May 27, 2011

Ode To Norman Combo

When you're diagramming sentences,
We know what a hell that is,
Or when you make podcasts,
Persuasive essays, PowerPoints,
How to ballroom dance papers,
Ballads for World Studies,
Paper pirate hats
Of red construction paper,
Norman Combo is there to keep you company.

When you're tired,
Bored, stressed out,
Experiencing writer's block,
Annoyed with Keith,
Or you forget your iPod,
Norman Combo is there to distract you.

When you're deemed a hellion,
When your seat is moved
For no clear reason
And you have to roll across the aisle
To talk to your friends,
Proofread, edit, or
Find out what the English homework was,
Normal Combo is there for
The whole journey.

When you have to perform strange tasks,
Like waltz with your friends,
Or make a podcast
About diagramming sentences
With a kid you haven't spoken to
Since the seventh grade,
Or write about fanfiction,
Or you find out your teacher
Has a bag of handkerchiefs
Readily available,
Or you have to read about
Or you have gym next quarter
Chef Norman Combo
Is there for you.

Does this present Norman in a good light?


  1. This poem has made me paranoid of Chef Norman Combo. So, no to your question. He sounds like a creepy stalker. Kudos for making me chuckle.

  2. It depends on how you interpret it. Like the person before me mentioned, it may sound like Norman is a creeper.
    My first-hand thought was positive, though. It sounds like whenever one's bored Norman's always there to entertain.