April 17, 2012

The Test Subjects

Tuesday free writing. Tell me what you think?

        I woke to the hot rays of a desert sun. My mouth felt like sand paper and my throat was just as dry. How did I get here? I wondered as I blinked through the rippling sandy terrain. There was no sign of civilization around me. All there was were the skeletons of the plants and dead animals, even a few green cacti here and there.
       My heart beat fast with confusion and fear as I got up off the ground. Shooting pains then coursed through my body, making me realise that I might have been laying here for a while. How was that possible? I live no were near a desert...
       I then walked slowly towards large mountains I saw in the distance, its brown shapes almost touching the sky. I needed to find shade and water fast because I wasn't going to survive out here like this. That was when I ran into something hard, making me almost fall backward. When I looked around, I saw nothing unusual, but I knew something was there. I held out my hand and I felt a wall.
        Suddenly, the 3D landscape that surrounded me flickered like a hologram and disapeared revealing grey concrete walls. On one of the walls, something rippled until a man stood there. He wore a tux, a cane in hand. He was tall and graying, but power seemed to show in every aspect of his appearance. Cold blue eyes stared at me, like he could see to my soul, which sent a chill up my spine.
        "Hello Venessa" The man spoke, his image flickering making me realise he wasn't actually there.
        "Who are you? How do you know my name?" I rasped, may hands shaking slightly with fear.
        "Just call me, Zero." His lips curled up, a dark look in his eyes. "Oh I know all about you Venessa. Your entire childhood and family life. What you got on each holiday, and so much more. When your 18th birthday came up, we decided it was your time."
         "What do you mean...?" I backed away slightly, my back pressing against the wall. My heart thudding loudly.
        "We have plenty of time for explanations," The room began to fill with green smoke and Zero continued talking. " We need to run a few tests on you first to see if you are ready..." His voice drifted and my vision became blurry. I fell to my knees hard until I collapsed and was unconscious. What was going to happen to me?

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