April 20, 2012


As we lay there in the baseball feild, gazing up at the stars, the big old grandfather clock struck 12.  " I gotta go!!"  I said as I got up and staarted to run.  "we should do this again sometimes? yes?"  As i ran down my street i could still hear the clock chims.  Two more chimes and i had to be home.  I pikced up my speed and ran as fast as i could to my front porch into my house.  I made it in just as the clock had its 12th chime.  When i walked inside i was all out of breath.  As I pant for air to get  in my lungs, my dad asks, "Why are you just getting in?"  "Its 12. You said no later than 12. Im here, its 12. goodnight."

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