May 27, 2011

Personification Slam (Recliner chair)

Oh, gosh…You again?
You really have been wearing me out lately.
You and your laziness…I’m fading away.
It’s all your fault. Yes, you…
You plop down on top of me every evening,
After you’ve “had a long day”
A long day doing what? Planning how you’d like to abuse me tonight?
Plop down, or maybe jump? It’s never gentle, with you.
Oh, I know…Tonight you want to fling out my recliner, and kick up your feet, right?
That hurts, you know.
Whatever, but here’s the deal…No chips tonight. I’m tired of the crumbs.
They get stuck near my arms, and you don’t even bother to clean it.
Oh, great. Did you just snore?
Passing out already? Come on…
I need to move out.

Is the bitterness in the recliner chair's personality? (no matter how strange that may sound)


  1. The bitterness is definitely a believable personality trait for a recliner chair to have, especially when you add the kinds of abuse it takes.

  2. Well...I'm sitting on a recliner chair as I type this comment, and incidentally, there are crumbs stuck between some seams of the fabric. Chips. A job well done there. You have good description of the abuse on that recliner.