April 19, 2012


     The clock on the wall ticked with each second passing. The chairs were filled sporadically with old men and women who had different coloured paperwork. The ladies working at the desk called out numbers, as if they were playing Bingo, as May sat impatiently and anxiously. Her heart raced as she flipped through her flash-cards.
     "May Everjewel, Station Three," one of the ladies announced over her microphone. May's heart stopped. She handed her things to her accompanying mother and slowly approached the desk. "May?" The lady asked for reassurance.
"Yes." May managed to whisper.
     "Alright. If you have a phone, please turn it off." May did as she was told. "Now; you have forty minutes to complete the test. You need to get thirty-two correct to pass. There are forty questions. Take this," she handed May a paper prism with the number 1 written on it in black marker. "You're at Station One in the Test Room. Good luck." The lady smiled and May swallowed hard. She took the prism to the testing room, stealing one last glance at her mother, who mouthed 'Good luck.'
     May inhaled slowly and sat at Station One. The computer screen was blue and had the New Hampshire state seal on it. White words scrolled across the bottom of the screen which read "Please touch the screen to start..." May wiped her palms on her jeans and touched the middle of the monitor. The blue screen changed to white, and the test began.


  1. This is really good, you should use this for a story, sometime.

  2. This is exactly what went on in my head when i was going to get my license! WHOAAA!!!! make this a story!