April 5, 2012

My Life Is A Blur

I rush through the roads like theres no tomorrow.  I fly through traffic like theres no police man waiting around the corner.  I feel like I get away with every law breaking thing I do.  Which I kind of do a lot!  i just wish that I would get taught to teach me a lesson, or get in a car crash to fear for my life.  I never have expected anything to go by as fast as this past year, but now times starting to slow itself down again.  I don't understand how everything can go from being absolutely perfect and wonderful, to being a total disaster.  It doesn't make sense.  I've always been at the top of my game, but now I'm at the bottom. Of my game, of everything.  I need a way to make my way back to the top.  The top of my game, the top of my life.  Senior year is supposed to be fun, but how can it be fun if i don't remember a majority of it?  I just want to be a successful senior and have a good life when I'm done here.  When I go out and drive standard down all the back roads, it gives me time to think and have my mind go free.  I think about anything that comes to mind, but the last thing all I think about is how beautiful all the scenery would look if I just slowed down.

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