April 19, 2012

The Phantom Drift

     Collin drove down the road at a speedy pace, passing anybody in his way. His speedometer read 92mph and was climbing steadily. The highway stretch on old Interstate 97 held four lanes of traffic; sectioned off in the middle by a thick line of Jersey barriers. Collin's head bobbed to the bass-thumping music that poured from his speakers and flooded his car, He didn't care for the 55mph speed limit on the winding road; his style was more like 102 steadily. As he reached his perfect speed, he let off the gas and set the car to cruise control. An engine revved beside him and he took it as a challenge. He revved his own engine which growled and purred much louder than the one he heard. He checked his mirrors and couldn't see any sign of another car in the dark abysmal nothingness in his rear view. He was so far ahead of the other cars. But then he heard it again; this time it sped past him. Collin applied his gas and soared even faster, breaking 120mph. He heard and engine scream loudly as if it were right on top of him as he drifted around a narrow corner. He saw a translucent, white car enter his lane and he freaked out. He jerked the wheel to the left to prevent being hit, but he swerved and drifted sideways, right into a tree, causing the car to wrap around it. Colin was dead, and the Phantom Drift has struck again...

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