January 7, 2011

Ode to My Cough Drops

Small and red,
Or maybe even pink
Cough drops from heaven,
I swear that these are
Whether it be Halls,
Or Vicks,
Or anything thing else
It is divine like nothing in the world
Its body is sticky,
Spreading its juices down my bleeding throat
It soothes,
It calms,
The wild cough that scrunches my muscles together
The beastly noise that keeps me awake,
That stabs thousands of daggers into my throat
These cough drops save me ,
Fighting away this dagger-like pain
Soothing the beast,
Like a fireman killing a flame
That annoying noise,
It causes ones to hate you,
For you disturb their very silence
These cough drops from the gods keep me safe
Keep me quiet as my coughs are silenced
As the beastly noise echoes once more
It roars and pours pain into my throat
But these cough drops
Small and red,
Sometimes even orange,
These cough drops soothe and calm
That cough that makes my throat bleed

This is my Ode poem, as you can see. It had to be at least 26 lines. What do you think?

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