April 6, 2012


Free Friday writing, hope you like, tell me what you think...

      The dull ache of my face woke me. I felt like I hit something very hard. My eyes scanned the dark bedroom with confusion. Where am I? I wondered, trying to lean forward. I gasped a tight burning pain around my wrists and ankles. I looked down and saw that I was in restraints. My body began to shake with fear and confusion.
     How did I get here? What is happening? The last thing I could remember was walking out to the busy street of new york so I could walk to the post office. It was my grandmothers birthday in a few days and all I wanted to do was send a gift to her.
    The bedroom , I noticed, wasn't modern at all. The room was decorated with dark wood furniture, large detailed rug and log curtains that draped in front of a window. Even the bed had four posters and the blankets looked nothing like what you could get at any store in this century.
   The door on the far right of the room then creaked slowly open. My heart raced with panic and fear as I looked through the darkness. A hooded figure then entered, the persons face and body covered. I wanted to scream but I couldn't even find my voice.
   The person walked slowly towards me until they loomed over me. I still couldn't see any features of my captor.
      "Get a-away from me!" I stuttered.
        The persons hand then reached up and hovered over my face. Its claws pointed down on me and all I could see were odd swirling markings on the palm,
      "No! Leave me alone!" I struggled futilely through my restraints. The hooded figures markings then began to glow a bright red light.
       He started speaking a language I had never heard of before  "Vos mich an rach toll efara zash mif..." Then his suddenly, red orbs shined in the darkness of his hood and I felt as if something was being taken from me. My body felt weaker and weaker through each fast beat of my heart until I was no more. My body was gone, and I didn't exist anymore....

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