April 19, 2012

Bed Time

Starla laid in bed with a white sheet delicately censoring her body where she needed it to, leaving the rest of her skin bare and begging to be cooled off by the passing breeze. Her long, red hair was tied up sloppily, giving her neck a break from her heavy locks, yet still inducing a headache. Maybe it was the heat that was making her feel this way. Her slender limbs were sprawled in different directions as she lightly panted due to the humidity. The wet face cloth on her forehead had gotten feverishly hot from the exposure to her body temperature. She took slow, shallow breaths, causing her chest to heave minimally. With her shades drawn and her curtains pinned open, Starla wished for a breeze to sweep her off of her conscious feet and into a world of sleepy dreams.

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