November 4, 2011

my dream car is a JDM poor mans type R

so i have a i have a 95 EG coupe shell mint condition its all black inside i got EP3 Si seats black jdm floor mats si cluster 09 Si shift knob and boot but heres where it gets good under my hood i got a poor mans type R its a made up motor its legit and its strong enough to keep up with si and beats any POS VDUB anyways the motor is a b18c1 block with a b16a1 head they fit perfectly anyways its crazy my V-TEC kicks in at 4000 rpms when normaly vtec kicks in at 58k rpms so you know i got an advantage the other thing is that my shell is light im gonna say it weighs around 2,300 lbs for a 4 banger it rapes the other thing that i like that its slammed on d2 one piece suspension the car is like little more than half an inch of the ground and the other thing is that its all motor N/A f***k boost homie and on top of that its siting on some GSR blades wraped on some toyo tires 50/50 jdm tail lights and in the front white housing head lights with amber corners yellow fog lights K&N full cold air intake aem fuel rail and injectors type R pistons its a wrap homie this thing flys on dogs i put money on this car if it were to race any car this thing would fly and if you were to give me an option to pick a lambo or this eg i would pick the eg any day just throw a 2 step in the eg and it will launch perfect uark that ima be JDM for life

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