January 7, 2011

The Howl of 2011

I saw the best of my generation
Shadowed by world propoganda
Excelled by rebellion and different insight
Ruined by betrayal and distrust
Inspired by hate
But then shut down by reality, and society
A mind that feared and thrived off pain
Then converted this into "success"
One who loathed off embarassment
Only to try and make some "friends"
Someone who mastered society
But to afraid to face reality
One who was scared to face society
And then ended his life shortly
Became ignorant of the facts
And believed in the tales
Who went down the wrong path
By making one-simple-decision
Occupied by a false reality
To only have it be destroyed, and left with nothing
Who did not follow their dreams
And now believe's it is to late
But it is never to late to follow your fate
Because in the end who will rate
All follow the call
Of what authority demands

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