May 26, 2011

part of Howl

young minds incapable of thinking or communicating in coherent thought
technology sucks up the energy of physical, moving being, drains dead the battery running his double-A’d interaction, using it for a electricity supply to a screen
that makes more eye contact with you than you do your own mother
and knows your lewd habits which she’s fooled to perceive as Amtracks to endless knowledge

screw away any problem by birthing more oil to a hearth fire
that only burns away tickets of purchase, thus every corner of any road, even abandoned by shops or people or demand, or supply, money rows a boat that will rape a river dry
so here, we drown in shiny, brightly-painted cars, buckled in by a seat belt
unwilling to unfasten, tugging at our chest until this turns to the world the body has left

Does this make sense?

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