May 31, 2011


Once was a cat who knows where it's at;
the mouse was hidden under the mat;
the cat ran to the mouse,
in the door of the house;
now in his vision are lines of bats

Part of Song of Myself

I celebrate myself,
and all the accomplishes I've had.
I know that I'm not perfect,
but who is?
I am happy for who I am,
who I have become.
The world maybe ever changing,
but I hope to remain the same.
Mistakes have been made,
and feelings have been hurt.

Part of Howl

I saw the minds in my generation...
The world I live in can be a scary place,
for everyone seems to be in a race.
They seem to be ruining the meaning of creation.
Some people don't know the difference between right and wrong;
the list would be far too long.
There are the kids who will run away,
and the parents who don't care if they stay.
There is alcohol, sex, and drugs.
What happened to people just wanting hugs?

Howl 2011

Part of my howl -

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed with greed,
Salivating at the thought of technological advances that ease the labor of life,
Idolizing the attention-starved juggernauts that became more revered than the meek,
Bleak we appear, and freaks we sear at the drop of their emotional expression,
Accepting less than what’s possible,
The laughter soon becomes legend to the mind,
while the spirit died simply from the fabrics stitched into our minds with television,
coaxed with tragedy and sorrow to keep us unsure and make us double lock our doors.
We’re short-handed with self-esteem and branded with selfish secrets.
Inconsiderate and illiterate to honesty, we honestly choose to ruin our minds,
why and at what cost?
Why is the top of the of the class given the privilege of a speech
Than the artist who creates a piece based off the race to peace of mind from the beguiling haze of their nightmares or halcyon days.
The politicians pocket their income and disregard our words,
We are slurred in our speech,
and if we reach out we can breach the walls they fortified in our name,
while we’re diverted with fame and fortune,
but it works and almost at a much too perfect pace – life is now a race,
who makes more money, who has the car, and the most expensive home
No longer demure and beyond the procure of ourselves,
weaving fables of depression and stuck in a lugubrious meander,
that narrates our life, why and at what cost? Our happiness and tranquility is lost.
Proclaiming our independence, while we stab ourselves in the heart,
a walking contradiction, and talking in predictions spawned from gluttony


You. Come over here.
Pick me up. Pick me up and throw me around.
Get off the couch. Lazy.
Come play with me.
Toss me around.
Remember when you and your buddies used to take me to the part.
Let's go. Call them up.
Tell them to bring their gloves. Hurry up.
Look at the weather.
It's perfect. Beautiful.
Perfect weather for a game.
Just a slight breeze.
Think about how far I'll go.
Just pick me up.
Hold me in your hand.
Play with me. Throw me up down, around.
I don't care, just play with me.

Part of Howl

Howl 2011
I saw the best minds of my generation,
Getting stricken down by society.
Everyday people are pressured,
Whether it’s school or sports,
Or booze and drugs.
Kids are taught to follow the norm,
Instead of following their own path.
I’ve watched my cousin grow into a young adult,
Who doesn’t respect her parents or those who are different.
She expects everything to be handed to her on a silver platter.
What happened to earning the things you wanted?
What happened to accepting everyone for who they are?
I’m afraid she is a lost cause.
I hope I am wrong.
Song of Myself
By Dani Arpin
I celebrate myself,
Who I have become,
And who I will be.
I take the advice of James Dean, who said,
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”
I try to make every day a new adventure.
I do not regret any of my choices in life.
I trust my family and friends completely.
They are a part of me, and without them I’d be nothing.

I find myself constantly wondering,
Why was I blessed with such a great life?
I have no worries or fears,
While others live in constant fear of dying.

I have never really feared death.
What I fear is not living.
Life is too short
How are you able to experience everything?
There are so many places I want to go,
So many new things to learn,
More books to read,
More stories to be told,
More friends to make.

Life used to be so much easier.
There were no hard decisions to make,
Nothing to fret about besides homework.

Now, everybody’s leaving,
But I’m staying.
I am not a fan of change,
Especially a change that’s so big.
I’m worried that I will lose touch with everyone I love,
That everyone will move on,
And I’ll be in the same place.

I am most afraid of being alone in the world,
Only being remembered by a few,
And 50 years after I die,
No one will even remember my name.

For now I will stay in the present,
Trying to live everyday to its fullest.
No regrets.
Masking the fear.

Resistance noise

I cannot stand all of this instant music
This stuff is Foul the higher ups is to blame
Flash flood casualties really make me sick

Sudden, Quick, Deadly, people it tries to aim
Stop, watch, Protest before the World is flooded
Can’t you see that people drown, have you no shame

I try not to see, I pace around Hooded
I look up I look down I try to Ignore
Creative pond now swampy and it shouldn’t

I can hear the noise slamming hard at the Door
Decipher what it is, you can check the date
Tidal waves crashing, the house is now the shore

Now don’t get me wrong this is not reckless hate
Slave to the noise they heard us like them cow
Open the gate and let us people Create

Instant music the world is flooded but how
Diet music Diluted taste ruins minds
Resistant Music it’s too late to act now


Zoom goes another

Boom the goes the paint

Fume is all you can smell

Doom is the feint

Small dots everywhere

Balls are rover

Fall like the leaves

Call it game over

May 30, 2011


Go ahead; let it rain on my parade
Sometimes happiness can be a crusade
I’ll wear my smile and I won’t be swayed

My smile might start as a masquerade
But it will not always be a charade
Go ahead; let it rain on my parade

Bring Armageddon to my palisade
I’m geared up and ready for the grenades
I’ll wear my smile and I won’t be swayed

Ain’t no trouble that can break my blockade
I can brush them off my shoulder blade
Go ahead; let it rain on my parade

My serenity makes me unafraid
Sunlight dawns through even the darkest shade
I’ll wear my smile and I won’t be swayed

Life gives me lemons, I make lemonade
Go ahead; let it rain on my parade
I’ll wear my smile and I won’t be swayed

May 27, 2011

Personification Slam (Recliner chair)

Oh, gosh…You again?
You really have been wearing me out lately.
You and your laziness…I’m fading away.
It’s all your fault. Yes, you…
You plop down on top of me every evening,
After you’ve “had a long day”
A long day doing what? Planning how you’d like to abuse me tonight?
Plop down, or maybe jump? It’s never gentle, with you.
Oh, I know…Tonight you want to fling out my recliner, and kick up your feet, right?
That hurts, you know.
Whatever, but here’s the deal…No chips tonight. I’m tired of the crumbs.
They get stuck near my arms, and you don’t even bother to clean it.
Oh, great. Did you just snore?
Passing out already? Come on…
I need to move out.

Is the bitterness in the recliner chair's personality? (no matter how strange that may sound)

A Katie C

A sunny day no one could miss
And then just like that the rain came on
Rain was my one true nemesis
The rain had now covered the lawn
And soon it would be halcyon
This rain made me lugubrious
It even made me give a yawn

any thoughts?

Ode to Bobble Heads

An angry wife
She hates you,
She'll do all she can to prove you are wrong
Screaming arguing
Just get a divorce already
Oh wait, you're Catholic
Red faced
Veins popping out of forehead
There's no sex after your fights
What is this world coming to?
You never come home when it's that time of the month
Just sit in a hotel room
Wondering where it all went wrong
She's not even hot...

Go to the store to get some toothpaste
And there they are!
Small cartoonish
Figures standing on a rectangular platform
Oversized head supported by a spring
Buy one, seven dollars
Ask this woman a question
No answer
Better already!
Poke her head
The force send it backwards
The spring pulls it back
A never changing motion
She's nodding!
She agrees with you!
Ask her any question at all
Poke her head
And she says yes
Want to see Fast Five?
Should I get a divorce?
Forever the percent companion
Never does she complain,
Or tell you what she wants,
She just listens
And tells you you are right

Ballad (well, part of it)

There was a girl, just five years old.
Her heart had quickly turned cold.
Partly caused by her parents’ fights,
But mainly their decision to divorce that night.

She thought that life wouldn’t be normal anymore,
After her Dad walked out that door.
Avoidance, except in the court room.
And then again, laid their doom.

They pretended to stay friends, for their daughter’s sake.
But even at age 6, she could tell that it was fake.
The custody war went on for years,
But Dad couldn’t win, had too many beers.

On her 7th birthday she wished,
Just before the cake was dished.
Shortly after, she realized her wish was surreal.
When Dad’s new girlfriend came, and sealed the deal.

Set up by her mom’s mother.
Her mom went off and found another.
Dad’s lasted, 9 years later; Mom’s didn’t work out.
Expected though, because of doubt.

Does this meet the form of a ballad?

ode to the puppet

a cover up of life's boundaries,
breaking the impossible
telling stories
only good enough to truth by book.
A fiction at its finest act
taking form of its holder
who fits into a better world
dancing on the other side of puddles
leaking through seeled cracks

Oh how the ear dictates
and listens to its speech
the pitch, the words
as wanted.
A friend who sits with planted feet
ready to do, ready to be
anything one makes of thee

It's another Haiku about cats

It's still summertime
And this poem is about cats
Stop looking so bored.

Do you get what it's about? Ha ha.

Ode To Norman Combo

When you're diagramming sentences,
We know what a hell that is,
Or when you make podcasts,
Persuasive essays, PowerPoints,
How to ballroom dance papers,
Ballads for World Studies,
Paper pirate hats
Of red construction paper,
Norman Combo is there to keep you company.

When you're tired,
Bored, stressed out,
Experiencing writer's block,
Annoyed with Keith,
Or you forget your iPod,
Norman Combo is there to distract you.

When you're deemed a hellion,
When your seat is moved
For no clear reason
And you have to roll across the aisle
To talk to your friends,
Proofread, edit, or
Find out what the English homework was,
Normal Combo is there for
The whole journey.

When you have to perform strange tasks,
Like waltz with your friends,
Or make a podcast
About diagramming sentences
With a kid you haven't spoken to
Since the seventh grade,
Or write about fanfiction,
Or you find out your teacher
Has a bag of handkerchiefs
Readily available,
Or you have to read about
Or you have gym next quarter
Chef Norman Combo
Is there for you.

Does this present Norman in a good light?

This gum tastes awful

It's supposed to be minty
but it tastes more or less
like the left cheek pants pocket
of the girl that handed it to me

my sonnet

The time is hard here, for you and I love
With flesh and blood, death has won many tonight
I look to the sky and see a red dove
Red from fire, it shines, burning bright

Oh what a horrid sight, the pain of truth
I reach out my hands to stop the horrors
Everyone looks for the fountain of youth
To find the cure for all the Explorers

Death for me has not come yet, fear it’s self
I wish for help form near and far tonight
If only I had some help from an elf
Whiting for some weird light so huge and bright

The way I see the world fall in my grasps
Wish I was with you instead of here
With my last breath and a voice that sounds rasps
Thanks for listening and lending an ear


Winter Haiku

Freezing cold weather
White soft snow, covers the streets
Snow day, no school. Yes.

Thoughts on it?

May 26, 2011

hard hits on walking brick walls, stone in their darkened sight of agression and sublimed hobby
fueling Sundays of harry, beer-bellied drunked dads
not unlikely one of whom beets his helpless wife
for a dominance craved like dog on territory
smacking baterred proof on his bitch’s face
but tied remains her rescue, rope-burned ever so coincidentally only under every clothed place

too harsh?


digressing by a fault at its own means
I’ve seen the best minds of my generation thrown aside
for the wrongs of who they or the problem children they’ve made,
for being one who strays from Barbie’s way or dwindles the line dividing criminal from sane.
intention has turned into corrupted minds, so helpless in their bared cells of avoidance,
of shrunken privilege placed in cluster like the dead
empty of the correctional facilitation claimed on sign
dropped where society doesn’t have to confront a problem’s head,
doesn’t have to magnify the variables held on stilts of poor backgrounds
that reek of blows to the body and venom seeping by a piercing injection to the mind,
of neglect and manless one-showed households,
of pressure by the scentless gases of competition bonds that have clogged our senses
only to inhale fire, to breath out flame,
of weightless pockets and stolen bank-accounted identities
of imbalanced role models whose impressions diverge their children into nurture’s trenches

Modern Sonnet

Fat cat joinin Weight Watchers

I'm pretty much ingenius.

Another Haiku

It's still summertime
And this poem is about cats
Stop looking so bored

It's a Haiku.

Rain falls on windows
As the fat cat eats pickles
That's a little weird

Don't let your cat eat pickles. It's irresponsible in the extreme.

part of Howl

young minds incapable of thinking or communicating in coherent thought
technology sucks up the energy of physical, moving being, drains dead the battery running his double-A’d interaction, using it for a electricity supply to a screen
that makes more eye contact with you than you do your own mother
and knows your lewd habits which she’s fooled to perceive as Amtracks to endless knowledge

screw away any problem by birthing more oil to a hearth fire
that only burns away tickets of purchase, thus every corner of any road, even abandoned by shops or people or demand, or supply, money rows a boat that will rape a river dry
so here, we drown in shiny, brightly-painted cars, buckled in by a seat belt
unwilling to unfasten, tugging at our chest until this turns to the world the body has left

Does this make sense?

May 25, 2011


It started when Robert punched Lou
While yelling, "I never like you!"
They got into a fight
And I witnessed their plight
Then yelled, "I hate both of you, too!"

Last year, Beth wished for a boyfriend
Because that was the teenage trend
In pursuit of her man,
She peered in a trash can
And in there she met her end

A Few Haikus

Freeze often, laptop
Anger Mr. Greene further
Make the class happy

Bloom faster, flowers
Spread around your pollen quick
Give Greene allergies

The sun shining out
But Greg's watching anime
That Greg is a dork

Halloween alone
Scritching of pen on paper
Shannah writes of cats

A Shakespearian Sonnet

The creature calmly strode into the room
His brown hair standing, blue eyes flashing 'round
A room that was quiet as a tomb
In there, even crickets made no sound

He hunkers 'round the room with lethal eyes
Always making sure to close the door
To muffle the sounds of his victims' cries
May their shouts ring out forevermore

One day I know a hero will come here
Someday the hero will destroy the beast
You may ask why I do naught but cheer
I could slay it myself, at the very least

But I say, it's hard to slay the creature
When he happens to be your teacher

May 22, 2011


There was once a small man in a shoe
The shoe was nice for it was brand new
It did not smell or reek
Then it was bought that week
The little man's shoe now smells like poo.

Any thoughts?

May 21, 2011

Extended Metaphor

Fingers glide down the smooth, cool wire
As the cage creaks lightly
Its occupant is startled awake
With a soft chirp.
Slowly, black eyes blink in a gray face
Swiveling on a gray neck.
Gray feathers ruffle, gray wings outstretch
Before falling back into stillness.
Fingers poke through the wires
Running over the dull plumage.
The occupant gives no reaction,
Stares blankly into its empty water dish.
Another groan of metal startles it.
Charcoal gaze fixes on the door, now open.
A hand does not enter.
Nothing given, nothing taken.
Just opportunity.
An impulse jerks the creature to its feet.
Wings flutter as if knowing what they'd have to do.
Thin gray legs hop through the opening,
Landing perched on the windowsill.
The air is sweet.
It tastes of bread from the bakery down the street,
Of flowers, crisp and cool.
With one last glance at the only home
The creature had ever known,
It leaped, wings stretched outward
Falling before instinct took over
And wings remembered to flap.
As the creature flew off into the sky,
The sun gleamed off its coat.
A rainbow.

Can you tell what this is a metaphor for?

May 20, 2011

Modern Sonnet

I love Alan Rickman because he’s bomb
I could listen to his voice all day long
He’s like twenty years older than my mom
But if you don’t like him, you’re a ding dong

He looks pretty fly as Severus Snape
All dressed up in his billowing black cape
Wand in his hand storming down Hogwarts’ halls
Scaring students without any real cause

Rickman always plays the creepy bad guy
Ok there’s a couple of exceptions
Like the time he played a bald alien
Or in Dogma; he was a Seraphim

So different from his role as Rasputin
This ends my bizarre tribute to Alan

Shakespearen Sonnet

The sunny days have all faded away,
Each happy smile has quickly faded.
The children do not have the words to say,
All of them have been roughly sedated.

As each cold rain drop pours onto the ground,
They sit heavy heartedly and depressed.
Their parents have them listen to the sound,
Mom and Dad reassure not to be stressed.

The sun shines through the clouds as clear as day;
The mood of every boy and girl changes.
And in each puddle, the children may play.
New sets of clothes, a mother arranges.

Guns shoot off, effecting the families.
As each loses a member to bloodshed.

Season Haikus

Flowers in full bloom
Bees fly between the bushes
Watch out or they'll sting

Waves crash on the shore
Not one cloud in the blue sky
Perfect summer day

Apples hang from trees
Finally ripe for picking
Eat them all day long

Harsh winter wind blows
Frozen nose and chilly ears
Should have worn a coat

Moon Rental

Take the moon
and hold it in hand
don't let it go

only if you need to

use it as a flashlight, lantern
a sign of God's voice

Use it how you wish

But always remember to put it back each

Or else, what would we have
to kiss by?

Song About Myself- First 2 Stanzas

I celebrate myself within myself
I accept what I hear, but do what I believe
Exterior personalities excite me; I listen to what you tell
Imagination so broad, more than you’ll conceive
Proper and neat, but distinct and unique
A personality to treat, a treasure to meet
A smile to be found, at my low or my peak
Believe in my own, no reason to compete

Thoughts overtake me, but never defeat me
An idea is formed in a blink of an eye
I think ahead, sometimes further than I can see
Thinking is my resource, allow my ideas to multiply
Outsiders perceive me less than what I can be
Put my mind to something, I believe I can fly
Limits are pushed, whatever it takes to succeed
I’ll believe in trust until the day that I die

Modern, No real rhythm or anything. Is it understanding?

Turtleklub - a lento



a year of Haikus

The blossoms will grow
After the snow goes below
With rain the roots soak

The burning heat wave
The insects are in flight now
A storm is coming

Cool winds blow
The leaves will fall soon, not now
Leaves will fly

A snow day
Fun for the young and young at heart
Play in snow

what do you think?

Hopeful signs

If it is a sign
For us to be together
Then let us begin.

Does it make sense? How can i make the topic more clear?

May 17, 2011

Slam Poem

Automatic door

Are you in or out?
Make up your mind.
Don’t stand in the way and waste my time.
Make my life easier won’t you please?
A line has formed out in front of the store, mothers, fathers, and kids galore.
They all have their carts and are making their way through my maw
Oh how I would love to snap shut my jaws!
Lord in heaven!  Here come the grannies.
Please, I mean no disrespect, but get a move on you old nannies!
Why can’t more people be like that jogger across the street?
So much more agile, so much more fleet.
What you think it’s easy to stay open all the time?
Your muscles need a break and so do mine.     
It doesn’t matter that I’m mechanical!
You people are so unintentionally tyrannical.

Vocab Quiz

Beth thinks she is from outerspace
Halycone is her middle name
Beth's nemesis wants her to race
She doesn't want ot play the game.
She'd rather make the lion tame
James gives a lugubrious face
Micah and Dani do the same

May 16, 2011

Cinquain quiz


Anathematized struggle

Chortle at it

I pity at it


My Green Jordan's

It seems you never choose me; I stay here in this box for days
When you do choose me, You treat me great
You rarely wear green so I’m usually left here alone
I’m sure you have nothing against me
But it seems you choose the blue ones before me
I wish I was blue or red so you would take me out of my box more often


Come, come, help purge the world of cruel men
These men show no mercy, they do not care
Rip down their banners break free from their rule

We will make this never happen again
Never again will they give their false prayer
Come, come, help purge the world of cruel men

Gather silver bullets, forget the pen
Pump all power to the electric chair
Rip down their banners break free of their rule

Do not let them harm us like they did then
Now we are worthy to breathe our air
Come, come, help use purge the world of cruel men

They repressed us and used us just like hens
In the basement, the window we did stare
Rip down their banners break free of their rule

They stare as they burn the last of the men
These fools! The last of the good is right there
Come, come, help us purge the world of cruel men
Rip down their banners break free from their rule

I am most concerned about the last quatrain. Does it nicely establish the point that they just killed the last of the men they were trying to keep and that the real cruel men are somewhere else and now there are lo longer any good men?

Song of Myself

I celebrate myself,
For who I am
For who I will become
I trust god will help me to make the right choices
He will help me to stay on track

Animals of mine will come and go
Though they will remain in my heart always
Friends will be trusted
But will slowly drift away with time
Soon I will be all on my own

My family will be by my side
In this huge universe
They will help me see a person for who they really are

They will show me how important it is to trust a person
They will help me understand that everyone is different

The friends that I do keep in touch with
They will bring me happiness
Never sadness
They will support me through thick and thin
As will I when they are in need of comfort

My family will bring me the most happiness
And eventually I will have my own family
I can teach the children I have that the world is not a fairytale
I will teach them that your family and friends bring you the most happiness
Life is not all about a job or money

I will show my family that making memories are important
To cherish memories because some people aren’t so fortunate
Cherish every day like it was your last day
You never know when your world can come crashing down
Your family will comfort you through thick and thin

The college years I will live through
Will probably be the best years of my life
I will find my true self
Really begin living
And understand that I mean something

But through all my life experiences
I will find myself
Along with other friends and loves
I will never give up on the people who mean the most to me
They will help me discover who I true am

And most importantly I will celebrate myself
Because I matter in this world
I will never give up on believing that
Because I respect myself
And I love the life I’m living

Does this poem seem to make any sense? Is there anything I could put in or take out or change?

May 8, 2011

Arta's Adventure

I came up with this story,
I hope it will be praised with glory.
The story starts with a girl,
and her friends, who saved the world.

This girl's name is Arta,
who lives on the planet, Artea.
She is Artea's princess,
who loves to draw scenary at different places.

Her planet was in trouble,
Arta along with her friends from other planets made it possible.
Possible for the trouble to disappear,
so she formed an powerful force to reappear.

When the enemy came to fight,
Arta along with her friends fought with all their might.
When the fight came to pass,
her planet was at peace at last.

Is this a good poem, from beginning to end?

Clue Come True

Rain, thunder, lightning,
A storm brews outside.
Guests come unknowing
The danger inside.

Trying to make sense,
Searching for answers,
All rapt in suspense,
The unease festers.

Sudden deaths occur.
Overcome with fear,
The guests all concur
Things must be made clear.

A search yields results,
The killer casts blame.
Help comes, the guests leave
Never to be the same.

Is it weird to stray from the rhyme scheme a little in the last stanza?

Name poem

Greg Bilodeau
He likes Mountain Dew
He often likes to have fun
But don't cross him he's got a Nerf gun.

What do you guys think?

May 7, 2011

Spenserian Sonnet

The light of the lighthouse goes out
Everything becomes dark
The captain is in doubt
Where is the landmark?

The only light comes from stars, like sparks
The captain knew not what to do
Let's follow the stars, the first mate remarks
We can reference the charts for a clue

We're on the wrong course! he shouts to the crew
We are heading towards the rocks!
The anchor is cast in the sea, so blue
The crew waits, while sitting on blocks

Finally, the sun rises in the sky
So they sail away, saying goodbye

May 6, 2011

Imagination in the Dark

In the middle of the night he sits there
In fear of things he does not know
They rip they tear they aren't even there
He looks left he looks right, he's ready for a fight

Inky blackness surrounds his being
One cannot fight what one cannot see
Claws strum the doorways, ready to sing
He will look both ways for the creatures that cannot be

They come they charge, they bang on his door
What can stop this terror, he'll melt with fear
The battle begins, the fight, the war
A knock on the door, his death is near

His hand shakes, he reaches for the light
It was an imaginary fight
What doest thow think?

A laugh

Response to quiyotic

I see Dani's face


This is a vocab quiz we had, do you have any suggestions? It's a cinquain.

Cat Pee

Just yesterday I woke up to a sight,
It was yellow and smelly and cat-like,
It was cat pee and kill a cat I might,
To say I'm not angry would be a lie.

I think that I can guess who did the act,
But truly there is no way to be sure,
Once I know he will not still be in tact,
It's hard to tell, though, because I have four.

I believe that his name starts with "Cutie",
And it ends with the desert known as "pie",
He black and white and all over he's furry,
I mostly like him but he has to die.

So if you're a cat don't pee in my room
Because it is likely that I will fume.

...I really like judging.

The Beach (Poem)

Blue is the color of the sky

Shoe flung into my face

Lou is the name of the flinger

Poo this is a disgrace.

Candy crunch between my teeth

Sandy suits floating at sea

Handy the shark lost his feet

Dandy will I be when I pee.

Andrea, Katie and I wrote this in class. Do you have any suggestions? It's supposed to be a lento!

Don't Mess with Mr. Ford

In the dead of night he stalks his prey,

His mind filled with anger, rage, and despair.

He hasn’t but a word to say,

Especially of what he was just made aware.

It pains him to look at her face.

What to do about it is the question in place.

The betrayal of a man’s wife punctures deep,

Whoever is responsible is getting put to sleep.

He looks upon his captive with nothing but hate,

You mess with his life, you suffer your fate.

This would all be moot if he didn’t sleep with his wife,

Nothing more to do other than end his life.

The man is dead having been stabbed in the chest,

This is welcomed sight as it was all for the best.

Gone is the man who corrupted his heart,

Now he can go home and eat some tart.

Acrostic poem

Driven to succeed.
Yesterday is one of my favorite Beatles songs.
Addicted to caffiene.
Nick is my little brother.
Never drives the speed limit.
Enjoys reading and writing.

Plays the bass guitar.
Early to almost everything.
Ridiculously sarcastic.
Kylie is my little sister.
Interested in science.
Not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.
Smart, or at least I like to think I am.

Poem about Writing Exercise of The Last Man on Earth

Right after ripping out the chords to the tv and the phone,
The very last man on earth sat alone his own home,
He sat and shivered, cried and quivered, hoping its not so
And at his lowest point he heard a knock at the front door

He cant stay in one place, his heartrates going crazy as he paces,
Wondering who or what this mysterious knock was for,
He's not even sure, but he decides to open the door,
And there towered two aliens at the height of six four,

Two floors he then ran up to his room to now lock his door,
"This can't be" he repeated as he fell to the floor
Passed out, last doubt he had was that this is not happening,
Last thing he'd expect is to wakeup on a ship flying

The intergalactic species told him "we come in peace"
"Please no!" cried the man as he fell to his knees and pleaded
"Humans are so concieted" said the alien species,
"This is a dream my friend and you are in your bed sleeping"

WARNING: This poem is not in iambic pentameter
It uses alot of assonance, do you like it? Does it rhyme too much?

My Depressing Poem

You’re always so smart, life’s as you predict
Everything you say, you have double checked
Twice and then again, that’s why I conflict
With the molten words you like to eject

Can’t you see that you’re as human as me?
Say you’re not God, but sure act like you are
In the light we are happy as can be
In the dark, beasts escape Pandora’s jar

Pretend to love me, I might pretend too
Controlling jerk, you don’t care if I’m hurt!
So done trying to please you, I am through
Never again will my face meet the dirt

No I lied; I’ll forgive you like always
 Life without liberty all of my days

the challenge (poem)

I went to win and compete
To a challenge to complete
It’s time to go to the show
Where my confidence will grow.

It’s time to do the routine
I hear cheers from my team
I got a really great score
I can’t wait do to some more.

This poem is from my short story. what do you think about it?