May 27, 2011

Ballad (well, part of it)

There was a girl, just five years old.
Her heart had quickly turned cold.
Partly caused by her parents’ fights,
But mainly their decision to divorce that night.

She thought that life wouldn’t be normal anymore,
After her Dad walked out that door.
Avoidance, except in the court room.
And then again, laid their doom.

They pretended to stay friends, for their daughter’s sake.
But even at age 6, she could tell that it was fake.
The custody war went on for years,
But Dad couldn’t win, had too many beers.

On her 7th birthday she wished,
Just before the cake was dished.
Shortly after, she realized her wish was surreal.
When Dad’s new girlfriend came, and sealed the deal.

Set up by her mom’s mother.
Her mom went off and found another.
Dad’s lasted, 9 years later; Mom’s didn’t work out.
Expected though, because of doubt.

Does this meet the form of a ballad?

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