April 4, 2012

I dont even know.

This is just a flow of odd thoughts written down in a writing prompt. My mind confuses me sometimes...

All my life, i wanted a robotic unicorn. That would be cool. Where am i right now? I think im in the woods. Woods. Wood.. Wood... Wooooooood. Weird word, right? Woooooood!!! Am i tripping, i meant to say that backwards. I rock my hat backwards. Swag... Maybe im just going crazy. Haha, damn, thats one nice looking tree. Im gonna say hello to it. I mean, it has a face, so it'll probably reply to me. "Hey, hi mister!" It didnt reply. I think its because its a tree. This world is so full of colors. I love it. I wish i could eat colors. I'll bet red tastes like apples! Where is my robotic unicorn i was talking about? I want it and I want it NOW. Oh wait, im riding on it. THROUGH SPACE. Weeeeee, this is fun. There goes Jupiter! Hahahahaha. Then i woke up. Whoa, cool dream dude. Thats right. I used the generic dream ending. What up? 

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