January 24, 2011


I messed up on a Sestina I was working on so instead of all my work going to waste I rearranged a few things and created this.

Trees whisper in the silence,
The breeze shaking their limbs,
Dew glitters in the spider webs,
Frogs croak around a small pond,
Crickets chirp in a field of flowers,
Stars blink in and out of existence,
Silence creates peace among the living,
Limbs of the willow reach out to the water,
Web like winged fairies dance in the moonlight,
Pond responds by rippling and gurgling,
Flowers dip as the breeze blows,
Existence dreams as everyone sleeps.

Ode to my iPod

You are with me throughout the day
Always there when I want to escape the world
I never want to give you away
You will be with me forever
You know which songs I like to replay
Which are a lot in my case
It’s like we share the same DNA
You seem to know me so well
You’re more than an iPod in a way
Some may find me crazy for it
You don’t always obey
But I still love you
It is you all the way
Even if I try to hide you sometimes
It’s so you don’t whisk away
Into someone else’s grip
I wouldn’t even last a day
Without you here with me
You’re perfect display
You hold all of my information
My life would be in disarray
If anything ever happened to you
Someone would have hell to pay
If they ever thought of taking you
From me, Taylor Bray
The one who loves you all the way
I'm a great writer
I clearly spend lots of time
On these awesome poems


A simple white canvas
Is all he imagines
The world all around
Is what he see's

William Carlos Williams style poem


The IRA are very brutal

They’ll put a bullet through your noodle

That is if you don’t pay back their money

That flow of blood is runny

Your dirge will tootle

City Life

Looking down, it all
Seems so fake
Cars flying by
Pedestrians bustling about
Shops close at dusk
And suddenly it’s all
So real.

A William Carlos Williams style poem about city life.


It's very hot out
I love going on the boat
It sure beats school.

Genius isn't it?


Why is everyone so bitter?
Full of bitterness,
Why is everyone so bitter?
We’re all full of hate and rage,
Drowning it out with bitter drinks.
Drowning in bitter alcohol,
All bitter and full of bitterness!
Bitter foods to drown out bitter sorrows,
Tasteless foods to go with tasteless emotions.
Take a bitter orange,
It might taste bitter or sour to you,
But some can only taste it as bittersweet.
Whether out bitterness over lost love,
A lost child,
Or simple mourning for the world!
You can surround yourself with hedges of bitterbrush,
Trying to ignore the weeping earth,
As it drowns in its bitter tears.
We are all drowning in bitterness.

Your Wife - Poem

You are someone close,
Not a random fool
Yet one single dose,
Will drive me to drool

No one is like you,
With your loving lips
You give me the flu,
And my heart just skips

I love you no doubt,
For you are the one
There's no mean to pout,
Since you will not run

So here is to you,
The love of my life
Let's start something new,
And I'll be your wife

I randomly wrote this late at night. What do you think?

January 19, 2011



They were captured by the enemy and Imprisoned
They were starved and beaten, and died alone
They paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country long ago
They will never be forgotten
They will never be alone again
For now they are with god
The soldier of war has come home

January 17, 2011

Love for you

The beginning of life, I look into your eyes,
From that day, I know you won’t tell me lies.
I know you will tell only the truth,
Except for the simple myth of the tooth,
Every tooth lost goes to the tooth fairy,
And in the morning, you will be merry.
Though I don’t need that be to merry in the morning,
The only thing I need is a warning.
Warning you to look for the dove,
The dove that shows you my love.

I wrote this a while ago for my mother. What do you feel when reading it?

January 9, 2011

Winter is coming

The wind rattles the windows, whining a lonely song. Outside snow falls steadily, all hope it lasts long. The sun sets later, painting the sky with colors so bright. We watched in awe as it fades away, wishing us goodnight.

Just wanna know if it sounds ok so far.

January 7, 2011


We were close,
We were far,
You jumped first,
I jumped last,
We were close,
We were far,
You went left,
I went right,
We were close,
We were far,
You chose death,
I chose life,
We were close,
We were far,
And now we're apart.

My Generation

I saw the best minds of my generation indefinately intoxicated, exploring the depths of their minds while their parents lie blindly in the safety of their suburban homes. Who roamed the roads carelessly till their nightly curfew ran dry. Who protested the principles that the institutions they attended were based upon. Who wandered the rainy streets in their underwear to stand up against the inferior grip of their parents strict rules. Who lived their lives to the fullest extent instead of persuing the path of currency. Who stood up against the lies used to control the masses. Who expressed their beliefs through means of art. Who confined their social lives to a near solitude to avoid the corruption of high school drama and fake personalities. Who fought for what they believed in, even though nobody was on their side. Who opened their minds to possibilities that others deemed invalid. I saw the best minds of my generation creating their own paths, instead of following the previously created.


Kites are flying aimlessly
Everything rattles without shellacking
Ruthless gusts of powerful breeze
Full force gale closely awaits
Untamed fierceness introduced
Faster now than originally
Flight paths altered indefinately
Lightly roofed houses crumble
Everything in a hurricane rumbles


Come canoodle with Google, I have all things
I am a large pool of information
Depths of advices from self-proclaimed experts
I got books, music, TV, and all thigs
I can make you resourceful and smart
Come play with Google, my canoodle is free

Procrastination Haiku

It's the reason i suck at
Publish or Perish

The Howl of 2011

I saw the best of my generation
Shadowed by world propoganda
Excelled by rebellion and different insight
Ruined by betrayal and distrust
Inspired by hate
But then shut down by reality, and society
A mind that feared and thrived off pain
Then converted this into "success"
One who loathed off embarassment
Only to try and make some "friends"
Someone who mastered society
But to afraid to face reality
One who was scared to face society
And then ended his life shortly
Became ignorant of the facts
And believed in the tales
Who went down the wrong path
By making one-simple-decision
Occupied by a false reality
To only have it be destroyed, and left with nothing
Who did not follow their dreams
And now believe's it is to late
But it is never to late to follow your fate
Because in the end who will rate
All follow the call
Of what authority demands

Ipse Dixit

The way Taylor Bray stares
At her phone
Fingers twitching
Eyes unblinking
An ipse dixit forms on my lips
Speaking so clearly of what I'm thinking
What is she hiding?
What is there to be hidden?
Her awkward smiles sets it still
Increasing my own thought of her
to be wrong.


This is a Kindun I wrote. It came to mind when i heard the word, "Kindun".

I do not know all that can be done.
Nor I know all that cannot be done.
I do know what is done can be done.
And I do know what has not been done,
Can be done unless it can not be done.


kindun is cool
kindun is great
i'm really hungry even though i just ate

Howl 2011

I saw the best minds of my generation wasting themselves away
on the internet, wasting time on Facebook, looking up meaningless
Youtube videos, which had no purpose.
Who wants to go outside anymore anyway?
Drinking alcohol illegally, taking drugs,
Running away from home when they are ten.
Pregnant at 15, no family, no father.
Love is meaningless, it comes as fast as it goes.
Friendships mean little when you have a man.
People judging your every move, your appearance,
Judging you for what you like, what you wear.
What does illegal even mean?
Laws just make you want to do it more,
You won’t get caught, why would you?
Meaningless shows getting all the attention,
What happened to going to the park?
Do parks even exsist any more?
Oh, the vulgar language that everyone accepts,
The attitude towards life deminished,
Our generation wasting time on what is upcoming, what’s new,
Not what they have, what they should be grateful.
Everyone perverted,
Our innocence lost.
Only caring about yourself,
No one to give a compliment anymore,
Our generation doesn’t know what it means to be nice anymore.

White Bed

Her dark brown hair
I braid it as she
lays in a white bed

She smiles with
the little strength
she has left

As I finish, the line
goes flat
I braid her hair as she lays in the
white bed.

Oh to the World

Of love and hate, betrayal is born and hope is shattered then lost
Of laughs and tears, pain is created and blood spills from the soul.
Of right and wrong, truth is reveled and the heart is ceased its beat
Of pain from the soul and the ache from the heart, the need to live is lost and forgotten.
Your body is only a container that holds the real you locked away in darkness.

Who are you?
What is your name?
Do you even know?

The container is shut tight and the lid refuses to brake open
Your soul yearns to be free to express who it really is.
Your heart begs to continue beating just to face another day.
But days fade away into the darkness of nothing where light no longer shines.
Then tomorrow starts and the light returns only to fade again and drop you into hopelessness.

Who are you?
What is your name?
Do you still not know?

What is the point of living when the soul is tired of seeing the same set path?
What is the point of living when the heart is tiered of pain and depression?
What I the point of anything when in the end it will always come to the same conclusion?
It’s in human nature not to know the answers to these questions
It’s just natural that no one really knows anything about the darkness that grows within our containers and eats at our soul and destroys our hearts.
No one knows and now no one cares
You could die tomorrow
Everyone dies eventually but do they fade away?
Will they get forgotten?
Will the soul vanish into mist and forever cease to exist?
More questions that no one knows the answers to
That no one cares to answer.

Who are you?
What is your name?
Now you will never know.


Read this in the most serious way you possibably can. I'm serious...


Waka waka waka.
Hollister, north face, uggs
Waka waka waka

Justin bieber, lucas till, the beatles
Waka waka waka

Ipods, smart phones, harry potter
Waka waka waka

Politics, side bangs, texting
Waka waka waka

This.is… Conformity.

Winter Haiku

The classrooms are cold.
The heating systems are shot.
Nashua is poor.


There's seven sins
They'll give you one
Shouldn't be so complicated
Should just get it done
Accused of wrath, accused of lust
Can't deny these claims
No, Can't control these thoughts

There's nothing left,
Left to test
Tried every twist and turn
Still refuse to learn
They know it's pride, they know it's greed
Know it shouldn't matter
But nothings as it seems


Feel the warm feeling,
Let yourselves melt together,
True love is real love.


The shining sun
Comes out again
Flowers sprout and
The grass grows greene.
It remains a sight
To be seen.


I like the winter
I get to freeze my ass off
Actually it sucks

Ode to Music

I like it
except for country
I like it
I like it
I love the
fell of the bass
radiating through
the house
even the car
its fun to
dance to
it never gets
there is always
a classic
its at its
best when no ones
home to yell
I can turn it up
loud and listen
to what I want.

Ode to My Room

It is all too much
noise and distractions.
I'm wasting time,
just sitting here,
can't do anything
with all this noise.
I have to go
somewhere quiet
with no one around.
I climb steps
and walk down halls,
turning corners,
looking for a sign
of a place
I can stop
and do the work I need to do.
there it is.
A quiet room,
no one around
a place where I can work
I sit down
in the soft chair,
I smile at my accomplishment.
Then realize
I should have gone here first
after all it is only my room.

What am I?

Every day you pick me up
to listen to my gentle tune
maybe rock, rap, or jazz all depending on your mood.

From your hand i watch you sway
back and forth everyday

In the car or on the bus
when I'm here you will not fuss

For every time I'm here or there
whispering softly in your ear

I know i have done my job
when i hear you singing along

Haiku for a Dead Sparrow

Red stains pure white snow,
A bird's corpse broken and dead,
Feathers lay scattered

Dancing pants

I love to wear
my dancing pants
all around the world

I once knew a man
who wore the same pants
then I found out he's a girl

Ode to Fire

Heat that burns,
And gives off warmth,
Protects me from icy chill.
It dances,
And hisses,
Like serpent tongues.
Fire is life as well as destruction,
Growing bigger,
Consuming all in its path.
It’s awesome power,
Hypnotizes all before it.
The reds,
And yellows,
And oranges,
And blues,
Command my respect and attention.
Melts away cold,
And shields,
Away the darkness.
My cold skin,
Becomes toasty,
And warm.
The icy cold,
Of the outside world,
Becomes forgotten,
In my mind.

Any thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Song of Myself (IP)

I celebrate myself
Victorious in all that I do
To those that are friends and family
I share my victory with you

I love everyone around me
They are the center of my world
Tough it was to find them
I had to explore

Boundaries and limits I have broken
Nothing can stop me now
I hope my family will look up to me
I hope to make everyone proud

Obstacles I have jumped
Mountains I have conquered
The trail ahead is long
I'm gonna have to fight much longer

I will keep my head high
And always look forward
Because nothing in life is promised
Not even as you get older

To those I have loved
And to those I have lost
I live my life through you
I live it at any cost
Ode to My Cough Drops

Small and red,
Or maybe even pink
Cough drops from heaven,
I swear that these are
Whether it be Halls,
Or Vicks,
Or anything thing else
It is divine like nothing in the world
Its body is sticky,
Spreading its juices down my bleeding throat
It soothes,
It calms,
The wild cough that scrunches my muscles together
The beastly noise that keeps me awake,
That stabs thousands of daggers into my throat
These cough drops save me ,
Fighting away this dagger-like pain
Soothing the beast,
Like a fireman killing a flame
That annoying noise,
It causes ones to hate you,
For you disturb their very silence
These cough drops from the gods keep me safe
Keep me quiet as my coughs are silenced
As the beastly noise echoes once more
It roars and pours pain into my throat
But these cough drops
Small and red,
Sometimes even orange,
These cough drops soothe and calm
That cough that makes my throat bleed

This is my Ode poem, as you can see. It had to be at least 26 lines. What do you think?


My hopes and fears are so unclear, but the kindun tries to give me some cheer, he shows me everything that i hold dear, and all the fun things that are near

The cat in the hat is no match, for the kinduns raps are like a mac attack, so when your the most down down and have a frown, just think of your pal who can turn that frown upside down.


There is a book on the shelf
it is just a book
nothing more
nothing less
something ordinary
perhaps unique in a way
but it is still just a book
a book with words
maybe words with no meaning
you will never know unless you read it
sorry but it has no title no meaning
simply just words on a page
nothing more
nothing less
its a small book with many pages
pages of pictures
pages of blank wordless nothings
no this is not a children's book
if that's what your thinking
simply just a book with no meaning.

Howl 2011

I've seen the best minds of my generation
driving fast cars
melting their minds with
music and illicit drugs to the tune
of hardcore bands while zoning into
Expanding the mind ruining thyself.
The successes with their minds so
focused, noses deep into books studying
nonsense only for a letter on a piece
of white paper.
How much knowledge do they walk with?
A wise man once said someday the a's will work
for the c's.
This is real.
Who holds more value in life? The one
to study until the brain becomes a hamster
on a wheel?
The one with his head in the toilet puking
several drugs own the night
own himself
who he is
a talented artist with more experience?
The best minds of my generation.

Good bad or ugly? Let me know

They morn
my brother
that are now faraway
the battle was long
the blood will stay
on the minds of soldiers that day
they wish it never happened
they wish it was them
their family will never understand
when a soldier
gets home he isn't the same
because of the soldier
that saved his life
that day
Biting my neck
is what they desire
i will not let them get me
but this is my final hour
I beat them off
i beat them down
till of them get me
and now.................