May 31, 2011

Howl 2011

Part of my howl -

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed with greed,
Salivating at the thought of technological advances that ease the labor of life,
Idolizing the attention-starved juggernauts that became more revered than the meek,
Bleak we appear, and freaks we sear at the drop of their emotional expression,
Accepting less than what’s possible,
The laughter soon becomes legend to the mind,
while the spirit died simply from the fabrics stitched into our minds with television,
coaxed with tragedy and sorrow to keep us unsure and make us double lock our doors.
We’re short-handed with self-esteem and branded with selfish secrets.
Inconsiderate and illiterate to honesty, we honestly choose to ruin our minds,
why and at what cost?
Why is the top of the of the class given the privilege of a speech
Than the artist who creates a piece based off the race to peace of mind from the beguiling haze of their nightmares or halcyon days.
The politicians pocket their income and disregard our words,
We are slurred in our speech,
and if we reach out we can breach the walls they fortified in our name,
while we’re diverted with fame and fortune,
but it works and almost at a much too perfect pace – life is now a race,
who makes more money, who has the car, and the most expensive home
No longer demure and beyond the procure of ourselves,
weaving fables of depression and stuck in a lugubrious meander,
that narrates our life, why and at what cost? Our happiness and tranquility is lost.
Proclaiming our independence, while we stab ourselves in the heart,
a walking contradiction, and talking in predictions spawned from gluttony

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