November 10, 2011

Little Rhymes Go A Long Way :)

Left, right, up, down, even maybe all around,
lets take a journey to the center of our town.

Alleys, lee-ways, corners, and certain ends
lead from one street to another that kind of bends.

We ride by in cars, bikes, and see different people of all sorts,
we tend to notice those random rich folk in the old-fashioned carriages have escorts.

As we look closer, we also see some passer-byes,
just like the stupid hobo's that are surround by flies.

November 4, 2011

Hero of Knights [EXERT]

Screams of pain echoed within the field, revealing the shadows from the past and future cursed the lands of Azeroth. Secrets revealed, and then lost once again. Citizens had taken their children to safety, only to be followed by darkness and slaughter of the innocent, while the darkness had to fight off forces of their own as well.

“Death Knights, rise before me.” A deep, dreadful tone that shook thousands to their knees in an instant by just a breath, spoke out before his soldiers. When he paused in his speech, his soldiers had done what they were told, as usual, standing up before their King.

“You have all done so well, serving me,” The King continued, his armor covered body taking only a few steps off to the side. Though he was covered in armor, the King never went into a battle. That’s what his Death Knights were for. Slaves of the undead, followers of darkness.

His blue mist eyes scanned the lines of knights, looking amongst many of them, seeing nothing but loyal servants. Where the King and his Knights were, not many people knew. They could only look up to the heavens to see dark clouds looming over Azeroth, or down past the grounds where the demons lurked in hiding.

The King and his nights hid above the grounds just south of New Avalon, using the Eye of Arachnis to see if they were being watched from every corner.

The power that the King held allowed a piece of his kingdom to hover above the ground by many feet, watching over the grounds that they fought on. This piece of his kingdom was named Ebon Hold. Black and blue were the only colors amongst the walls of this hell. Broken portals where his father led to Ogrimmar and Stormwind against the walls of the lower balcony, some of the walls had caved in onto the ground, or some had caved out falling past the black clouds that hid them.

“I hope, that one day, every single one of my Death Knights will become a hero of this retched land that many call Azeroth,” The King paused again, taking a breath as his left arm rose above his cloak, revealing a petite girl with the same blue mist eyes as her King. “just as Jorelia has done to this day.” His arm fell back to his side, turning his back to his Death Knights as Jorelia’s faded out blonde hair slowly drifted with the soft wind, her eyes piercing into the ‘souls’ of those in front of her.

The King looked down over the balcony, as if trying to sight the citizens of who they were watching above. The only close enough way they could see the fear in other’s eyes was to go down to Death’s Breech, which the Death Knights had taken over just south of New Avalon.

The King stayed planted where he stood, only looking over his shoulder slightly to his Knights of Darkness. “We must find what this ‘Agent Dawn’ is planning, and Jorelia will lead a group to find out by flying with my dragon,” As he spoke, a heavy wind grew though not one of the Knights flinched or even moved as a large skeleton dragon came into view, keeping itself hovering at the balcony where the King was. “to destroy New Avalon.” As his last words had been spoken, the Knights behind him cheered in victory at the deaths of all the innocent.

This is an exert from the NaNoWriMo story I'm doing. Yes, this is based on the Death Knights from World of Warcraft. This is the very beginning of the story when the main characters are introduced. Is there anything I should change/add?

my dream car is a JDM poor mans type R

so i have a i have a 95 EG coupe shell mint condition its all black inside i got EP3 Si seats black jdm floor mats si cluster 09 Si shift knob and boot but heres where it gets good under my hood i got a poor mans type R its a made up motor its legit and its strong enough to keep up with si and beats any POS VDUB anyways the motor is a b18c1 block with a b16a1 head they fit perfectly anyways its crazy my V-TEC kicks in at 4000 rpms when normaly vtec kicks in at 58k rpms so you know i got an advantage the other thing is that my shell is light im gonna say it weighs around 2,300 lbs for a 4 banger it rapes the other thing that i like that its slammed on d2 one piece suspension the car is like little more than half an inch of the ground and the other thing is that its all motor N/A f***k boost homie and on top of that its siting on some GSR blades wraped on some toyo tires 50/50 jdm tail lights and in the front white housing head lights with amber corners yellow fog lights K&N full cold air intake aem fuel rail and injectors type R pistons its a wrap homie this thing flys on dogs i put money on this car if it were to race any car this thing would fly and if you were to give me an option to pick a lambo or this eg i would pick the eg any day just throw a 2 step in the eg and it will launch perfect uark that ima be JDM for life

The day duct tape saved my life

I was sitting on the couch watching tv out on my patio because it was a nice day out and i finally realized that there were alot of misqtoes sworming around me. So i started to look for some duct tape to get them away because i heard that helps. I layed duct tape all around then i watched a little more tv. It was getting late and she was going to bed. I was getting up and i saw a couple of misqtoes on the duct tape dead. I was thinking to myself " oh it does work good." I went to bed and then the next morning i woke up and it was unbelieveable what i saw there was misqtoes everywhere on the duct tape dead. That was the day duct tape saved my life.

Turtle Race

It's the year of the turtle and every year at this time they have the turtle races. The turtle races are held at Hampton Beach. Each person thats in the race brings their own turtle to race. The winner of the race wins a vacation to the Bahamas. Each year that the race is held the prize is always different. The turtles line up on the sand to begin the race, the man yells follow the water and their off.