April 4, 2012

Mr. Greene, The Kitten Saving Activist.

I used to be a kitten lover. But then I took a claw to the face.
I killed kittens every day. I tried so hard to figure out why I had such a burning hatred for kittens, but I lost many of my memories from my childhood. I decided to go to a hypnotist to her me uncover those hidden memories of the past. The hypnotist put me in a trance, and I found myself looking at a ten year old me, playing with a fluffy kitten. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Kittens! I was playing with a KITTEN!
Then I saw ten year old me chasing the kitten around the room, and saw myself grabbing the kitten's tail. With a shrill screech the kitten atacked my face.
Finally I found where my hate came from. I didn't hate kittens, I was afraid of them.
Now I dedicate my life to teaching high school students to write stories - and save the kittens.

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