more.

But when you truly fall for someone, you become attracted to all the details. It’s not about how they look anymore. It’s the way they lick their lips before they speak. The way they rub their eyes before they fall asleep. The way they laugh when they’re nervous. The way they pout when they’re thinking hard about something. The way they absent mindedly play with their hair. The way their face lights up when their favorite song is on the radio. Suddenly, all those little, insignificant things matter. And it’s those things that make you fall all the more in love with them.

Green Day

Green Day is when everyone wears green. Green Day would simbolize life as we know it. Green is a sign of life and brown is a sign of death. We all are living FREE here in the beautiful country so we should flaunt it. I live in New Hampshire and our saying is "live free or die." I believe in one day our whole country should give up one day to wear green. Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, or any place that you are required to wear a uniform should be dropped so that absolutly everyone can participate in Green Day

This Day is a Gift

Warm and soft
I snuggle and nestle
A mushy hug
A peck on the forhead
The air is cool
But the blankets are thick
Everything outside
Is Covered in fog.
Like a puppy and a child
We lay cheek to cheek
Melting into eachothers thoughts
This day is a gift
No obligations, no chores
And no one is home
Today is for slippers
And hallmark specials

The Swift, Sharp, Shock.

The execution officer grabbed me tightly by the arm and sat me dwon on the electric chair. He strapped me into the killing machine with great force. The brown leather straps suffocated me and constricted my skin. I felt no fear.
"Do you have any last words?" The officer asked in a monotone voice.
"No." I answered with a void expression.
The officer started the machine and a buzzing noise filled my ears as the electricity began flowing through the cables.
I did not close my eyes as he pressed the button. He then flipped the switch.
Bright lights flashed through my mind, my eyes had been blinded as the electric current flowed through me. I felt no pain. I felt peace.
I faded into the blackness of death and let myself free.

Room 49

Ken's eyes pop open from the dream he was sucked into and sits upright in the bed, breathing heavily. He scans around the room, hoping to see the comfort of his own room but starts to panic when he realizes he's surrounded on all four sides by white walls. No doors, no windows, nothing but a steel toilet and the prestine, white bed he's lying on.
Panic sets in.
"Hello? Is anyone there?" he says louldly, letting his words reverberate around the room and back to his ears. "Anyone? Please, answer me!" his eyes dart from blank wall to blank wall hoping to see something.
He gets on top of the bed and starts pounding on the wall. He notices that it's rock solid and he ducks under the bed to see its bolted to the floor. The toilet is as well.
No way in, no way out.
Ken sit's down in a corner and allows himself to whiper for a while. Last night had been great, at least what he remembered of it. He went out with two of his friends to go drinking and after he was challenged to a drinking contest, he blacked out, not remembering a single event the rest of the night.
Ken checked every square inch of the orom to find nothing but bare walls and desperatino. After what felt like an eternity, he layed down on the bed.
"Maybe I died last night," he whispers, figuring its a possibility. "Maybe this is heaven..."
"Or hell, Mr. Slater." Ken jumps out of his skin as a metalic voice echoes through the room.
"Who are you?" he stands up and looks around the room, attempting to find the source of the noise.
"Who am I? I believe you will be asking yourself that question more and more often," the voice says in a calm tone.
"Now Mr. Slater, you were supposed to die last night. Actually, so were your friends but since you seemed to be a perfect test subject for us, I have arranged that their deaths be momentarily," he pauses, "suspended."
"What do you want from me?!" Ken screams.
"I want you to give me a show Ken," he whispered and a bright light opens up infront of him. A doorway leading into blackness is standing infront of Ken and he stays rooted to the spot, awestruck. "I'll be watching," the voice says from down the hall and disappears.

Froggy Friends.

Hello, we are little orange frogs. We are scared.
"I've never heard these noises before! Where are we?" My froggy friend said to me.
"Oh no! I don't like this, I want to go back to the other tank, this one keeps moving."
"It's okay," I said to my froggy friend. "Soon we're going to find a new home and we won't be bumped around anymore."
We wriggled and swam around our tiny tank together. We got lots of attention from new humans. They said we are cute.
"Yay! We're cute! Froggy friend, what does 'cute' mean?"
"I'm not sure. I really hope they won't eat us because we're cute." I said.
"We're too cute to be eaten, I think. Froggy friend, let's be more cute so the humans won't eat us!" My froggy friend suggested.

Oh, silly frogs. I won't eat you. We will be best friends and I'll talke good care of you.
I love my frogs!

Sally The Dog

After seeing the pictures Mr. Greene showed us, I decided to make a story about him, hope ya like =]

      The trash filled alleyway made my escape difficult. My paws clattered and scraped the cold, hard ground. I wined in pain as I ran. My ears sent shooting pain through my body because of what the kids did to me. They weren't that far behind me.
     "Come here mutt! Were not done with you yet!" One yelled as the others cheered.
     My chest heaved as I turned the corner, running through many cloaked humans. Some yelled and kicked me heartlessly, but I still managed to escape.
     Its a hard life as a dog in these parts, my mom always said. Soon after she told me that, the humans found our home and killed her.
     I collapsed, shaking under a very rusty car, the dry air pummeling me with its gusts. Blood dripped down my face and muzzle, the pain still intense. My eyes shot to my left as I saw a pale figure heading in my direction. I was too tired to run anymore as I watched the human female get closer. I figured that this was my end, but I was soon surprised.
    She carefully took me into her warm arms. I was shaking uncontrollably and she seemed to notice. "Its alright, I wont hurt you..." She whispered softly.
    When she took me home, she gave me a life I never thought I would have. Food in my tummy, love, she even healed my ears and gave me a home. This is my beginning to a happy life.

April 6, 2012


In the bottom of my heart, I know that she lied when she said what she said... Maybe, that's why I had such a dramatic reaction to it. Maybe it was the fact that my monthly period had began the night before, and I got emotional. Maybe, I simply cannot accept the fact that my grandfather has died. Maybe, it was a combination of all three. When I heard what she said, I started having a hard time breathing. I asked my teacher for permission to leave the room, as soon as I walked out my breath went away, completely. I quickly walked into the bathroom, when I walked in the room began to blur. I felt like I was dying, I think I wanted too... I fell to the floor my back against the wall, there was a terrible pain at the bottom of my throat and it just sat there and taunted me. I began breathing again, yet the pain stayed there. I breathed deeply, trying to catch my breath.Tears streamed down my face and all I could hear were the horrid sounds I was making. I stood up, looked in the mirror and realized... I had to control myself. I tried my best to make myself look, presentable, but the tears kept falling. I walked into class, grabbed my stuff and transfered to the back of the room... No one had noticed, my washed out face, but it was okay.


Free Friday writing, hope you like, tell me what you think...

      The dull ache of my face woke me. I felt like I hit something very hard. My eyes scanned the dark bedroom with confusion. Where am I? I wondered, trying to lean forward. I gasped a tight burning pain around my wrists and ankles. I looked down and saw that I was in restraints. My body began to shake with fear and confusion.
     How did I get here? What is happening? The last thing I could remember was walking out to the busy street of new york so I could walk to the post office. It was my grandmothers birthday in a few days and all I wanted to do was send a gift to her.
    The bedroom , I noticed, wasn't modern at all. The room was decorated with dark wood furniture, large detailed rug and log curtains that draped in front of a window. Even the bed had four posters and the blankets looked nothing like what you could get at any store in this century.
   The door on the far right of the room then creaked slowly open. My heart raced with panic and fear as I looked through the darkness. A hooded figure then entered, the persons face and body covered. I wanted to scream but I couldn't even find my voice.
   The person walked slowly towards me until they loomed over me. I still couldn't see any features of my captor.
      "Get a-away from me!" I stuttered.
        The persons hand then reached up and hovered over my face. Its claws pointed down on me and all I could see were odd swirling markings on the palm,
      "No! Leave me alone!" I struggled futilely through my restraints. The hooded figures markings then began to glow a bright red light.
       He started speaking a language I had never heard of before  "Vos mich an rach toll efara zash mif..." Then his suddenly, red orbs shined in the darkness of his hood and I felt as if something was being taken from me. My body felt weaker and weaker through each fast beat of my heart until I was no more. My body was gone, and I didn't exist anymore....

Bold and Sharp

                Stan krimnoff was bold and sharp. When he said he was going to do something he did it. He never had enough blood in his teeth. When he murdered poor Percy Winkley, he did it slow and soppy. Still red from death he dragged the body back to his barn where the hay was stacked tall, and the smell was stronger than purification. As he left the barn he whistled a toon that Suzi Fitzgerald had sung before he killed her. The lyrics had something to do with a snake and a curious child, but he didn’t remember them. Soon he would grind his pile of corpses into mush and fertilize the fields. A hard day of work lay ahead. His dogs began to bark. Someone was at the gate.

WHHYYY !!! Does This Happen!!!!!!!!


             I hat when things goes his way. She always forgives him lets him do as he pleases. He does bad and she rewards him. If I do bad she freaks out an I get grounded, and that’s just not write. When I do good she don’t even relies it she just don’t care. She shows me nothing I feel like I’m doing this all for nothing I am invisible in her eyes I guess. Even my sister sees it can I tell my mom and show says he the one who needs more attention. That’s just not fare I think its all fukin bulshit to me it really pisses me off very badly. I hate this why me why does everything bad happened to me??!!!!

The Workings Of a Baseball Team

My headphones in and the world disappears. I sit close to the window and stare as the trees flash past. I keep thinking about the beautiful plays I need to make; the perfect ground ball to field, the transfer and the dive to the ground that covers my uniform in dirt and fills the air with the smell of triumph. I look down at the prestine white 8 that is now my new identity. No name, no nick-name, just a number among numbers all contributing towards victory.
When the field is finally in view, the team begins to get restless and shuffle around to get their things in order. A few people are like me; dedicated, focused, intesnse. A few others are in a football mentality left over from a past season; pumped  up, ready to go, animalistic. To me it doesn't matter so long as we all understand the goal. The goal starts with the pitcher and catcher. They are the leaders of the game, the ones who control the pace and determine where the ball is going once it comes off of the bat. The middle infielders are always on the same page, only a flip or double play away from proving the connection. The outfielers are fast and strong, chasing down long-gone balls and throwing people out from miles away. The first basemen is a play off finess, scooping balls thrown too low or jumping up to snatch down a surely overthrown ball.
Then there is the thirdbaseman. Usually the awkward player on the team, capable of doing not much but side stepping left or right and beaming a throw back to first base. But our team is different. Our thirdbasemen is gangely and surely a strange looking person, but faster than anyone on the team, never afraid to lay out to his right or left to stop the ball from entering the outfield. He picks baseballs off of the line that are going into the wall for a double and if there is a fly ball hit within 100 feet of him, be sure that he is going to get it.

Its our senior year! We need to live it up and have fun, but at the same time do well in school.  If kids let peer pressure take over their lives, theirs no telling what could happen next.  Its just something that wont disappear.  If life was as easy for kids as there parents thought, life would be so different.  When our parents were in school, times were a lot different and some parents haven't realized it.  They don't acknowledge all the good things we do, but always seem to see the bad in everything.  If life was like it was 50 years ago, everyone would be a lot happier and not in a struggle with money or anything.  Having these difficulties now means that there going to be even worse when we have kids.

Nothing is left for me... GREAT SHORT READ

Nothing was clear to me, but I was always sad. Seeing her would make me hurt inside. As I slept I would see her even with my eyes closed. She was trouble with a capital “Z”. But if it wasn’t for him. But if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be hurting me. She would be the brightness of the sun. Instead she is sunburn. When he is with her she is happy. She shows him a kind of love that many have died trying to find. Her smile is so profound. More profound. He is changing her. She was once an empty book; a truly rare soul. Like a clean wall in the city, she has been tagged. Nothing is left for me.

Partial Chapter in The Change

Chapter 2: The Princess

I didn’t know a family could be this wonderful I always thought. Now I think could this family get any better.
I wake up and crawl out of bed. I stretch and go downstairs. Jenny is holding Percy on the couch, him asleep in her arms. “Hey, good morning.”  I say to her.
“Good morning Nick. How are you?” She asks.
“I am quite delightful and how are you my dearest?” I ask putting my arm around her.
“I’m good.” She says. I put Percy in his bed then pull Jenny on top of me. I kiss her neck lightly then I hear something at the front door, then a knock. I put Jenny on the couch then say to keep quiet. I go to the front door silently and peek out the hole in the door. It’s the police.
I open the door and ask, “What is it?”
“We have been notified about two teenagers living here who are not of age and decided to check it out.”
“Well we are not of age but our parents have consent to us living here alone.” I say lying.
“Where do your parents live might I ask? If you do not mind telling me.” The shorter cop asks.
“Yes of course.” I tell them fake addresses and they leave. I walk into the living room and tell Jenny we have to move.
“Why what happened?” she asks grabbing some stuff.
“It’s just someone telling the cops about how we are underage to be living alone.” I say.
 We grab some stuff then I transform and have her hold on to the stuff and Percy while I carry them on my back. I run until I can’t anymore then turn back to myself. I hunt down some squirrels and a deer. We cook them up and keep the fire lit. She puts up the tent and puts Percy to bed.
She comes back out and lies beside me. We fall asleep there and I dream of Wolves fighting one another, their teeth and claws digging into flesh and ripping it apart. After all the fighting’s over a white wolf comes forth as victor. He howls with the wind and the tune was beautiful. The same tune as Jenny did her first transformation.
I wake up jumping a few feet up. I hit my head on a tree limb and it snaps. Blood drips down my face so I grab my t-shirt and wipe it away. I tie a shred of cloth around my forehead to subdue the bleeding. Jenny is sitting by what was the fire giggling. I turn toward her then jump. She screams a little then laughs. I hold her close then close my eyes.
I take in this moment everything was perfect, everything was exactly how I’ve always wanted it, but now that’s done and we have to start over again. We grab our stuff cover then fire, and then leave again. Percy was still asleep so he was quiet on the way.
I didn’t know where exactly I was going but I didn’t care as long as it was safe for Percy and for Jenny. I come across something that catches my eye. It was something silver so I stop and take a look. It’s some kind of rock shaped piece of metal. “Is everything ok Nick?”
I turn toward where we were going then start running again. What was that? I think. It was very peculiar. I clear my mind then continue running. We end up at a small city in Alabama named Wetumpka. I remember a few years ago I lived here. My best friend lived here. I wonder if he still does. Jenny gets off and I buy a house off someone with the money I stole years ago.
I show her where the house is and then tell them I will be back a little later. I run through Montgomery to Eclectic and run to where my friend used to live. I knock on the door and Tj’s mom answered. She was happy to see me and invited me in. I asked her if Tj was here and she said he was asleep in his room.
I walk back to Tj’s room and walk in. I wake him up and he yells, “Nick it’s so good to see you, it’s been so long bro!”
“Yes it has Tj and I have come to ask a favor of you.”
“Dude you know I would do anything for you.” He says.
“Good. We are going to have to sneak out tonight and go to my new house here.” I tell him.
“You live here again Nick?”
“Yeah sort of.” I say then open his bedroom window. I jump out and he follows behind. I run to the woods not far and wait for him there. When he is there I tell him everything that has happened so far.
He takes it in for awhile then says, “Nick you are my best friend and I will follow you as a person and a werewolf.”
I smile and then bite him. He falls to the ground in pain and groans as the pain grows. I grab him and carry him over my shoulder to my house. “Jenny this is Tj he will be staying with us. He is in Pain right now because I am turning him. It should be done in a few days.” I say to her.
“It’s okay Nick he can live with us if you know him that well.” She says. I take him upstairs and lay out some covers for him. I put him down then leave him for the day. I walk downstairs and lay on the couch beside Jenny. Percy is on the floor playing with some of his toys. I fall asleep on the couch beside her and dream about the rock I saw on the way here. I see Tj with a girl. She is about our age of sixteen and blonde. Blue eyes look at Tj with such warmth that it looks to me that they are in love.
I wake up slowly and notice my head is in Jenny’s lap. I smile and look up at her still sleeping. I get up and then grab a paper and pen. I write on it; Jenny do not worry I will be back, I am going to look at something then coming straight back. Take care of Percy and Tj and also I will bring some groceries back with me.
I put it on the fridge and then leave for the place where the object was. When I get there it is gone from the place it was. In its place is a small wolf lying on the ground. I jump down to it and pick it up. I carry it up and out and then it wakes up. It sees me and then goes to sleep again. I run to town again and put it down in a bush carefully concealing it.
I run in a grocery store grab food and medicine for my family and the wolf. I grab the wolf and run home. When I get there I walk inside to find Jenny on the couch playing with Percy. I put the wolf on the table and put the groceries up. After that I grab a piece of meat and put it on a plate beside the wolf.
“Is that a wolf Nick?” Jenny asks.
“Yeah I couldn’t leave it to die there. It was lying on the ground as if it was hurt.” I tell her about what I saw that day, and then the wolf wakes up. It stands up on the table and eats the meat. Tj walks down to say hey to everyone and just as he does the wolf turns into a ball of light. Out of the ball of light appears a girl. The same girl in fact that was in my dream with Tj.
I watch amazed as she looks at Tj and says, “Help me, please.” Then falls to the ground passed out.
“We have to help her Nick please let me help her at least.” Tj pleads.
“Yeah we will help her.” I say worried of what happened to her. I begin looking at her to see if I can find out what’s wrong. I see nothing physical wrong with her so I presume it is just exhaustion. “It’s peculiar truthfully.” I say aloud.
“What is peculiar?” Jenny and Tj ask at the same time.
“That I found her where that metal rock was, and that she can transform to a wolf, and that the rock thing was completely gone.

April 5, 2012

My Life Is A Blur

I rush through the roads like theres no tomorrow.  I fly through traffic like theres no police man waiting around the corner.  I feel like I get away with every law breaking thing I do.  Which I kind of do a lot!  i just wish that I would get taught to teach me a lesson, or get in a car crash to fear for my life.  I never have expected anything to go by as fast as this past year, but now times starting to slow itself down again.  I don't understand how everything can go from being absolutely perfect and wonderful, to being a total disaster.  It doesn't make sense.  I've always been at the top of my game, but now I'm at the bottom. Of my game, of everything.  I need a way to make my way back to the top.  The top of my game, the top of my life.  Senior year is supposed to be fun, but how can it be fun if i don't remember a majority of it?  I just want to be a successful senior and have a good life when I'm done here.  When I go out and drive standard down all the back roads, it gives me time to think and have my mind go free.  I think about anything that comes to mind, but the last thing all I think about is how beautiful all the scenery would look if I just slowed down.
Our Last Night

The stars glistened as we looked up, from what we could see through the missiles launching, the gun shots sounding, bullets flying four feet above our heads.  We stare straight off up into space, we blocked out the noise and just watched the lights sparkle and fly.  Gazing at the stars high up in the sky, everything stopped, and we said our good-byes....
Sudden Tragedy 

The swift, sharp shock ran down my back as the gazer struck me in the neck.  It was sudden, but almost expected.  As I fell to the ground slowly i heard a voice.  I couldn't understand, or hear who it was, but I knew he was mumbling something.  I woke in a daze.  He was running fast and swiftly as he carried me with him.  I couldn't speak, couldn't move,  couldn't do anything.  I felt as if I were paralized.


Don't Sleep In Class

As the girl looked around the twirling classroom, she spun around in a daze.  She looked as if the walls were melting, almost as if the ceiling was a mirror image of the sky.  A dark, cloudy, grey sky.  As the floor fell down, she's spinning, spinning down, down further, and further. BAM!  She hit the floor! She was shaking, shaking as if there was a powerful earthquake. The teacher walked by and yelled "WAKE UP!" and the girl nearly fell off her seat as she woke from the dream.


April 4, 2012

I dont even know.

This is just a flow of odd thoughts written down in a writing prompt. My mind confuses me sometimes...

All my life, i wanted a robotic unicorn. That would be cool. Where am i right now? I think im in the woods. Woods. Wood.. Wood... Wooooooood. Weird word, right? Woooooood!!! Am i tripping, i meant to say that backwards. I rock my hat backwards. Swag... Maybe im just going crazy. Haha, damn, thats one nice looking tree. Im gonna say hello to it. I mean, it has a face, so it'll probably reply to me. "Hey, hi mister!" It didnt reply. I think its because its a tree. This world is so full of colors. I love it. I wish i could eat colors. I'll bet red tastes like apples! Where is my robotic unicorn i was talking about? I want it and I want it NOW. Oh wait, im riding on it. THROUGH SPACE. Weeeeee, this is fun. There goes Jupiter! Hahahahaha. Then i woke up. Whoa, cool dream dude. Thats right. I used the generic dream ending. What up? 

Mr. Greene, The Kitten Saving Activist.

I used to be a kitten lover. But then I took a claw to the face.
I killed kittens every day. I tried so hard to figure out why I had such a burning hatred for kittens, but I lost many of my memories from my childhood. I decided to go to a hypnotist to her me uncover those hidden memories of the past. The hypnotist put me in a trance, and I found myself looking at a ten year old me, playing with a fluffy kitten. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Kittens! I was playing with a KITTEN!
Then I saw ten year old me chasing the kitten around the room, and saw myself grabbing the kitten's tail. With a shrill screech the kitten atacked my face.
Finally I found where my hate came from. I didn't hate kittens, I was afraid of them.
Now I dedicate my life to teaching high school students to write stories - and save the kittens.


Random writing to catch up with my missed posts.... Just warning you, I made this up on the spot so it might not be too, too great. But I hope you like =]

      The snow fell lightly from the grey clouds above. Each one, different and unique, with its own different meaning. I held out my hand and one fell into my palm. It melted before I could see the beauty of its short life.
      I let out a smoky breath as I sighed and looked around the empty white park. He was supposed to be here... I thought to myself as I sat on a cold bench. I tried to keep away the insecure feelings but I couldn't help it. What if he set me up? What if he tells everyone...does he think I'm crazy?
    A bark then snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked around. I didn't see anything, but then it began to wine and whimper. I jumped up, my heart pounding with worry as I took in the pained noises. I followed the sound with quick steps through the snow, going further into the park. The wines got louder and louder until I pushed through a few tress to a small clearing.
   The creature before me was no dog. It has almost as tall as me, its large fangs dripped with saliva, and horns protruded out of its face and skull. Its Black depths of its eyes caused a burning feeling in my chest.
      "Oh my god..what...?" I gasped, holding my hands over my mouth. My eyes were wide with confusion and fear. My instincts told me to run, but I was frozen, just like all those stupid woman in the horror movies I've watched.
      The creature let out a growl, my body shaking as it got closer. As its large paws touched and crushed the snow, it melted almost instantly. Its hot breath hit me, making me sweat. I felt death, I knew it was coming, but what do i do to stop this thing?
     Finally, when the beast began to crouch, I jumped into action. I bolted towards a large branch and picked it up. The creature charged and I spun to hit it over its head. It roared when it hit, shaking its head as it was slightly dazed. That was my chance. I ran, my breathing loud, my throat hurting from the fast intake of the cold air.
   "Help!" I screamed as I felt and heard the beasts pursuit. The sound of trees falling behind me and the shaking of the earth.
   I saw a figure a few yards away from me and I screamed again. When the person turned, I recognised him.
   "David run!" I screamed, running right into him, grabbing his arm and pulling him with me. But he wouldn't budge and I turned to look at him.
   "David co-" I stopped, my heart dropping as I took in his appearance. Black glossy horns came out of his head, his eyes as black as the beast that sat a few feet away. I gasped and was about to let out a scream but Davids hand flew up to my throat.
   "Now be a good girl and tell me were that winged man you saw is, and ill let you go unharmed." His smile was completely different from the kind one I remembered. The one I thought I could trust.
   "I don't know..." I lied, but I didn't fool him. His grip around my throat tightened and began to choke.
Sirens then echoed through the park and Davids face turned in a scowl.
  "Next time, you wont be so lucky, I will see you soon, and next time I wont be as nice!" David growled, before he and the beast turned into a black mist and disappeared. I collapsed, my body hitting the cold snow covered ground. Before I could ask myself what just happened, I saw a bright light and a figure walking towards me. I thought I saw wings, but as the figures got closer, I saw it was Police officers.
   "Your going to be all right..." One whispered. "Get an ambulance!" One yelled, and that was the last thing I heard before I fainted.

The Weeping Willow.

"It was never supposed to be this way," Lauren wrote.
"But I have no other choice."
Lauren then signed her name at the bottom of the paper she ripped out of her sketch notebook.
"Everyone forgets eventually. It's human nature. They won't think about me everyday," Lauren thought to herself as she grabbed her studded belt and fastened it on her jeans.
Lauren walked out of her decaying home and into the woods across the dirt road. Not a single ounce of sadness or fear was felt by her. She was ready. She was determined. Lauren walked through the woods for miles, until she found the secluded tree which she found refuge in.
Lauren took her newly sharpened pocket knife out of her sweatshirt pocket. She carved her name into the tree branch. It had rained the previous night, raindrops fell from the leaves of her tree. Her weeping willow tree. It was crying for her. Begging her not to leave.
"Don't cry, Willow." Lauren said as she laid her head against the tree trunk. "I will always love you, even when I am dead. I will die by your side, and my spirit will stay with you forever."
A leaf fell onto Lauren's lap as a goodbye present from her weeping willow tree.


I want to take one of the roads that stem from the place where creativity comes from.
I want to find my inspiration, I want to find myself again.
My mind is blank.
My eyes are void.
I search for creativity, but it is nowhere to be found.
So tired.
So tired.
I'm trying to stay afloat.
Just pleace don't let me go.
I can't do this by myself, I need you by my side to make it through this night.
I'm asleep even when my eyes are open.
I think about it, I worry, I plan.
I feel the sharp pains again.
If you are out there, I just want you to know that I love you even though you may be an imagination.
I will keep you safe until your time has come,
But I'm still so young.
What have I done?
Please stay with me, hold on tightly.
I'm doing everything I can to keep you here with me.
Let our hearts beat as one.
Another sharp pain,
And my mind goes blank.
Could this be my head playing tricks on me?
Are you real, or are you make believe?
I'm so scared.

Rest In Peace Gladys.

Briana trudged across the cemetery in search of salvation. She had always felt some strange form of connection with her grandmother, whom she had never met. She passed away many years ago. About 45 years ago her grandmother's short life had ended.
Briana's family had always felt a presence of Shelby, her grandmother, whenever Briana was around. They had the same features, both very Irish looking. Briana's great aunts told her they had the same quiet, reserved personality. And Briana was desperate to speak with her long lost grandmother.
Briana met the psychic she had previously spoke with next to Shelby's grave. A sense of serenity washed over Briana as she laid her piercing blue eyes upon her grandmother's tombstone.
The psychic smiled and said to Briana, "She is happy you are here. She has a lot to say to you."
A tear fell down Briana's pale freckled face as she finally felt at home. With a shy smile on Briana's face she sat beside Shelby's tombstone and traced her finger across her grandmother's name.

The Tears Of A Clown.

Every day we put on our costumes.
Some more rediculous than others.
Some cover their flaws with faces caked in makeup.
Other plaster on a fake smile to please the crowd.
We dedicate our lives trying to be who everyone else wants to see.
Put away your disguises.
Our purpose is not to accomidate.
Put your fake personalities away.
Live for yourself.
Let the tears fall.
They will not make you weak.
Wear them proudly.
Step outside the trends, embrace individuality.


The floor was an absolute fiasco, and I was glad. It's wa rm Friday night, and I decided to go clubbing in Boston with my friends. Soon after we arrived at the club, the guys from the "band" Blood On The Dancefloor showed up. They started to sing, which pissed everyone off because their "singing" sounds more like a dying cow.
"Your band sucks!" said a man on the side.
"Let's put blood on this dacefloor!!!" was yelled from the crowd.
Soon after everyone in the club began to attack BOTDF. They stabbed them, and they bled out on the dance floor.
Finally, Blood On The Dancefloor would never sing again.
It looks like the only blood on this dancefloor came from Blood On The Dancefloor themselves.
The End.

I Like Cats.

I like cats.
Why do cats chase rats?
Why do cats say meow?
Does anyone know how?
With their beautiful eyes,
It would be no suprise,
If they could stare right into your soul.
Every day cats and kittens are dying,
Which makes me feel like crying.
Because I like cats.
They are so soft and fluffy,
And very cuddly.
Kittens are so cute!
We have to save kittens every day,
So please, for the kitten's sake,
Please share you writing!
So now more kittens and cats will be dying.

I Hate Selling Coupon Cards

Rejection. Door after door slamming in my face has taken a tole on me. I take a seat in the cold, damp grass along the sidewalk and rethink my methods. What have I been doing wrong? Do people just not like me? Why can't I sell these stupid cards?
The streetlamp above me flickers and I spot a showdy figure crossing the street towards me. I get up, preparing for a fight when I see an older, shrivled looking woman approach me.
"Are you selling coupon cards?" The woman asks in a raspy voice. I stare at her and nod. "How many more do you need to sell?"
"Okay, I'll make you a deal. If I buy those twenty cards off of you, you have to help me out from now on." She looks at me with a certainty that worries me and I consider for a moment.
It's just an old lady, she doesn't know where I live so how can she ask for help if she needs it? How is she going to pay for the cards? I do really need to sell these though...
"Alright, I'll help you." Out of her pocket she pulls out four crisp, hundred dollar bills and I stare in shock. She pushes them into my hand and I take them in exchange for the rubber band bound stack of coupons.
"Help me across the street and that's all for tonight" she says. I comply and when we get across the street she smiles. "I'll be around."

April 3, 2012

The Doctor and The Spaceman

The Doctor ran all the way to the Tardis. Amy was standing in the door calling him to hurry. He was almost there and the spaceman was hot on his heels. He was the doctor; he shouldn’t be running away. Amy was adamant he not come in contact with this being; she had cried while begging him not to go after it and Amy Pond was not one to cry. He was reluctant but agreed, but the spaceman had found HIM. He was curious how he had done it; no one came to the doctor, he came to you.

            As he ran he came up with a plan. It wasn’t a good plan but why change things when they work so well. He made it and ran into the Tardis. He set his course for March 16, 2012 in Nashua NH, USA Earth. Where better to hide than in plain sight?

The Last Man

The last man

            The last man on earth sat alone and contemplated suicide; suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was the girl from his biology 101 class Riah. Chris couldn’t believe it. He was sure he was the last man on earth alive. How had she survived? Then he thought how had she known he was alive? As he stared at her in surprise she smiled and said “Hey”. Like it was just any other day and she was coming over to hang out. All he could do was stare at her stupidly.

            “Can I come in?” he moved aside to give her just enough room to slip inside. As she entered he closed the door. He finally was able to squeeze out “How did you know?”. That’s when she told him about her wish. She had wished that her and Chris were the last two people on Earth and it had worked.

March 30, 2012

my last 20 dollars

the top 12 things i would buy with my last 20 dollars would be:
1. $10 in gas for my car
2: $1.50 for biscoff coffee cookies
3. .50 for lined p[aper for my binder
4. $3.00  for nail polish
5. $2.50 for school lunch
6. $2.50 for the schools second lunch
7. Well i quess now im broke, i have no more money. This proves on how bad i am with money. This is why i never have 20 dollars on me. If anyone is out there, please no one lend me money, because you wont get it back. :)

Unnamed song

Song ive been working on for my band. its no where near done and ill no doubt be revising it and what not.
let me know what you think in the meantime though :)

Hello old friend we meet again
the time and place was right
Ive been gone for a while
but here i am again
for sore eyes you're a sight
Oh, ive been hiding away until the day
you came and brought me out of my grave
think of all we could have saved and
my slumber ends now, my slumber ends now

The wall
is lying in ruins
and were here now again
all ive ever lost
has returned to me again
returned to me again

... Thats all i got so far.


Please excuse the lame-ness that is this writing prompt. I didn't have anything too fantastic to post this time around.

The boy sits across from me, shaking like a leaf and playing nervously with his headphones. He looks at me every so often from beneath his long brown hair, but he hasn’t spoken a word. It amazes me how scared he looks. I sip my water, not sure what to do.
“Hey,” I finally said. He shifts his eyes from his Zune to my face, and I notice that his lip is pierced as he bites it anxiously. I screw the cap back on my water bottle. “You wanna take a walk?”
He nods slowly and watches me as I get up from the lunch table. I motion him to follow me out of the cafeteria, and we begin to wander aimlessly through the yellow hallways. The students are staring at us with open mouths, too focused on what the new girl is doing with this boy than their sandwiches and apples. I pretend not to notice them, but I can tell that he doesn’t like the attention. He twirls his headphones with his long, slender fingers, still shaking.
“How are you?” I ask him, trying to break the ice.
“I’m okay, you?”
I sigh, looking at the girls sitting in hall. “I feel like a praying mantis.”
He laughs a little. “Why?”
“I don’t know,” I said. “Everyone here is so attractive and then…there’s me. A praying mantis.”
He pulls his headphones out of his ears and wraps them around his Zune. “Are you kidding me?”
“Does it look like I’m kidding?”
He smiles a little and shifts his eyes to his black Converse. “You’re far from a praying mantis.”
“What do you mean?” We stop by the lockers, and he leans against them.
“What I mean,” he clears his throat. “What I mean is that…I think you’re really pretty.” He looks away from me again and I’m startled. No one has ever told me that before, and I didn’t expect someone as shy as him to say that.
I open my mouth to thank him, but the bell interrupts me. He’s still not making eye contact with me, but I can see him smiling.
“I’ll see you later,” I said.
“Where are you going?”
“Class…Where else would I be going?”
He shrugs. “I thought you’d want to go to Jamba Juice with me.”
“Lunch is over,” I said. “Didn’t you hear the bell?”
“I can’t skip class to hang out with you,” I tell him.
“Well,” he puts his earphones back in his ears. “A guy can dream, can’t he?”

Me too...

Me too...
Refreshing words
like a breeze
like a wave
like a lake
on a sunny day
fog fades
clear blue sky
pure blue open
crayons like sceptars
draw on the walls
walls collaps
opening the horizon
a flood of life giving rain
a flood of ideas
a tidal wave
clear as the wind in spring
stars dance like children
black night sky inviting
soft grass underneath
back to the beginning
the roots stem from the strong trunk
hello my friend

Guardian of Hell

Free Friday writing, really liked this idea, what do you think?

       The streets of London were empty. It was midnight. The cement side walks and road glittered from the rain that stopped only moments ago.
       I closed my umbrella and put my other hand in my brown trench coat. My fingers grazing the gun that was hidden there.
      I smelt it first, the foul iron smell with a hint of death. Then I saw the creature, its gray slimy arms reaching out of the dark alleyway across the street. It was a Demon, and a fairly larger one than I'm use to.
     When it got further out, I saw it better. It had no eyes, but large nostrils perched on its head. A large gaping mouth, with razor sharp teeth, dripped with saliva as it was sensing for me. I only had a matter of seconds, before it let out a terrifying screech and charged me, to take out my gun.
    I took a few shots, my gun letting out loud bangs, hitting the creature in the chest and arms. Black blood oozed out of its new wounds, but the creature wasn't dead yet.
   Its arms swung out to catch me, but it hit a stone wall, were I had been only moments ago. This disoriented the creature, and that was my chance. I lifted my gun, pointed at its head, and shot a bullet into its skull. The demon collapsed, letting out a guttural cry before lying still. Its black blood staining the side walk.
   I was panting, my heart racing, but that was normal. I knew the consequences of taking this job, but i had to keep the innocent safe. I wasn't able to save my family, but i wont allow others the same fate. I am David Silver, and this is my daily life as the Gguardian of Hell.

March 24, 2012

It Was Never Supposed To Be Like This...

As she wrapped her arms around me and begged me to do it, I realized what had to be done. Her sobbing was heartbreaking.
            “It was never supposed to be like this,” she said through tears, her breathing broken and staggered.
            “But there was no other choice.” I finally said in a whisper. I cocked the gun and put it to her head. “I love you, Blair,” I said with a quivering voice.
She held me tighter, and wrapped her hand around mine on the revolver. She squeezed my hand and pulled the trigger. My ears rang violently as I felt her grip go limp.