April 13, 2012

Room 49

Ken's eyes pop open from the dream he was sucked into and sits upright in the bed, breathing heavily. He scans around the room, hoping to see the comfort of his own room but starts to panic when he realizes he's surrounded on all four sides by white walls. No doors, no windows, nothing but a steel toilet and the prestine, white bed he's lying on.
Panic sets in.
"Hello? Is anyone there?" he says louldly, letting his words reverberate around the room and back to his ears. "Anyone? Please, answer me!" his eyes dart from blank wall to blank wall hoping to see something.
He gets on top of the bed and starts pounding on the wall. He notices that it's rock solid and he ducks under the bed to see its bolted to the floor. The toilet is as well.
No way in, no way out.
Ken sit's down in a corner and allows himself to whiper for a while. Last night had been great, at least what he remembered of it. He went out with two of his friends to go drinking and after he was challenged to a drinking contest, he blacked out, not remembering a single event the rest of the night.
Ken checked every square inch of the orom to find nothing but bare walls and desperatino. After what felt like an eternity, he layed down on the bed.
"Maybe I died last night," he whispers, figuring its a possibility. "Maybe this is heaven..."
"Or hell, Mr. Slater." Ken jumps out of his skin as a metalic voice echoes through the room.
"Who are you?" he stands up and looks around the room, attempting to find the source of the noise.
"Who am I? I believe you will be asking yourself that question more and more often," the voice says in a calm tone.
"Now Mr. Slater, you were supposed to die last night. Actually, so were your friends but since you seemed to be a perfect test subject for us, I have arranged that their deaths be momentarily," he pauses, "suspended."
"What do you want from me?!" Ken screams.
"I want you to give me a show Ken," he whispered and a bright light opens up infront of him. A doorway leading into blackness is standing infront of Ken and he stays rooted to the spot, awestruck. "I'll be watching," the voice says from down the hall and disappears.

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