April 13, 2012

Sally The Dog

After seeing the pictures Mr. Greene showed us, I decided to make a story about him, hope ya like =]

      The trash filled alleyway made my escape difficult. My paws clattered and scraped the cold, hard ground. I wined in pain as I ran. My ears sent shooting pain through my body because of what the kids did to me. They weren't that far behind me.
     "Come here mutt! Were not done with you yet!" One yelled as the others cheered.
     My chest heaved as I turned the corner, running through many cloaked humans. Some yelled and kicked me heartlessly, but I still managed to escape.
     Its a hard life as a dog in these parts, my mom always said. Soon after she told me that, the humans found our home and killed her.
     I collapsed, shaking under a very rusty car, the dry air pummeling me with its gusts. Blood dripped down my face and muzzle, the pain still intense. My eyes shot to my left as I saw a pale figure heading in my direction. I was too tired to run anymore as I watched the human female get closer. I figured that this was my end, but I was soon surprised.
    She carefully took me into her warm arms. I was shaking uncontrollably and she seemed to notice. "Its alright, I wont hurt you..." She whispered softly.
    When she took me home, she gave me a life I never thought I would have. Food in my tummy, love, she even healed my ears and gave me a home. This is my beginning to a happy life.

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