April 6, 2012


In the bottom of my heart, I know that she lied when she said what she said... Maybe, that's why I had such a dramatic reaction to it. Maybe it was the fact that my monthly period had began the night before, and I got emotional. Maybe, I simply cannot accept the fact that my grandfather has died. Maybe, it was a combination of all three. When I heard what she said, I started having a hard time breathing. I asked my teacher for permission to leave the room, as soon as I walked out my breath went away, completely. I quickly walked into the bathroom, when I walked in the room began to blur. I felt like I was dying, I think I wanted too... I fell to the floor my back against the wall, there was a terrible pain at the bottom of my throat and it just sat there and taunted me. I began breathing again, yet the pain stayed there. I breathed deeply, trying to catch my breath.Tears streamed down my face and all I could hear were the horrid sounds I was making. I stood up, looked in the mirror and realized... I had to control myself. I tried my best to make myself look, presentable, but the tears kept falling. I walked into class, grabbed my stuff and transfered to the back of the room... No one had noticed, my washed out face, but it was okay.

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