April 4, 2012

Rest In Peace Gladys.

Briana trudged across the cemetery in search of salvation. She had always felt some strange form of connection with her grandmother, whom she had never met. She passed away many years ago. About 45 years ago her grandmother's short life had ended.
Briana's family had always felt a presence of Shelby, her grandmother, whenever Briana was around. They had the same features, both very Irish looking. Briana's great aunts told her they had the same quiet, reserved personality. And Briana was desperate to speak with her long lost grandmother.
Briana met the psychic she had previously spoke with next to Shelby's grave. A sense of serenity washed over Briana as she laid her piercing blue eyes upon her grandmother's tombstone.
The psychic smiled and said to Briana, "She is happy you are here. She has a lot to say to you."
A tear fell down Briana's pale freckled face as she finally felt at home. With a shy smile on Briana's face she sat beside Shelby's tombstone and traced her finger across her grandmother's name.

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