May 31, 2011

Resistance noise

I cannot stand all of this instant music
This stuff is Foul the higher ups is to blame
Flash flood casualties really make me sick

Sudden, Quick, Deadly, people it tries to aim
Stop, watch, Protest before the World is flooded
Can’t you see that people drown, have you no shame

I try not to see, I pace around Hooded
I look up I look down I try to Ignore
Creative pond now swampy and it shouldn’t

I can hear the noise slamming hard at the Door
Decipher what it is, you can check the date
Tidal waves crashing, the house is now the shore

Now don’t get me wrong this is not reckless hate
Slave to the noise they heard us like them cow
Open the gate and let us people Create

Instant music the world is flooded but how
Diet music Diluted taste ruins minds
Resistant Music it’s too late to act now

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