May 31, 2011

Song of Myself
By Dani Arpin
I celebrate myself,
Who I have become,
And who I will be.
I take the advice of James Dean, who said,
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”
I try to make every day a new adventure.
I do not regret any of my choices in life.
I trust my family and friends completely.
They are a part of me, and without them I’d be nothing.

I find myself constantly wondering,
Why was I blessed with such a great life?
I have no worries or fears,
While others live in constant fear of dying.

I have never really feared death.
What I fear is not living.
Life is too short
How are you able to experience everything?
There are so many places I want to go,
So many new things to learn,
More books to read,
More stories to be told,
More friends to make.

Life used to be so much easier.
There were no hard decisions to make,
Nothing to fret about besides homework.

Now, everybody’s leaving,
But I’m staying.
I am not a fan of change,
Especially a change that’s so big.
I’m worried that I will lose touch with everyone I love,
That everyone will move on,
And I’ll be in the same place.

I am most afraid of being alone in the world,
Only being remembered by a few,
And 50 years after I die,
No one will even remember my name.

For now I will stay in the present,
Trying to live everyday to its fullest.
No regrets.
Masking the fear.

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