January 7, 2011

Howl 2011

I saw the best minds of my generation wasting themselves away
on the internet, wasting time on Facebook, looking up meaningless
Youtube videos, which had no purpose.
Who wants to go outside anymore anyway?
Drinking alcohol illegally, taking drugs,
Running away from home when they are ten.
Pregnant at 15, no family, no father.
Love is meaningless, it comes as fast as it goes.
Friendships mean little when you have a man.
People judging your every move, your appearance,
Judging you for what you like, what you wear.
What does illegal even mean?
Laws just make you want to do it more,
You won’t get caught, why would you?
Meaningless shows getting all the attention,
What happened to going to the park?
Do parks even exsist any more?
Oh, the vulgar language that everyone accepts,
The attitude towards life deminished,
Our generation wasting time on what is upcoming, what’s new,
Not what they have, what they should be grateful.
Everyone perverted,
Our innocence lost.
Only caring about yourself,
No one to give a compliment anymore,
Our generation doesn’t know what it means to be nice anymore.

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