January 7, 2011

My Generation

I saw the best minds of my generation indefinately intoxicated, exploring the depths of their minds while their parents lie blindly in the safety of their suburban homes. Who roamed the roads carelessly till their nightly curfew ran dry. Who protested the principles that the institutions they attended were based upon. Who wandered the rainy streets in their underwear to stand up against the inferior grip of their parents strict rules. Who lived their lives to the fullest extent instead of persuing the path of currency. Who stood up against the lies used to control the masses. Who expressed their beliefs through means of art. Who confined their social lives to a near solitude to avoid the corruption of high school drama and fake personalities. Who fought for what they believed in, even though nobody was on their side. Who opened their minds to possibilities that others deemed invalid. I saw the best minds of my generation creating their own paths, instead of following the previously created.

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