April 4, 2012

The Weeping Willow.

"It was never supposed to be this way," Lauren wrote.
"But I have no other choice."
Lauren then signed her name at the bottom of the paper she ripped out of her sketch notebook.
"Everyone forgets eventually. It's human nature. They won't think about me everyday," Lauren thought to herself as she grabbed her studded belt and fastened it on her jeans.
Lauren walked out of her decaying home and into the woods across the dirt road. Not a single ounce of sadness or fear was felt by her. She was ready. She was determined. Lauren walked through the woods for miles, until she found the secluded tree which she found refuge in.
Lauren took her newly sharpened pocket knife out of her sweatshirt pocket. She carved her name into the tree branch. It had rained the previous night, raindrops fell from the leaves of her tree. Her weeping willow tree. It was crying for her. Begging her not to leave.
"Don't cry, Willow." Lauren said as she laid her head against the tree trunk. "I will always love you, even when I am dead. I will die by your side, and my spirit will stay with you forever."
A leaf fell onto Lauren's lap as a goodbye present from her weeping willow tree.

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