April 6, 2012

Partial Chapter in The Change

Chapter 2: The Princess

I didn’t know a family could be this wonderful I always thought. Now I think could this family get any better.
I wake up and crawl out of bed. I stretch and go downstairs. Jenny is holding Percy on the couch, him asleep in her arms. “Hey, good morning.”  I say to her.
“Good morning Nick. How are you?” She asks.
“I am quite delightful and how are you my dearest?” I ask putting my arm around her.
“I’m good.” She says. I put Percy in his bed then pull Jenny on top of me. I kiss her neck lightly then I hear something at the front door, then a knock. I put Jenny on the couch then say to keep quiet. I go to the front door silently and peek out the hole in the door. It’s the police.
I open the door and ask, “What is it?”
“We have been notified about two teenagers living here who are not of age and decided to check it out.”
“Well we are not of age but our parents have consent to us living here alone.” I say lying.
“Where do your parents live might I ask? If you do not mind telling me.” The shorter cop asks.
“Yes of course.” I tell them fake addresses and they leave. I walk into the living room and tell Jenny we have to move.
“Why what happened?” she asks grabbing some stuff.
“It’s just someone telling the cops about how we are underage to be living alone.” I say.
 We grab some stuff then I transform and have her hold on to the stuff and Percy while I carry them on my back. I run until I can’t anymore then turn back to myself. I hunt down some squirrels and a deer. We cook them up and keep the fire lit. She puts up the tent and puts Percy to bed.
She comes back out and lies beside me. We fall asleep there and I dream of Wolves fighting one another, their teeth and claws digging into flesh and ripping it apart. After all the fighting’s over a white wolf comes forth as victor. He howls with the wind and the tune was beautiful. The same tune as Jenny did her first transformation.
I wake up jumping a few feet up. I hit my head on a tree limb and it snaps. Blood drips down my face so I grab my t-shirt and wipe it away. I tie a shred of cloth around my forehead to subdue the bleeding. Jenny is sitting by what was the fire giggling. I turn toward her then jump. She screams a little then laughs. I hold her close then close my eyes.
I take in this moment everything was perfect, everything was exactly how I’ve always wanted it, but now that’s done and we have to start over again. We grab our stuff cover then fire, and then leave again. Percy was still asleep so he was quiet on the way.
I didn’t know where exactly I was going but I didn’t care as long as it was safe for Percy and for Jenny. I come across something that catches my eye. It was something silver so I stop and take a look. It’s some kind of rock shaped piece of metal. “Is everything ok Nick?”
I turn toward where we were going then start running again. What was that? I think. It was very peculiar. I clear my mind then continue running. We end up at a small city in Alabama named Wetumpka. I remember a few years ago I lived here. My best friend lived here. I wonder if he still does. Jenny gets off and I buy a house off someone with the money I stole years ago.
I show her where the house is and then tell them I will be back a little later. I run through Montgomery to Eclectic and run to where my friend used to live. I knock on the door and Tj’s mom answered. She was happy to see me and invited me in. I asked her if Tj was here and she said he was asleep in his room.
I walk back to Tj’s room and walk in. I wake him up and he yells, “Nick it’s so good to see you, it’s been so long bro!”
“Yes it has Tj and I have come to ask a favor of you.”
“Dude you know I would do anything for you.” He says.
“Good. We are going to have to sneak out tonight and go to my new house here.” I tell him.
“You live here again Nick?”
“Yeah sort of.” I say then open his bedroom window. I jump out and he follows behind. I run to the woods not far and wait for him there. When he is there I tell him everything that has happened so far.
He takes it in for awhile then says, “Nick you are my best friend and I will follow you as a person and a werewolf.”
I smile and then bite him. He falls to the ground in pain and groans as the pain grows. I grab him and carry him over my shoulder to my house. “Jenny this is Tj he will be staying with us. He is in Pain right now because I am turning him. It should be done in a few days.” I say to her.
“It’s okay Nick he can live with us if you know him that well.” She says. I take him upstairs and lay out some covers for him. I put him down then leave him for the day. I walk downstairs and lay on the couch beside Jenny. Percy is on the floor playing with some of his toys. I fall asleep on the couch beside her and dream about the rock I saw on the way here. I see Tj with a girl. She is about our age of sixteen and blonde. Blue eyes look at Tj with such warmth that it looks to me that they are in love.
I wake up slowly and notice my head is in Jenny’s lap. I smile and look up at her still sleeping. I get up and then grab a paper and pen. I write on it; Jenny do not worry I will be back, I am going to look at something then coming straight back. Take care of Percy and Tj and also I will bring some groceries back with me.
I put it on the fridge and then leave for the place where the object was. When I get there it is gone from the place it was. In its place is a small wolf lying on the ground. I jump down to it and pick it up. I carry it up and out and then it wakes up. It sees me and then goes to sleep again. I run to town again and put it down in a bush carefully concealing it.
I run in a grocery store grab food and medicine for my family and the wolf. I grab the wolf and run home. When I get there I walk inside to find Jenny on the couch playing with Percy. I put the wolf on the table and put the groceries up. After that I grab a piece of meat and put it on a plate beside the wolf.
“Is that a wolf Nick?” Jenny asks.
“Yeah I couldn’t leave it to die there. It was lying on the ground as if it was hurt.” I tell her about what I saw that day, and then the wolf wakes up. It stands up on the table and eats the meat. Tj walks down to say hey to everyone and just as he does the wolf turns into a ball of light. Out of the ball of light appears a girl. The same girl in fact that was in my dream with Tj.
I watch amazed as she looks at Tj and says, “Help me, please.” Then falls to the ground passed out.
“We have to help her Nick please let me help her at least.” Tj pleads.
“Yeah we will help her.” I say worried of what happened to her. I begin looking at her to see if I can find out what’s wrong. I see nothing physical wrong with her so I presume it is just exhaustion. “It’s peculiar truthfully.” I say aloud.
“What is peculiar?” Jenny and Tj ask at the same time.
“That I found her where that metal rock was, and that she can transform to a wolf, and that the rock thing was completely gone.

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