April 4, 2012


I want to take one of the roads that stem from the place where creativity comes from.
I want to find my inspiration, I want to find myself again.
My mind is blank.
My eyes are void.
I search for creativity, but it is nowhere to be found.
So tired.
So tired.
I'm trying to stay afloat.
Just pleace don't let me go.
I can't do this by myself, I need you by my side to make it through this night.
I'm asleep even when my eyes are open.
I think about it, I worry, I plan.
I feel the sharp pains again.
If you are out there, I just want you to know that I love you even though you may be an imagination.
I will keep you safe until your time has come,
But I'm still so young.
What have I done?
Please stay with me, hold on tightly.
I'm doing everything I can to keep you here with me.
Let our hearts beat as one.
Another sharp pain,
And my mind goes blank.
Could this be my head playing tricks on me?
Are you real, or are you make believe?
I'm so scared.

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