April 4, 2012


Random writing to catch up with my missed posts.... Just warning you, I made this up on the spot so it might not be too, too great. But I hope you like =]

      The snow fell lightly from the grey clouds above. Each one, different and unique, with its own different meaning. I held out my hand and one fell into my palm. It melted before I could see the beauty of its short life.
      I let out a smoky breath as I sighed and looked around the empty white park. He was supposed to be here... I thought to myself as I sat on a cold bench. I tried to keep away the insecure feelings but I couldn't help it. What if he set me up? What if he tells everyone...does he think I'm crazy?
    A bark then snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked around. I didn't see anything, but then it began to wine and whimper. I jumped up, my heart pounding with worry as I took in the pained noises. I followed the sound with quick steps through the snow, going further into the park. The wines got louder and louder until I pushed through a few tress to a small clearing.
   The creature before me was no dog. It has almost as tall as me, its large fangs dripped with saliva, and horns protruded out of its face and skull. Its Black depths of its eyes caused a burning feeling in my chest.
      "Oh my god..what...?" I gasped, holding my hands over my mouth. My eyes were wide with confusion and fear. My instincts told me to run, but I was frozen, just like all those stupid woman in the horror movies I've watched.
      The creature let out a growl, my body shaking as it got closer. As its large paws touched and crushed the snow, it melted almost instantly. Its hot breath hit me, making me sweat. I felt death, I knew it was coming, but what do i do to stop this thing?
     Finally, when the beast began to crouch, I jumped into action. I bolted towards a large branch and picked it up. The creature charged and I spun to hit it over its head. It roared when it hit, shaking its head as it was slightly dazed. That was my chance. I ran, my breathing loud, my throat hurting from the fast intake of the cold air.
   "Help!" I screamed as I felt and heard the beasts pursuit. The sound of trees falling behind me and the shaking of the earth.
   I saw a figure a few yards away from me and I screamed again. When the person turned, I recognised him.
   "David run!" I screamed, running right into him, grabbing his arm and pulling him with me. But he wouldn't budge and I turned to look at him.
   "David co-" I stopped, my heart dropping as I took in his appearance. Black glossy horns came out of his head, his eyes as black as the beast that sat a few feet away. I gasped and was about to let out a scream but Davids hand flew up to my throat.
   "Now be a good girl and tell me were that winged man you saw is, and ill let you go unharmed." His smile was completely different from the kind one I remembered. The one I thought I could trust.
   "I don't know..." I lied, but I didn't fool him. His grip around my throat tightened and began to choke.
Sirens then echoed through the park and Davids face turned in a scowl.
  "Next time, you wont be so lucky, I will see you soon, and next time I wont be as nice!" David growled, before he and the beast turned into a black mist and disappeared. I collapsed, my body hitting the cold snow covered ground. Before I could ask myself what just happened, I saw a bright light and a figure walking towards me. I thought I saw wings, but as the figures got closer, I saw it was Police officers.
   "Your going to be all right..." One whispered. "Get an ambulance!" One yelled, and that was the last thing I heard before I fainted.

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