May 27, 2011

Ode to Bobble Heads

An angry wife
She hates you,
She'll do all she can to prove you are wrong
Screaming arguing
Just get a divorce already
Oh wait, you're Catholic
Red faced
Veins popping out of forehead
There's no sex after your fights
What is this world coming to?
You never come home when it's that time of the month
Just sit in a hotel room
Wondering where it all went wrong
She's not even hot...

Go to the store to get some toothpaste
And there they are!
Small cartoonish
Figures standing on a rectangular platform
Oversized head supported by a spring
Buy one, seven dollars
Ask this woman a question
No answer
Better already!
Poke her head
The force send it backwards
The spring pulls it back
A never changing motion
She's nodding!
She agrees with you!
Ask her any question at all
Poke her head
And she says yes
Want to see Fast Five?
Should I get a divorce?
Forever the percent companion
Never does she complain,
Or tell you what she wants,
She just listens
And tells you you are right

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