April 4, 2012


The floor was an absolute fiasco, and I was glad. It's wa rm Friday night, and I decided to go clubbing in Boston with my friends. Soon after we arrived at the club, the guys from the "band" Blood On The Dancefloor showed up. They started to sing, which pissed everyone off because their "singing" sounds more like a dying cow.
"Your band sucks!" said a man on the side.
"Let's put blood on this dacefloor!!!" was yelled from the crowd.
Soon after everyone in the club began to attack BOTDF. They stabbed them, and they bled out on the dance floor.
Finally, Blood On The Dancefloor would never sing again.
It looks like the only blood on this dancefloor came from Blood On The Dancefloor themselves.
The End.

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